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March 29, 2023

Customer service is non-existent.. you can NOT actually talk with anyone at all regarding any issues. I have set up two users for different logins and only one works. When we attempt to remove the other user and reload them into their platform, it states that they already exist and we can not add another user to the account, yet we pay for multiple users... The platform is somewhat easy to navigate, but the service is terrible.

I can only ship from my address... I can't put any other ship from locations into the system as it will not allow you to process orders if a different address is used from your main account address.

The system sucks! Support SUCKS YUUUUUGE D!

The Pond Shop®
United States
About 2 years using the app
February 14, 2023

Good... when it works.
We constantly have issues due to updates. They change things that dont work as well for us, then we have to change how we process our orders.
Right now, our orders will not even import to ShipStation and they can't tell us why.

Cyrus Distribution
About 4 years using the app
January 27, 2023

We’ve been using Shipstation for a few years, and it completely changed our order fulfillment process. We’re an omni-channel ecommerce business and the ability to see all our orders from the different selling channels in one place allowed us to streamline our processes and improve our order fulfillment timelines. It also allows us to offer multiple shipping options to our customers without having to change the process of how we create and print the labels. 10/10 would recommend for any small business looking to fulfill orders more efficiently!

Amanda Deer Jewelry
United States
Over 2 years using the app
January 6, 2023

The app works well except for printing problems from time to time. However I would not recommend using their insurance - 'shipinsurance'. The app allows you to buy insurance on an item even if it is not insurable. I have been using the app assuming if I could buy insurance the item was insurable. I have filed my first claim in two years and it has been denied as the shipping option was not insurable despite the fact that they offered insurance on my shipping option. I would have chosen a different shipping option had I known this. App needs to be fixed so that insurance is not offered on non-insurable shipping options.

The Orange Room
Over 1 year using the app
September 6, 2023

ShipStation works and integrate very easily with our Shopify store. It simplifies the eCommerce system. Orders are automatically pulled for shipping cost comparison, tracking & customers notification, all updated in the blink of moments. Can't imagine operating a small business without shipstation tools! It's a necessity!! It is 5* rated tool except the fact that the monthly subscription charges should have included customer service as and when required. Reaching tech support a twisted hassle, raising tickets and waiting. Hope they can include tech support as part of every package for +5* rating.

11 months using the app
September 8, 2023

I used another competitor before trying Shipstation. We were having trouble with the competitor's automations not working consistently. We're a small biz (6 figs rev) and so we really just needed the basics to work. After trying Shipstation, the time we saved with automations working perfectly, every time, was huge. No question, we love the product and will continue to be a customer.

The Banana Cabana LLC
United States
3 months using the app
July 20, 2023

We've shipped 5,350 orders using this terrible software and this is our review. I write this review as we currently have 250+ orders that need to be shipped. We have countless upset customers emailing us to inquire about their late and unreceived orders. We haven't been able to bulk ship orders because Shipstation's software is down. USPS altered their shipping services 11 days ago on July 9th. Because of this slight change at USPS all of our orders that will use USPS can not be bulk shipped. The only options we have now is to either ship orders one at a time or to use another more expensive shipping service like UPS and FedEx which will cost us hundreds of dollars. We've tried contacting Shipstation via their chat support 3 times in 3 days for almost a week. Each time we've spoken to a new lazy, slow and poorly trained agent that seems to be from a foreign country. They've waste our time and failed to solve this issue or to tell us when it would be fixed. Each time we're asked to send screenshots and are asked a bunch of useless and generic questions about our issue. We've also spoken to their "premium" phone support 2 times in 2 days who've told us Shipstation has known about this software error for many days and has yet to fix it. When we told them how frustrated we were about this and how long it was taking to be fixed we were given a typical corporate nonsense response that sounded something like "our engineers are aware of this issue and are working very hard to resolve it very soon."

In our opinion Shipstation is:
1. A poorly designed software that constantly breaks and causes us slow shipping times and headaches.
2. Is too complicated and hard to learn and use. Simple tasks require multiple steps.
3. Has poorly trained, slow and useless support that don't know how to troubleshoot and fix their own software.
4. Is too expensive considering the low quality service it offers.
5. Has pathetically slow progression when it comes to fixing issues with their software.

Astro Ridge
United States
Over 1 year using the app
September 1, 2023

ShipStation is easy to use and really streamlines my shipping process. I love the fact that I can create shipping presets, so whenever a customer selects their shipping option at checkout, ShipStation already knows what carrier and shipping option to use. It's as easy as selecting my orders and hitting print. ShipStation has so many options to customize your shipping process it should work for literally any Shopify store out there!

JET Pedals
United States
3 months using the app
July 13, 2023

I would stay away from them completely unless they hire new staff and rebuild their software and their customer support team. They are unresponsive, lack knowledge, and always point their finger at someone else as the root cause of the issue, even when it ultimately comes down to their poorly written software.

Their software is not updated in a timely manner, so when Shopify makes an update , ShipStation no longer works and you are sitting waiting for 6+ months for them to actually fix it so that you can get orders out without the fear that things are not going to work.

Quikflip Apparel
United States
Over 3 years using the app
ShipStation replied August 10, 2023

We appreciate and consider your feedback and take our merchants’ concerns very seriously. We show that one of our Support managers gave you a call on July 16, 2023 to work with you further on your issues. We understand your concerns about resolving data synchronization issues. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, as well as being responsive to our merchants’ needs. If we can help further with your concerns, please let us know.

October 6, 2022

Truly awful development team removing or breaking features with every update. Every bug report is ignored. Every feature request is ignored. Customer service team is useless, they will "forward over tickets to their dev team" and then respond after months and months of outage issue reports just to tell you they aren't doing anything. Based on my experience, I genuinely hope a good competitor puts them out of business.

Little Colorado
United States
Almost 2 years using the app