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Custom Product Options by HulkApps

Custom Product Options by HulkApps

Developed by Hulk Code, Inc.

36 reviews
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  • Create Unlimited Options with Unlimited Logic. Batch Apply to all or some of your products.
  • Import Product Options for Products. Great if you have a big product catalog.
  • Get Image and Color Swatch Options absolutely free. Unlimited ways to use the app.

A forever free app by Hulk Apps

The Product Options app lets you quickly and easily customize your product options with unlimited variations for free. Give your customers more options and personalization and sell more on your site. Product Options give you greater flexibility to customize your products, create upsell opportunities, and give a better shopping experience. It's easy to use, setup in minutes, and go live quickly. We also provide support for all of our apps and to all of our customers.

Product Options by Hulk Apps lets you:

  • Various Option types including dropdowns, textboxes, and more.

  • Supports Color and Image Swatches as Option Type

  • Supports File Upload as an Option Type

  • Add Tooltip to explain Options to customers

  • Create Pricing Rules and offer options for free or as upgrades

  • Ability to Import Options from Excel / CSV file

  • Supports Text in any language

Product Option is great for:

  • Merchants with a lot of Product Variants and Options

  • Businesses that offer customized products

  • Great for embroidery and other printing businesses

  • and so much more.

Supporting various Option Types such as:

  • Selection Dropdown

  • Multi-select Dropdowns

  • Swatches

  • Checkboxes

  • TextBoxes

  • Text areas

  • Radio Buttons &

  • File Upload

Full Customer Support & Knowledgebase

We provide support for all of our apps and themes. You can contact us at anytime by visiting our Support Portal. Our Support team is available 24 hours a day 6 days a week.

Custom Product Options by HulkApps reviews

36 reviews
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Easily the best product options app available. Superb customer service as well.


Fantastic customer services, they helped me with everything and i would definitely recommend to everyone. I will be using this company again, thank you :)


I have a few of the hulk apps and all are great. Customer service is always extremely helpful and the apps are very easy to navigate. Thanks again!


What is wrong with the customer support? My website's add to cart button stop working after I install this app, open a ticket, no one get back to me, called their number all day no one answer, zero customer support!!!!!!!


Great app, has a lot more options than other apps i tried. Although it caused a few small problems on my website but the hulkapps support were amazing, polite and very patient. Highly recommend it.


Great customer service! We appreciated the quick responsiveness of the support team in helping us tweak the app to work for our website. We look forward to Hulk developing some more robust features for the swatches in this app. Thank You!


Quite a useful app, however with some limitations around currency.

Also the customer service is quite handy.


These guys are AMAZING! Installation was very straightforward for light programming/coding savvy individual. The app works extremely well and suites our needs perfectly. We needed conditional logic that allowed only certain options to appear based on the user’s selection and this suited our needs and wants exactly. Figuring out how to arrange and fill in our options and the conditional logic did take a little getting used to but it was so easy and that could have been why it took getting used to. They don’t have an export feature out of the box and I wish they did but they offered to code that for a fair fee. I appreciate one time fees and agree with this. Paying monthly for features Shopify should include like their competitors for free is quite absurd and these guys came through and saved the day for Shopify.
One thing I will not is their customer service goes above and beyond for you. They are competent, responsive and friendly. They do more than they should to be honest.
Shopify users should implore themselves to consider Hulk Code not only for their great apps and customer service but also potential coding and features they need that Shopify should come standard with out of the box like their competitors volusion etc.
Very happy with this app and the Hulk Code team.


This app is a function that I wish shopify had to begin with. I wanted to offer a 'build your own sampler' option, and apparently couldn't do that without some third party help. After comparing options, this one seemed like a good bet. And on top of that, it's free! Saving money is nice!

The app is not the most user friendly, but HulkApps support is fantastic and will help with any issues that arise while setting this up. If you need -any- help at all with it, submit a ticket and they'll resolve it within a day and explain everything to you.

My only recommendation for improvement is to include some documentation on how it actually works for setting up options, it can be a little confusing at first.


HulkApps support team is nothing short of amazing!

During the process of switching our store to Shopify, we realized that we were not able to have as many custom product options and the ability to have customers upload the the needed information in JPG or PDF formats.

HulkApps gave us the opportunity to that and even more. First, HulkApps support makes the communication extremely easy and convenient. You send en email to support with what you need to be done, add HulkApps as staff to your Shopify Store, and a day later HulkApps support emails you back with the results!

Second, if you need additional revisions to the work HulkApps already finished, they are willing and eager to get that done as well. It is almost they want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with ALL aspects of their work. To Rescue Contacts, that is the winning formula when it comes to partnerships.

HulkApps is free! We know that most people think that if services are free, then the results are just mediocre. That is not the case with HulkApps. We received way better service with them than most companies and apps we actually paid to do the work.

Thank you HulkApps and support for making our dream online store come to live!
Sergey Hoeven.


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