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Sales Pop by Consistent Cart

Sales Pop by Consistent Cart

Developed by Cart Kit

746 reviews
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  • Completely Free
  • Beautiful, unobtrusive popup
  • Works Seamlessly in the Background - set it and forget it

Why is Sales Pop the best app for your Shopify store?

Sales Pop is the ultimate app to obtain buyers trust and convert more traffic into sales. Nothing motivates a buyer more than seeing what others have bought. It shows that you're an authentic store. It shows that people trust you. Most importantly, it shows that people want your products. In a world where FOMO (fear of missing out) is always top of mind of today's consumers - giving them the chance to see in real time what others have purchased will make the consumer want to jump on the bandwagon to purchase as well. This results in more sales to your store.

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What problem does Sales Pop solve?

As you are a new store without an established brand, buyers might have hesitation making a purchase for the first time. This can often lead to the buyer abandoning their cart. Sales Pop kickstarts your sales by showing your new customer that real people are making real purchases and eases the customers mind into trusting their transaction. This also allows the customer to see what products are popular and makes for a great upsell opportunity.

Set it and forget it

Sales Pop is a set it and forget it app that is designed to be fully unobtrusive. The informative pops will not overwhelm your customers but drive them towards a purchasing decision.

Convert more traffic

Stores that use Sales Pop convert more traffic! This means an app that runs completely with no development that increases your revenue. The best part? We're free!

How will this change the look of my store?

Sales Pop is designed to show recent sales. This unobstruive pop-up is designed to not through off overall UI/UX from your store or take attention away from call to actions. This clean popup will subtly reinforce that your store is trustworthy as the user begins to browse and adds products to their cart.


What if I have very few or no sales?

No problem! Through our dashboard, we can easily create a custom notification where you can enter the product, image, and product URL as a pop-up to make your store look busy as can be. Often times, this will start to result in more sales.

What languages does Sales Pop support?

Sales Pop currently supports English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

How do I know if Sales Pop is working for me?

There have been many studies show that humans like to mimic other human's behavior. Sales Pop offers a unique glance into what other users are doing that can provide the confidence and motivation to purchase from your store. A good way to compare the effective conversion rate increase would be an A/B test of 15 days running Sales Pop and 15 days without Sales Pop to see what conversions have increased.

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Sales Pop by Consistent Cart reviews

746 reviews
  1. 5 stars (617 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (104 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (20 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Useful feature, very straightforward app with clear instructions.


Amazing app, free, easy to use, straight to the point. Recommend!


Looks really great at this stage as I have just installed


Great product!! Send me any type of updates.


Easy to use and customize. good app!


not easy to setup and navigate


Love it! Simple, easy to use- definitely would recommend


Simple and easy to use. It gets the social proof up and running


a little complicated to meer at first, but just get the hang of it, it's very good!


I think it is just okay. I think it is just okay.


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