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Merchants highly recommend this app for its ease of use, reliability, and efficient performance in simplifying the dropshipping process. They appreciate its automatic inventory syncing, price markup, and variant management features. The app's customer service is praised for being responsive and knowledgeable. Standout features include the ability to connect with multiple marketplaces and seamless integration capabilities. It caters to different needs and budgets with a free trial and multiple paid plans. It's particularly recommended for those starting their business.

May 31, 2024

ShionImporter Dropship: A Valuable Asset with Significant Service Concerns:
As a drop shipper managing 3 storefronts, I have found ShionImporter Dropship to be a useful tool, offering good value for money. However, my recent experiences compel me to highlight some significant concerns.
In the past few days, the service quality, particularly in terms of customer support, has been extremely disappointing. While the app functions well when operational, but brace yourself for less than favorable customer service imaginable during times of trouble. This stark contrast in app functionality versus support quality is jarring.

The rest of my review remains unchanged, as the app does have its merits. It simplifies the dropshipping process significantly and is generally a reliable tool.

Original Review:
As a drop shipper, of 3 storefronts, I've found ShionImporter Dropship to be a very useful and good tool, making my experience in this field a positive one. It definitely offers value for money. Currently, I am on the premium plan, which meets all my needs at this stage. Over the last few days, I've been particularly impressed, despite initially encountering some glitches in the app. Now, I understand the reason behind these issues – they were making significant improvements. However, I do wish they had included a pop-up or a video tutorial to guide us through these new features. Overall, I am very happy with the app.
On the downside, my experience with the Chrome extension has been less than satisfactory. It's been so problematic that I feel more comfortable operating directly within the app. This preference stems from the negative experiences I've had with the Chrome extension.
Another area that needs attention is customer support. Unfortunately, ShionImporter doesn't offer real-time live chat, which is a significant drawback. After waiting 24 hours for a response to my detailed explanation of the issues I was facing, the support team's reply was underwhelming and not particularly helpful. It seemed as if they hadn't fully read or understood my concerns, which was frustrating.
On the brighter side, I've only had to contact their support a few times. If it were more frequent, I might not have continued using the app.
Through my journey with ShionImporter, I've learned a lot about drop shipping, including which companies and practices to avoid.
Once you get the hang of it, it's truly a game-changer. While there are other apps out there offering a plethora of features, they often fall short in delivery. ShionImporter, on the other hand, effectively fulfills its promises.
ShionImporter stands out for its ease to importing items within the app, and efficiency in order processing. While it doesn't automatically fulfill orders, it simplifies the process significantly. The app displays incoming orders, and with a simple click on “make order,” it directs you to the item. From there, you select the variant and input the necessary customer information and complete the order. This streamlined approach makes the fulfillment process quite straightforward for me.
In conclusion, while ShionImporter Fashion Dropship is not perfect, it is a valuable tool for anyone in the drop shipping business. The positives certainly outweigh the negatives. I am hopeful that they will improve their support team's responsiveness and the quality of their assistance. A more attentive and helpful customer service would greatly enhance the overall user experience. Despite its flaws, I recommend this app to fellow drop shippers, as it has proven to be a good asset in my business endeavors.

Lord Leon Menswear
United States
20 days using the app
April 7, 2024

I've been using ShionImporter for a while now, and I'm absolutely loving it! It's made importing products from various e-retailers for my Shopify store so much easier. The automatic inventory syncing, price markup, and variant management features are all lifesavers. I also love that I can add reviews to my products - it really helps to boost sales.

ShionImporter offers a free trial, so you can try it out for yourself before you commit to a paid plan. There are multiple paid plans to choose from, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

Overall, I highly recommend ShionImporter to anyone who's looking for an easy-to-use and reliable dropshipping app. It's helped me to take my Shopify store to the next level, and I'm sure it can do the same for you!

Here are some of the things I love most about ShionImporter:

Easy to use: Even if you're a Shopify newbie, you'll be able to figure out how to use ShinImporter in no time.
Wide product selection: You can import products from a huge variety of e-retailers, so you're sure to find something that your customers will love.
Reliable performance: ShinImporter has always worked flawlessly for me. I've never had any problems with inventory syncing or product imports.
Great customer service: The ShionImporter customer support team is always happy to help. They're responsive and knowledgeable, and they've always been able to resolve any issues I've had.
If you're looking for a dropshipping app that can help you take your Shopify store to the next level, then ShionImporter is the perfect solution.

United States
3 months using the app
Edited June 1, 2024

I am extremely satisfied with ShionImporter! This app has revolutionized my product importing experience. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing me to manage my orders efficiently and without hassle. The customer support team is exceptional, always ready to help with any questions or issues that may arise. Additionally, ShionImporter offers a range of amazing features, such as real-time order tracking and update alerts, which help me stay on top of everything. for anyone in need of a reliable, high-quality import service. Congratulations to the developers for a great job!

Kid e Baby
7 days using the app
April 2, 2024

ShionImporter has proven to be an indispensable tool for my business. Its agility in processing importing data into the store allows me to save valuable time, while its reliability gives me the certainty that I can count on the app at any time, as they have an incredible support team who have always served me very well and quickly for whatever I needed. I need. The App has excellent stability and has never caused me any problems, without crashes or unexpected errors. Usability is incredibly intuitive, making it easy for anyone to understand and start using quickly. The ability to connect with several marketplaces is the highlight, in fact I've seen some apps that are fascinating and it's not like ShionImporter, simplifying the management of my sales and stock on different platforms because I also work in a hybrid way and it meets my needs. needs. Furthermore, ease of use is evident from the first click. I strongly recommend ShionImporter for anyone looking for efficiency and practicality in online sales management, especially if you are starting your business, one of the things you shouldn't worry about is the app, you can trust ShionImporter and focus on your business and it will do very well .

Gender Fluid Fashion
3 months using the app
May 14, 2024

This is the best application for my dropshipping store that I have used so far, importing products has been pretty fast, you will have multiple stores to import products from which is cool, and it's easy to use.
I recommend it!

My Store
United States
1 day using the app
March 14, 2024

I love Shion Importer. They give you a multitude of different stores to dropship from and that has been very beneficial to my business. I saw a few other reviews stating that the products show up to your customer with the branding of the store that you dropshipped from but an easy fix for that is to have the products shipped to you first re-package with your own branding then send it out to your customer. I've tried it and it has been working very well for me. Of course you cannot change the tag on the inside of the clothing or other products but repackaging makes a big difference and only adds a day to shipment to your customer if you re-package then send out the same day that you receive it or early in the morning the next day!

United States
About 2 months using the app
CodeTitans replied March 17, 2024

Thank you for your glowing review and for sharing your experience with Shion Importer! We're thrilled to hear that our wide range of dropshipping options has been beneficial to your business. Your suggestion for repackaging products with your own branding is a great tip for ensuring a seamless customer experience. We appreciate your support and wish you continued success with your dropshipping endeavors!

May 6, 2024

It has been very easy to use so far, and the helpful tutorial assisted with setting up and importing products. It also has a wide variety of products to choose from which has solve a lot of issues for me

Relaxed Adventures Healthy Lifestyles
United States
3 days using the app
May 12, 2024

What an AWESOME App! We are seamlessly starting our E-Commerce site with your help! Thank you so much!

AraKar Fashion
United States
4 days using the app
July 1, 2024

this is awesome so easy to use and really enhances your product selections!!

The Stone Bird Collective
United States
8 days using the app
Edited May 10, 2024

Best application for dropshipping, you will have several stores to import products, great support and easy to use.
I recommend it 100%

United States
About 1 year using the app