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Merchants appreciate this app for its seamless integration, efficient order processing, and real-time order syncing. They value its inventory management and automation of fulfillment and shipping processes. The app's network of warehouses is beneficial for international brands, and its tracking feature provides timely updates. Merchants report significant cost savings, reduced shipping times, and high fulfillment accuracy. The app's ability to handle complex logistics and provide powerful analytics is also praised. The customer service is consistently praised for its responsiveness, knowledge, and quick resolution of issues.

November 12, 2023

If you are in the market for an Australian based 3PL, avoid Shipbob at all costs if you value your time, money or sanity!

Short summary of our experience:
- SO MANY lost parcels due to use of cheap carriers.
- Once parcels are lost, the overseas support team have no idea how to resolve the issue and they build up with no resolution, leading to upset customers.
- Overcharged based on the agreed pricing which they refused to acknowledge for approx 4 x weeks. They finally folded and agreed to credit us the over charged amounts over 6 weeks ago and the credit has still not been received after 6 follow ups.
- Increased our pricing without prior notice or our consent.
- Storage is double the market rates.
- Inventory receipts overcharged (over $450 for 6 x pallets).
- Any issues raised take weeks to resolve with multiple follow ups.

Dealing with Shipbob was one of the most frustrating experiences our business has encountered over the last 3 years. Since moving to a new 3pl we have been very happy we are pleased Shipbob no longer consumes hours of our day.

ONTAP Products
4 months using the app
November 2, 2023

Shipbob - Poor, literally the WORST company. Horrific experience using Shipbob. We incurred losses because of them (they auto-synced and shipped off many of our previously archived orders and wont pay us damages). This app cannot tell if the order has been archived by shopify months ago they just blindly process and have zero control of what they're doing. Their customer service is unfriendly and rude, they only take calls after 11:00AM and they don't have emergency support where you can reach them to get urgent help. Email responses are evasive, vague and confusing. Emails are not prompt - seemingly their support staff works from a different Non US country hence the lengthy time delay. Worst of all - they never resolve the issue only talk in circles and keep evading you and don't take any responsibility.

United States
2 months using the app
November 5, 2023

Terrible service and support. Your business is at risk using this provider. We got overcharged, they refused to refund monies owed when we try to close the account and account management will keep pushing you to support where you will get lost in their system. They also very inefficient and you will get charged an arm and leg for their inefficient practices. Overall a scam company and AVOID

Detocx Superfoods
United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
Edited October 18, 2023

They lost my inventory!

ShipBob is terrible and I will be moving to another 3PL provider ASAP.

I was hesitant what with the negative reviews here and on TrustPilot, but the sales team and onboarding process gave me confidence. Boy was I wrong and should've gone with my first instinct to avoid them like the plague.

On a single receiving order they managed to create chaos and have nearly destroyed my business.

Some of the specific issues that are still not resolved.

1. On receiving an order they incorrectly weighed items so the weight in the system was 5x the actual weight, there is no way to change this data. We use CartBob (another Shopify app) for dynamic shipping rates and the impact of this is that customers were overcharged 2-3x for shipping. Many potential customers rightly dropped off and frequent customers complained that we were ripping them off on shipping (fair point). I raised the issue 6 days ago, was assured the items would be rescanned 5 days ago and still nothing has been fixed. They also had the audacity to say they were going to charge me for the time of rescanning the affected products, despite it clearly being their fault.

2. 360 units of SKUs were deleted from their system in error. The stock is sitting there as I can see the history, but the system is saying it's 0. I raised with support and after 3 days they have not resolved the issue. They just so happened to be the highest selling SKUs and so the marketing dollars spent on driving traffic is wasted.

I can accept that issues happen, but the most important thing is taking responsibility and correcting them in a timeframe that minimises the damage to their customers business.

When things go well, it works well, however if there is any issue they are impossible to reach and the response time is disgraceful.

The support team are incredibly slow and operate with an arrogance, disdain and severe lack of empathy for the customers.

After 7 days they have told me that they can't find the 360 items of inventory, despite there being a visible audit history in the system of the inventory being received on their end. What's particularly interesting is all inventory changes are tied to a specific users full name, but in the case of deleting the inventory it was tied to a shared user name ("Junior 2") so the actual person responsible is not identifiable. This gives an insight into how their internal operations work.

A 3PL that loses that amount of inventory cannot and should not be trusted.

I have a simple business, only 26 SKUs, everything lightweight and nothing bulky.

They are amateurs and completely negligent.

Do not trust them with your business.

Syron Golf
United States
About 1 month using the app
ShipBob replied October 17, 2023

Syron team -- I will reach out directly to discuss these issues. Sounds like a classic (but unfortunate) case of products in eaches vs. inner cases. This is solveable and if you aren't getting the help you need, we should jump on a call ASAP!

Reaching out directly shortly.

VP Partnerships

August 2, 2023

Just awful. I have been using a mom and pop company to fulfill my goods for years with no issues, but their software is really dated. So I tried Shipbob to compare the two. Wow. It's just been a disaster from day one. My onboarding rep was very hard to reach and I had to ask him the same question 5x to get an answer via email. They tried multiple times to weight and size my items when they arrived but never did get a good handle on it. The same product in the same size but a different color would come out like 2x the weight, for example. Customer service is very odd. You create a case via email and then get new emails for each reply they make, it's nearly impossible to keep track of all the emails about 1 issue. There is no way to go back and see past issues unless you keep those emails. They have lost inbound shipments. Lastly, almost every single inbound shipment is not received correctly and they are confused about the orders causing my items to be placed in an On Hold status and I am charged $25 per day until it's resolved.

It's a nightmare. I'm frantically trying to get out of there as quickly as possible.

The Kind Pet
United States
About 1 year using the app
August 11, 2023

ShipBob has been an absolute disaster to work with (moved over to them in March 2023). They consistently ship my products out without sufficient packaging and void fill, resulting in damaged goods and bad customer experiences. (I sell books and magazines—predictable shapes and sizes, so this should be easy!) Despite numerous promises that they will address the problem and follow very clear instructions on how to pack my products properly, they are still doing a terrible job. In addition, their interface is very slow and poorly designed. The one star is that they are fast at getting shipments out the door, but obviously, that's because they seem to toss everything into a box without any concern.

10 months using the app
August 2, 2023

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY TO FULFILL YOUR PRODUCTS!! I have used shipbob for over 2 years now and thought they were decent, minor issues but nothing crazy. Until one day out of the blue they told me they could no longer ship my product because of some sort of policy, BUT THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN SHIPPING THIS ITEM FOR ME FOR MONTHS to thousands of customers. They stopped shipping out any of my orders so I had no way to fulfil orders product to thousands of pending orders. The customer support is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, I found a new warehouse within 1 day and have been trying to get shipbob to ship my inventory from their warehouse to my new fulfilment centre AND THEY HAVE NOT EVEN SHIPPED IT YET! IT'S BEEN OVER 3 WEEKS SINCE I'VE ASKED THEM TOO!!! My business has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and I've had to pause all marketing and refund orders that Shipbob could not fulfill. PLEASE NEVER USE THIS COMPANY! You are much better off using Ship Dudes or Ship Monk - much better shipping and customer service experience overall. I am at a loss for words on how terrible this company is and how terrible they treat their customers and business they work alongside. Do yourself a favor and use someone else!


United States
9 months using the app
July 20, 2023

More than happy to take your money and leave you waiting for months without solutions. It takes 2 weeks for them to get anything done and even then its often wrong.

Thirsty Goose
United States
About 1 year using the app
July 3, 2023

I wish I could leave zero stars! Beware! The damage has already been done to our business. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere unless you are looking for a shipping company that cannot ship!! 10+ days for fulfillment during the holidays, mispicked damage and lost parcels, inventory processing delays, the list goes on. They use OSM worldwide for their affordable pricing plan which still ends up being $14-20 for packages that we would normal ship first class for under $6. They claim free dunnage and packed with care but we had to submit claims every day for damaged deliveries.

Our customers were furious and our customer service team worked over time by the damage to our business has been immeasurable. We are no on day 12 of waiting for our inventory to ship back to us. AGAIN THIS IS A SHIPPING COMPANY THAT CANNOT SHIP!

Customer service is outsourced, slow, and just “escalates” with no resolution. I can keep going on all day with the immeasurable headache shipbob has caused.

Their management is pathetic. Their warehouse employees are lazy. This company will not last if only the truth got out.


Our inventory was returned by ship Bob. Everything was thrown into boxes, including the glass products. We filed a claim and waited 120 days they took zero responsibility and denied our claim. Shocker. We are filing a lawsuit.

Timeless Organics Skin Care
United States
6 months using the app
June 21, 2023

Shipbob is an absolute nightmare. I have never dealt with a company with such poor customer service. It takes weeks to resolve issues that are mistakes on their end. We have had consistent issues with them entering significantly incorrect product dimensions and weights. This has resulted in customers being quoted shipping rates 5-8 times higher than they should be. To make it worse, their customer service is taking weeks to fix each issue. The most recent issue took 6 weeks, just to get them to correct incorrect product dimensions (customers can't edit product dimensions or weights). For anyone considering using Shipbob, I would strongly encourage you to look at alternative options.

passion resources
United States
About 2 years using the app