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6 reviews

Ktchn Apothecary

Location United States

Avoid ShipBob at all Costs. 1) We shipped to 2 of their warehouses, they lost all of the inventory in 1 of the warehouses and then took THREE months to find it. 2) They say they can ship in your custom shipping box. They can't. No matter what they say they can't. They mailed our customers our product in a generic box and inside that generic box they put our custom box unfolded... as if the customer had ordered an empty box. 3) Their customer service is absolutely unable to help with anything -- all of these errors they create are your problem to resolve. ShipBob customer service will tell you they are "working on it" or "sent it to the team that can resolve it". Nothing will happen and this will / has been going on for FOUR months. Literally. An entire season. As a small business owner time is everything. And ShipBob seems to have no respect for that and worse yet they are unable to do the very thing they advertise: fulfill your orders. Go somewhere else and hire literally any other fulfillment service and save yourself months of headache and frustration.

Developer reply

June 24, 2022

Hey Ktchn team -- I'm so sorry to hear about this experience and I've followed up with Taylor, Sam and the rest of the support team that has been handling your products. We're confident we could work through your initial operational issues together, but respect your decision to part ways. We always strive to make things right even when operational errors occur, so please let us know if we can help further.

Robot World AU

SHIPBOB Australia B2C Fulfilment ex Altona Warehouse - Absolute HORROR!
We used shipbob for just under 6 months via WIX and Shopify Store. Originally attracted by what appears a solid and streamlined Tech Platform with experienced fulfilment providers for reasonable and transparent cost.
Having experienced shipbob for months we offer our strong warning to store operators. Every Warehouse receiving order was either lost for 7 days and took a further 7-14 days until the stock was listed in inventory for dispatch. On one occasion the warehouse told the delivery contractor they will not accept anything via Shipbob which was the indication for us to make an urgent move.
As to the actual picking and shipping of our orders their service appeared efficient and good (but our customers did not take kindly to excessive delays with receiving of good into the FC). We had countless email communication with the support team who seem to be the go-between melbourne warehouse and US operations team. Once they ran out of excuses they just started to ignore us which made it a nightmare for us as we had no information to give our customers. In general terms we would say Shipbob will be unlikely to survive in Australia and they present a real danger to any business that makes the mistake top rely on them. And in the end we lost many orders because of them and scored the anger of many customers whilst Shipbob did not feel the need to compensate us even with a dollar.

Your Emf Shield

I used shipbob for 3 months. Worst experience ever, They could not handle simple requests, it took over a week to get any quality response back. They have not been fulfilling orders for 2 weeks for us but are still charging us for fulfilling those orders. You could not pay me enough to use them again. They are not a good partner for your store and not good at the one thing they are supposed to do.

stubble + 'stache

After several years we are ending our relationship with Shipbob. They have overcharged us multiple times to the tune of thousands of dollars. Most recently, we submitted a work order to remove our few remaining items so we could close out our account. After paying for that work order, they "found" two cases of our most popular product of which we'd been sold out of for months. We relisted the item on our website and sold all but two units just in case there were any lost/damaged orders. We then submitted a disposal request for the warehouse to dispose of the two remaining 3.4 fl oz tubes of moisturizer so we could close our account. This should only cost a few dollars. Instead, Shipbob charged us $500 to dispose of two skincare products that fit in the palm of your hand. We raised the issue with Shipbob and weeks later we are still awaiting the refund...

Developer reply

June 1, 2021

Nick + Team, I'm really sorry to hear this and thank you for this feedback. As you probably know, I recently connected with our customer support team to ensure you got a refund for any mistaken charges on your removal order.

Triviso Collection

1. This company shipped out close to 40 of my orders that had been fulfilled from MONTHS ago in my Shopify. Even though I made sure automatic fulfillment wasn't on, this company took data from all my orders without marking them as complete and sent 40 customers duplicate orders 4 months later. They didn't reply to my 50 emails and several calls and at the end told me they would only give me half of the shipping costs of the wrongly sent out orders as CREDIT back to my shipbob account. They aren't even letting me move my inventory out of there after this huge error without paying 0.25c per item I have there (I have thousands). I'm so upset about this and at the TERRIBLE customer service I've received. This is a PSA to never use this service. 2. They charged me $775 USD in fees because their system messed up my inventory receiving order, which was arranged by their own support member. Then they wired it back to me and took over a month to give me my money back even though I was charged immediately (Still waiting). 3. I became so fed up with this company that I moved my inventory back to Canada. They sent my international freight from the US to Canada and didn't attach a commercial invoice (a VERY BASIC SHIPPING RULE). I had to chase them down for days and after a week of the stuff sitting at the border, they said this was a huge error on our part and I had to go through a third party broker (AND PAY EXTRA) to have my stuff cleared. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE COMPANY. I am actively working on deterring businesses from working with them. DON'T DO IT. Use Shiphero or Shipstation.

Developer reply

March 19, 2021

Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear this. I've spent some time looking into your issue - it looks like it had to do with old orders being reprocessed because of a change in the disposition of the product listing.

Our head of merchant care, Jenny, will be reaching out to you directly to work through this and reimburse you 100% for any additional costs incurred.

Again, sincere apologies.

- Kevin M. from ShipBob

Savagezilla Shop

I've been trying for 3 days to get help because the app isn't functioning with my shopify store. Have a wonderful customer service rep from shopify that helped me as much as he was able to and then opened a ticket for a tech from shipbob to help from their end, but after 3 days we still have yet to receive help from anyone on the shipbob end. As you can imagine this is keeping me from running my store. Very disappointed in how long it's taking someone to respond and help me with my issue. UPDATE: You replied on a Friday and your customer service reps are not available to help over the weekend so as you'll see I did reply back to the email but there was no one in your office to help me. The 3 days that I didn't receive a response were business days and not over the weekend. So if someone could please respond back to me because I've already answered that email, thank you. Unfortunately I'm out of the country at the moment so unless I can call your offices via WhatsApp we'll have to continue via email or chat, thank you.

Developer reply

March 15, 2021

Hi Savagezilla team - I took a look through the communication with the support team. To troubleshoot your issue, we just need a screenshot or walkthrough of what you see on Shopify. We sent you a note asking for that 3 days ago to your Gmail account and have not seen a response. Do you mind responding to that and then we can take the next step? Alternatively, please feel free to call us at (312) 313-1104 during business hours.