Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

by Webbee eSolutions Pvt Ltd.

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4.7 of 5 stars(19 reviews)

Sync inventory from Amazon FBA

The inventory info is grabbed from Amazon and variants are updated on Shopify store

Export orders to FBA

Orders are exported to linked Amazon FBA

Track orders shipped by Amazon

Tracking info for linked orders are grabbed from Amazon

About Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

What is Automated Multi channel fulfillment app

Amazon FBA stands as the number one fulfilment channel for many. Businesses prefer selling on many online channels and fulfil by Amazon.

This app connects Shopify and Amazon FBA and allows you to sell on Shopify and ship your orders via Amazon FBA, this app also tracks inventory and automagically updates the inventory levels from Amazon to Shopify

This app understands that the SKU ids on Amazon and Shopify may not be same and hence have a mapping interface,

This app understands that the seller may be using Bundles on Shopify and may have normal individual level items on Amazon , and hence we also have a mapping of bundles on Shopify to individual items on Amazon FBA.

Why this app?

We at WebBee having decades of experience working on integrations with multiple platforms.

Many of the much needed though simple features are built in on this app

  1. Mapping between bundles
  2. Mapping between SKUs on Amazon and Shopify
  3. Validate correct Amazon credentials before use
  4. Real time sync of orders from Shopify to Amazon FBA for fulfillment
  5. Partial tracking of orders
  6. Enable / disable ship confirmation notification emails to Customers from Shopify

Is it easy?

To make this app simple to use and also less expensive but without compromising the functionality we have removed some overheads like : 1. We don't edit the order before sending to Amazon 2. A Shopify Embedded App: No separate logins 3. (One can however do the same from Shopify order panel)

And above all We at WebBee have a very responsive team on requests to enhancement and support . Our support response time is normally short even if you are testing the app or have a paid plan we will not discriminate and you will receive the best of service.

This app will not create listings on Amazon or modify listings there

This app will not work if your Shopify store is password protected

Integrates with

  • Amazon FBA,
  • amazon,
  • FBA,
  • Amazon Multi-channel

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Pricing 7-day free trial

Basic Plan


  • For Low Volume sellers , orders less then 1000 a month and SKUs less then 1000

Advanced Plan


  • For High Volume sellers , orders more then 1000 a month and SKUs more then 1000

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 19 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Cozzzy Goods

Absolutely terrible. Syncing takes ages even if asked for manual sync. But when complete it doesn't mean you get your Amazon SKUs imported. I still have no idea what did they actually sync and where it went then.

What they successfully done was resetting all my inventory counts to 0 without even a single warning!

And as a bottom line: nobody answered my chat request for support. Even worse, two chats I started was simply closed while I was navigating across the app interface.


eSunsations Inc

Thank you for your assistance. Thank you for the help. The app is being tested by me right now and I will probably be using it.

DJT 2020

I have a relatively complicated store and this app is able to work with all my complications with no problem.

Specifically, some of my items are fulfilled by Amazon MCF and others are fulfilled in-house. I also have items that are in pre-order but will eventually be Amazon MCF. So in a given order, I might have one item for Amazon to fulfill now, one item for self-fulfillment, and one item to stay unfulfilled until the inventory is available. This app handles all of this without issue with its' product mapping' feature.

Other pros:
- once an order is placed, it is immediately sent to Amazon (if mapped to do so)
- once an order is fulfilled by Amazon, the tracking information is automatically sent back to Shopify with the email notification being sent to the customer and the order marked as fulfilled. This takes 2-3 hours. (you also have the option of using the Amazon notification emails if you prefer)
- their customer support is fantastic. I had several questions about setting up my store properly. They were patient with me and resolved every issue to get it working perfectly for my store's needs.

If you're using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment for sales on your Shopify store, this app is a must-have to automate the process.