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Custom Product Options by HulkApps

Custom Product Options by HulkApps

Developed by Hulk Code, Inc.

5 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Create Unlimited Options with Unlimited Logic. Batch Apply to all or some of your products.
  • Import Product Options for Products. Great if you have a big product catalog.
  • Get Image and Color Swatch Options absolutely free. Unlimited ways to use the app.

A forever free app by Hulk Apps

The Product Options app lets you quickly and easily customize your product options with unlimited variations for free. Give your customers more options and personalization and sell more on your site. Product Options give you greater flexibility to customize your products, create upsell opportunities, and give a better shopping experience. It's easy to use, setup in minutes, and go live quickly. We also provide support for all of our apps and to all of our customers.

Product Options by Hulk Apps lets you:

  • Various Option types including dropdowns, textboxes, and more.

  • Supports Color and Image Swatches as Option Type

  • Supports File Upload as an Option Type

  • Add Tooltip to explain Options to customers

  • Create Pricing Rules and offer options for free or as upgrades

  • Ability to Import Options from Excel / CSV file

  • Supports Text in any language

Product Option is great for:

  • Merchants with a lot of Product Variants and Options

  • Businesses that offer customized products

  • Great for embroidery and other printing businesses

  • and so much more.

Supporting various Option Types such as:

  • Selection Dropdown

  • Multi-select Dropdowns

  • Swatches

  • Checkboxes

  • TextBoxes

  • Text areas

  • Radio Buttons &

  • File Upload

Full Customer Support & Knowledgebase

We provide support for all of our apps and themes. You can contact us at anytime by visiting our Support Portal. Our Support team is available 24 hours a day 6 days a week.

Custom Product Options by HulkApps reviews

5 reviews
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Overall, not a bad app - the free price tag is hard to beat!
BUT - there are a few reasons that I will NOT be continuing to use this app.

1) The options do not export with the order.
This is the biggest issue with this app for our business. Our process involves exporting the orders and creating a to-do list based on that spreadsheet. The options chosen aren't on this spreadsheet, which means we have to manually pull up the order and input which options were chosen. I haven't looked into any other apps to see if this is a universal problem, but it definitely is a deal-breaker on this app.

2) The pricing is handled in a confusing way.
I love that you can include an add-on price for each option but the way that it is reported is confusing and not as seamless as I would like. It adds these prices as a separate line item. So for example, we have an item that has a base cost of $1 and charges an extra dollar for each accessory added. The way that this is shown on the invoice is
Item A - $1
Customization Cost for Item A - $4
Splitting it up like this makes it a little confusing for the customer. It also affects that exported spreadsheet and makes it confusing for us as well.
I also don't like that if there isn't a charge for customization, it includes the [$0.00] price tag on the invoice which looks cluttered.

3) You can not add/edit/look at the options from the listing itself
The way this app works is that you create and assign the options from within the app. There is no way (that I have found) to access these options from each listing or even see what options are assigned to that item. This wasn't a deal breaker and I also don't know if this universal to other apps, but it was something that was a little inconvenient.

4) The app is not incredibly easy to install
Many of the other apps I have used on Shopify have been fairly simple to install and set up. I was surprised that installing this app actually involved editing the code. I am by no means a coding expert but I do have a tiny bit of experience. I can't imagine someone who is a complete novice having to go through those steps. It seems from other reviews that Hulk Code has great support to help you activate the app but if you are a stubborn independent person like me, this could be frustrating to potentially HAVE to ask for assistance.

Again, overall not a terrible app - I just wanted to throw my two-cents in about this app after using it for a couple of days.


Very nice. Everything you can possibly need is in this app. Quick responses from support too when I needed help and did exactly what I needed for help. It's even free compared to other apps at $10+/month!


Great selection of options and customer service responsive. App could still use some tools to make management easier, but it has far more options than other free apps.


Very helpful company with install. As soon as it was installed it did what I needed it to do. And cannot beat the free price tag! Can't wait to see what else they come out with as this company was the most helpful I dealt with.


Still trying to figure out how to work with multi-currency store


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