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Upsell, Cross-sell with Smart Funnels before & AFTER checkout!

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Hustler Hollywood

We've never had upsell for our customers so from the very beginning of trying Bold Upsell helped us to increase AOV, sell more units, move certain items specially etc.

Pop-up was not user friendly especially for MObile but our Devs optimized it per our design and needs. It's working perfectly.

There are still issues like Upsell doesn't recognize that item doesn't have enough stock to fulfill customers needs and they're getting error later at checkout. Our customers were able to add 10 qty from upsell but item didn't have stock and customer got error message at checkout forcing customer to make more extra steps instead of checkout.

So we've went and restrict to allow 3 qty max per each upsell product.

But other than above issues, it's working perfectly as expected for such kind of apps.

We cannot count exact increase in business according to just this app as we've done many things to increase conversion as well as design and speed optimization. But overall we're seeing ave. 75% increase month over month comparing with 2018.
95% usually really informative and helpful, really resolves issues. Just sometimes there is a confusion when another person jumps into the conversation helping cleaning tickets instead of original person. Those jump in people can give wrong reply or cannot really resolve original issue as they looks like simply didn't go through whole correspondence in order to address the issue properly.

We have to explain the issue from the beginning that is annoying. It's ok for jumping in new people just they need to spend more time before contacting clients back instead of passing this to us. We're expecting to receive resolved issue.

However it happens rare. Overall support is really helpful.

Developer reply

August 6, 2019

Hi there! Thanks so much for the review and feedback. We appreciate these types of responses from our merchants, as we're always working to improve our support process and provide better service to our clients. I'll be sure to pass this on to our team manager.

We're glad to see that you're seeing such an increase in order value and hope to work with you again soon!

Knit 9

Really like the ease of use of the app for creating linked products and upselling. Searching for products could be a little more streamlined, but aside from that - all good.

Developer reply

August 2, 2019

Hi there! Thanks so much for your review. We're glad that you like the app and appreciate your feedback. Our team is always working to improve our products and this is something we'll pass back to our development team to take a closer look at!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Increases conversions. Would like it to look a bit better though (the upsell that pops up when "add to cart")

Developer reply

May 30, 2019

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review - I know that our Support Specialists would love to do what they can to help out with any styling concerns that you have! If possible, do you think that you could reach out to Please just include the troubles that you're seeing with styling along with your store's URL, and our specialists will try their best to make it work a bit better for you! Thanks again!

Simran from support was very helpful and quick to respond. The app is a bit tedious to use but does offer great tools.

Developer reply

April 18, 2019

Thanks for your review; we're glad our support team was able to help in a timely manner, which is what we strive for.

We're sorry to hear you're finding the app to be a bit tedious; if you're having any difficulty using any of its features, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to walk you through the different ways you can set it up for different offers!

I really love your landscape wall murals, by the way. They're gorgeous!

Passion Grab

I have been using this app a bit and one thing I can say is there some work to do with it. It feels a little to simple, no options of customization, but at the same time there is a lot of customization ONLY if you have an idea of what you wan to do (like literally drawn out) and contact customer support. Once you do that you can basically alter it to however you want. BOLD really strides to have good customer support WHICH IS SO GOOD! They will work with you over and over again until you get it right. Now one thing I can tell you is that YOU NEED TO RUN THROUGH THE OFFERs yourself! This will ensure your find any errors or things not working correctly. So TEST TEST TEST! anything wrong and you can contact them and they will try and help you! One other thing is that I wish they had a test mode because I basically wasted like 70 views just on pure testing (I only have to 200) and also maybe they should give way more views per package. Finally if you want the "After Checkout" Feature you will have to download BOLD Cashier but this will mess around with many many many many MANY things. But overall I think the function of this app offers things that no other app does it just needs a load of tweaking.


The app was semi easy to get setup and once it was I needed some extra tech support to get it finalized on mobile with my custom theme. They were able to get it all fixed me and set up just in time for our sale.

ell as we are a social business operation on ver very low margins, this app helped up to up our cart value and is the reason we are slowly becoming profitable. Indeed we are selling handmade organic toys, crocheted by a group of underprivileged mothers, many being Syrian refugees. Most of the proceeds of our sells go to the moms directly leaving us with almost no profit in order to grow our business. Being able to upsell posters makes up for that. It's a real life changer, despite being only a few days we started using the app.

I did not have the need to use support as the app was super easy to install and it all works well so far!

i Create Art Kit

A little difficult especially if you are not code savvy. However, support is excellent especially Jevon - very helpful to the laymen. Made it worth the time.

Household Inventions

Great, clean app that needs a little more refinement. Customer service was great though—thanks Rifat!


Just installed this app the other day. Haven't yet seen any sales from it but I know they're coming. Very impressed with how easy it was to install and get everything up and running.

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