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Product  Questions and Answers

Product Questions and Answers

Developed by Simprosys InfoMedia

66 reviews
Price: Free – $4.99 / month More info
  • Get details of visitor who has asked question about product.
  • Answer it, post it on product page and send answer to visitor via email.
  • Answer of question posted on product page will update the page with fresh content and so SEO will improve.

How it works:-

  • App Allows your visitors to ask questions about your products from product pages.

  • You get question notification and link to question page via Email to your preferred email ID.

  • You can specify notification email ID which can be of any person, either your own or of Support Person.

  • Once question is answered, it can be either published or hidden from product page.

How will this app benefit you?

  • Published answer will add fresh content to product pages, will improve SEO of respective product pages.

  • With Each new published answers, page content will improve, customers will get more details information about concerns they may have.

  • Admin can also add FAQs, so no need for any other FAQ App.



  • Let Customers Ask you Question From Product Page, Answer them from Admin.

  • Hide/Publish Question and Answers.

  • Same Answer is sent to Asker Via Email.

Pro: $4.99/Month

  • View Askers' Email IDs

  • Sync IDs of Askers into Mailchimp

  • Advanced Response Template Editor

  • Priority Support

  • Supports Multiple Languages

Consider this also...

  • Unlike other apps, SQA will not Spoil your Google Page Speed Score

  • Best in Class Support Assured, have a look at the reviews of Google Trusted Store App


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Product Questions and Answers reviews

66 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

cant say anything good about it. For me, it didnt work at all on the website.
I deleted it. But their code still remains. So thats also not good.


very nice feature ,they made for my store .Thank you .Wish all the best to all you guys .


Excellent addition to my website. This app is clean and adds value to product pages. I have received 2 questions from product pages from customers since 2/15/17. I installed the app and placed it where I wanted on my page. However I was having some technical issues that Amit quickly fixed. I really like this app and highly recommend it!

UPDATE 10/13/17 - This app is one of the best free apps out there. Great for giving customers a way to answer questions, which are then posted on the product page if approved by you. It looks good and flows well within my website.



Just installed this app, looks great and works fine. Like the way the emails are laid out for the customer and that you can add links. Easy install but best to contact support if you wish to add the button and don't know coding, very helpful. Definitely recommend this app


Great Q & A App! Fire Sale Approved!


Amazing!!! I was looking for something like this for some time. Love it! great way to educate customers and to provide a top notch customer support! Thanks



This is a great app!! I love how easy it is, how it looks, how it will help with customer learning and interaction, and I love the automated email sent when you answer someone's question.


I'm using this app on all of my product pages. It seems to work great!

Check it out on any of the product pages at



They installed the app for me in my store -- incorrectly and then when I asked for it to be fixed, they wanted to charge me $40 to fix it. Now, I would have installed this app myself, however, their video is really hard to understand. Fortunately, they deleted the app for me when I refused to pay the extra fee. The "Ask a Question" button was sitting on top of the "Add to Cart" button and unacceptable. They refused to fix this for free. Amit then thanked me for my one star review so that "people don't take them as crooked up reviews" He wrote me in an e-mail, "I am glad, I did not provide free customization of other app to the people like you who want everything for free despite knowing that opposite person puts his or her time and resources which have their own costs... " I have no idea what this means. The company offered to help me, all I asked was them to fix the "Ask a Question" button, which they installed, and then wanted $40 to fix.


Awesome app, it is easy to install too. Lets you filter customer questions, answer a question publicly or via private email, and lets you create your own questions. Highly recommend.

Free – $4.99 / month

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