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Merchants appreciate this app for its seamless Shopify integration, real-time order syncing, and inventory management. They commend the responsive and knowledgeable customer service, and the custom solutions for integration issues. Merchants have noticed a decrease in fulfillment costs and an increase in accuracy. The app's inventory analytics aid in supply forecasting. The onboarding process is user-friendly, with a dedicated support team. Additional features include digital bundle creation and fast tracking upload speed.

August 10, 2022

I'm hoping it gets better but looking bad so far. My first order sat for four days before they shipped it out. One of things most advertised about ShipBob for Shopify store owners is their direct integration with the stores. That does not seem to include tracking notifications to the customer, so now instead of fulfilling orders, I'm constantly checking my phone waiting for confirmation that an order was eventually shipped so I can send to my customer. Got a bad feeling about this.
United States
Over 2 years using the app
ShipBob replied December 20, 2022

Hey Colrcouture team -- happy to digest this with you, but here are some details. Feel free to email me at for more details.

1. We never communicate with your end customer. The capabilities embedded within Shopify to send tracking emails are fantastic, and much more robust than we'd provide in terms of compliance with customer communication legislation like GDPR, CCPA, etc. Best leave this to the experts! And of course, if you need something more robust, apps like Klaviyo are phenomenal for this.

2. We submit tracking back to Shopify immediately upon the order being labeled, and scanned out of our warehouse by the carrier. This is best practice to reduce WISMO (where is my order?) questions.

Again, feel free to reach out, but this is expected behavior and I'm happy to strategize with you on how to make it better.

VP Partnerships

January 11, 2023

The app itself works fine. However dropoffs and pickups are routinely missed and inventory is too often lost. Human interaction with the warehouse is not timely. It works fine for small parcel, but as you scale to containers and pallets you will have issue after issue.

American Hospital Supply
United States
About 1 year using the app
Edited June 16, 2023

There is some good, and a lot of bad with this company.

Good: They ship orders promptly. They integrate with a lot of different ecommerce service providers.

Bad: Their shipping prices are ABSURDLY high. Shipping shoes from Texas to Colorado with ShipBob is $46. With Shopify Shipping it's $10. I cannot ask my customers to pay that much, so I have been eating about $18 of shipping on every sale. Storage - they talk about $40 per pallet and a price for shelves, without telling you how much can fit on a shelf. I can fit all my inventory on 22 pallets. So should be $880, right? But they are storing it on shelves and charging me $2600 a month. When a customer returns an item, shipBob takes 10 days AFTER IT ARRIVES, to even acknowledge arrival, much less inspect the product. Customers cannot wait that long for refunds or exchanges so I am processing those all manually early, taking the risk of damaged product. They use sketchy shipping subcontractors that leave your product sitting in a warehouse for a month on the regular. They lose packages in their own warehouse before pickup and blame the carrier. I am moving all my inventory out as we speak.

United States
11 months using the app
June 22, 2022

Look somewhere else! Average 2-3 days just to pick and pack product, their shipping partner is super slow and will lose 1/50 packages, went from 4-5 day delivery average doing it in house with usps and now with shipbob 10-20 day. Shipping times are huge with e-commerce! Implementation process was a mess also.

United States
5 months using the app
ShipBob replied December 20, 2022

Hey Coeyewear team - very belated reply on this, but first off, let me apologize for this experience. Our SLA is same business day fulfillment if the order gets to us by 12pm noon. We accomplish that 99.8% of the time across our network. So, something is not really adding up and I'd love to unpack that with you. Feel free to email me at

In terms of final mile, we work with carriers that include but are not limited to USPS. If you are concerned with the delivery time, we can always switch carriers!

VP Partnerships

Edited December 17, 2021

The app should pass through the fulfillment costs from the ShipBob dashboard. I should NOT have to download an additional app, that doesn't even work BTW, and then also pay an additional $20 to Shopify so that I can pass through the rates from you to the store. More importantly, it's better to tell customers about these issues during the sales cycle so they're not hearing about them on the go live meeting with your team... Support is also severely lacking... Go with someone else

Pass the Honey
United States
5 months using the app
October 27, 2021

What the hell is wrong with those people"? Is it a fulfillment center or just a warehouse to store some stuffs? Why can't they fulfill my unique order? I do want to get complaint from my first customer? Will you ask them what they are waiting for? I am paying my storage fee monthly! Why are they trying to screw me up at the very beginning?

galleries wilarix
United States
4 months using the app
ShipBob replied October 28, 2021

Hi Wilarix team -- It seems like you've had a bad experience here initially, which is never what we want. I took a look at your account and I think I can see where there is some confusion between our support team and your team. Let's fix it together!

I'd love to chat about this personally with a merchant care manager and get you sorted - I've sent an email to your inbox.

Kevin, Shopify Manager @ ShipBob