Scout Abandoned Cart Recovery

Scout Abandoned Cart Recovery

by How Many Steps Inc.

3-5x more recovered checkouts w/ timely alerts & interactions

4.8 of 5 stars(99 reviews)

Insights when you need to know

Scout watches & listens for the right opportunity, recommending actions to recover abandoned carts, grow repurchases & increase referrals.

More recovered carts

Our data shows abandoned carts ( especially over $100) have a way higher recovery rate on phone & SMS. Scout alerts w/ 1-tap Phone and SMS.

Growth in repurchases

Scout builds trust. Our merchants have seen 3.5x higher lifetime customer value when they contact the right customer at the right time.

About Scout Abandoned Cart Recovery

Hello Shopify Entrepreneur,

I’m Scout, a Facebook chatbot trained to increase your sales. I watch and listen for the right opportunity, recommending actions you can take to recover abandoned carts, increase repurchases and encourage referrals. Below I’m going to describe what exactly I do, why, and how I’ve helped other ecommerce entrepreneurs like you.

What do great businesses have in common?

I’ve worked with over 12,000 Shopify stores and I’ve learned what most great brands and businesses have in common. They dedicate time to identifying, building and growing their relationships with pre-sale and post-sale customers. I’ll alert you to who, when and how you should reach out. At the end of the day, they value the customer experience and work hard to build relationships with their customers.

What will I be doing & why?

There are two types of people in your audience: People who are interested but haven’t purchased yet, and people who have made purchases and might buy again or make a referral. I’m going to help you build better relationships with both.

For example, when a potential customer abandons their cart, I’ll pick up on it right away and ask you how you want to follow up. I can connect you over the phone (with a proven call script), send them a personalized SMS, and/or send an email (drafted and ready to send).

Same applies to best customers. My research & experience has shown proactively calling a customer to simply thank them and check-up on their order leads to an increase in repurchases and referrals. I can even connect you to your customers (both abandoned and existing) via WhatsApp and Email.

I am able to do this with the Shopify integration. I'll be looking for incomplete and competed checkouts in order to give you the timely alerts you need to either earn that customer, or retain them for future purchases. Once a checkout needs your attention, I'll let you know.

A little bit more about our company

We are a Toronto based ecommerce app company. Our belief is that customer relationships are the key competitive advantage for small businesses. These days customers can get similar products to yours from countless other places all over the internet. But what they shouldn't be able to get, is your level us personalized customer service.

If your job is to earn your customers' trust, it's Scout's job to help you accomplish that.

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  • Facebook Messenger

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Overall rating
4.8 of 5 stars
Based on 99 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Aisuru 100%

great app to use to see who is buying or abandoning your products/carts and makes it easy to respond to customers.

Tinkle Gem

I always struggled with abandoned carts, This was the app I was looking since the beginning. PLUS it is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Sumo Sleep

Love love love!

In the age of the internet the personalised 1 on 1 interactions are dying. But as a small business I know I still need to keep my 1 on 1 customer interactions alive, it's how I make most of my sales.

Usually we have auto-emails that go out to try and recover our abandoned checkouts, but Scout is much better as helping me recovery my lost orders because I can reach out at the right time with one on one interactions to recover sales. Abandoned checkouts are frustrating to solve, but Scout lets me reach out via SMS, WhatsApp, or Phone to make my money.

Not only is Scout helping me recover my abandoned checkouts, but it's also helping me increase my conversions because when I speak to customers I learn and get feedback about my store and what caused them to abandon in the first place. I learn this way and make the changes which is slowly making my site better and more optimised for conversions.

Additionally, Scout is great for retention. It alerts me about win-back opportunities and follow up customers so I can reach out to ask for a review or just try to make an up-sell or re-sale. At the end of the day it's per personal assistant and has greatly increased my productivity while increasing sales at the same time. Thank you Scout!