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Shopify POS

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  • Sell your products in person at retail stores and popups
  • Accept credit cards with Shopify Payments
  • One dashboard for both your online and retail store

Shopify POS is an iPad- and iPhone-based point of sale that lets you run your entire online and in-store business from one unified platform. Forget about keeping track of multiple inventories, product catalogs, and payment systems. New! Shopify POS is now included in all Shopify plans so you can take your business anywhere.

With Shopify POS you can:

  • Accept credit cards instantly with Shopify Payments

  • Manage your online and in-store product inventory in the cloud

  • Integrate with the best hardware in retail (available from the Shopify Hardware Store)

  • Track sales through comprehensive reports and analytics

  • Choose from hundreds of apps to help with marketing, shipping, accounting and more

All the features you need, none of the clutter:

  • Accept credit cards in-store or on the go with our card reader

  • Add customers to orders and keep track of their purchases

  • Track your cash float and summarize daily totals

  • Accept partial payments, multiple payments and deposits

  • Send fully customizable email receipts

  • Search your order history and refund payments

  • Attach notes, shipping addresses and discounts to orders

  • Create custom payment types and custom sales

Supercharge your point of sale with the Retail Package:

  • Connect with a receipt printer, cash drawer and/or barcode scanner

  • Add unlimited staff members with PIN entry

  • Track cash register shifts

Shopify POS reviews (15)


Great app for taking in person order with my iPhone or iPad. I don't use it for a retail store so i can't comment on how it works with hardware like cash register, scanner, etc. But with the card read it works great.


I quite like the Shopify POS for it's simplicity and it's very fast and responsive.

A few extra features would come in handy though such as running accounts (hospitality based business). Reporting should also be standard.


The benefit to the Shopify POS is that it integrates your online store with your brick and mortar store and syncs the inventory. This saves a lot of labor time. It is also easy to use and doesn't require much training.

The Cons...

It only works with certain overpriced equipment.

There is no option to exchange an item, which is a pretty standard thing amongst POS systems. You must refund as store credit and then use store credit to purchase the new item. The system does not keep track of the store credit. You only have a receipt to go by. There is nothing to stop the customer from trying to use that store credit again.

You need to use Shopify as the payment gateway otherwise you cannot use their card swiper and will need to process credit cards with a different system (Shopify tech support tells you that you can use any gateway without mentioning the fine print).

It allows employees to discount items up to %100 off without the need of a managers approval. However, it does not allow you to change the price of an item when checking out a customer... only lets you discount. This issue came up when there was a mistake with the price of an item and my employee had no way of correcting it at time of checkout.

The system constantly loses contact with the wireless barcode scanner, card swiper, and receipt printer. You have to restart the POS app to reconnect them while the customers are standing and waiting.

Overall, it is a good system to help keep track of all of your stores and sales. If inventory syncing is not that important for you, there really is no reason to overpay for the Shopify POS.


There really is no viability in this app without an input option for wholesale cost. As a small business owner my profit margins dictate all of my buying and budgeting.

Please add an option for wholesale input.


We tested it out and have decided to hold off on this app for the following reasons:

1. No customer credit capability. We need a way to give customers credit in their account. This will also help us tie in our online store with the POS by allowing customers to redeem their credit either via the website or in store using the POS system.
2. No way to exchange products
Update: Shoppify POS support told us that exchanged can be made, however, it really isn't an exchange at all. We will have to manually refund the items for exchange to a store credit, complete the order, THEN repurchase the new items with the store credit. So really, Shopify POS still does not support exchanges. I have not been able to verify this as our trial ran out.
3. No way to assign product cost to each product, thus making it impossible to keep track of inventory cost.
Update: Support staff informed us that the app DeepMine has the ability to assign cost to each product and variation. Although this is A solution, this basic feature really should be built right into the the product information as an extra attribute in the first place. We have paid for DeepMine in order to assign costs to our products, however, it is still in beta state, and the interface is a huge pain in the ass to use.
4. Unable to assign customers to customer groups for predefined discount rates.
5. No visible notes field for each customer that is visible before clicking in to the customer's profile. This needs to be visible on the same screen when displaying a search result of customers.
6. Super clumsy interface. Image size needs to be customizable to allow for much smaller image. Also, the POS system needs to provide a No Image option, that displays a top down alphabetical list.
7. Cost is too high for a product this basic.

We didn't have time to explore this app further as there were too many features missing in the app for us to put the efforts in to fully testing it out. Hope the app is completed with these features so that we can switch over from another platform.


This review is an update to Shopify POS. We now are starting to use the Shopify POS app as our only POS tool. Its working great with being able to print barcodes and receipts. Good thing about the receipt printing is we use a USB Star printer and its hooked up to our Apple Airport Extreme which allows it to print from our iPad without needing the LAN version of the printer. So far so good, its working out and the features are helping us customize it for how we need to use it.


*This app had an update which fixed several of my major issues with it, so I've revived this review*

This is a solid and much needed addition to the Shopify platform. Its very usable, it requires almost no training to figure it out, is easily integrated into the store. I think the layout could have a few tweaks to make it more seamless (refreshing the selected collection when you start a new order and perhaps making it easier to select collections for example) but overall its pretty fast to use, and wont cause much of a headache.

There are a few reasons why I haven't given this a higher rating, firstly is that its expensive. We already pay a premium price for backend hosting of our store, really this is a $49 a month fee simply to process offline transactions. Really its a premium price for a basic product.

The app has some limitations, reports on the app are non existent, other than a sales tally. That means you have no way of knowing how many of a particular product has been sold, how much you've made each hour, how much from different collections you've sold. Theres a lot of useful information that you should have access to on the fly, but you don't unless you use the computer interface.

The use of printers/ scanners and till drawers is limited to only very specific models. This no doubt makes the installation of the physical POS assets easy and very reliable, however unless you live in North America the receipt printers and till drawers aren't really readily available, so you have to buy a more expensive version off eBay, which is disappointing. Even the inclusion of AirPrint would be very welcome.

The ability to see product descriptions in the app would also be useful, often if you sell a large amount of products, someone might have a questions which you cant readily answer, but having that information available to you would be very useful.

Ultimately its very useful. It is a real timesaver when it comes to updating quantities manually which is really its most redeeming feature. I don't think its quite equal to the $600 a year price you have to pay, its not really a complete system yet, but I suspect it might be after a few big updates.


I wonder if shopify is interested in manipulate Multiple Inventory and also Store Transfers! This would be really helpful! The User experience is great! you need to work more on the inventory stuff!


I really like this interface and is something I have been hoping for. Stripe needs to go though with taking over the whole site. A week to get paid and won't let us ecig merchants sell online. I'd rather use Square for the POS app and let my cc processor run the site. If I decide to keep it, I'll just except square via its own app running a separate cc scan in Square.


Hello there! Very excited about this product, but have not purchased yet for only one reason - I do need it to integrate with Square. hope that integration is coming - I am 200% onboard. I use Square for trade show on an ipad, and then have to manage and update inventory manually. Needless to say, if the payment was all in one, this would be magic. I am in Canada, so I am unable to switch to your supplier.

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