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Product Questions and Answers

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Wizard Patch™

Update review:
After a long trial and careful consideration we found a few negatives with this app. There are some features this app struggles with but for the most part the functionality is a 6 / 10. I will say that on occasion the app has had issues and we were unable to log in yesterday. Response from app dev is typical of free apps, not really excited about resolution, and replies less than 3 words which is not very professional by any standard. I hope this app works for most of you but the clunky layout for us and the limited features along with the "off and on" characteristics make this app a hard sell.

Original review:
Wizard Patch embroidered badges and patches and logo makers for clubs, biker vests and motorcycle harley davidson hog jackets and corporate logos etc used this app for all our custom embroidered logo patch and badge listings which allows our customers to directly reach out to us on each listing page, great for SEO and also showing other customers that we really care to answer their questions!. and see the app working for yourself!

Emer Jones Apparel

cant say anything good about it. For me, it didnt work at all on the website.
I deleted it. But their code still remains. So thats also not good.

Adeptcosmetics Com

They installed the app for me in my store -- incorrectly and then when I asked for it to be fixed, they wanted to charge me $40 to fix it. Now, I would have installed this app myself, however, their video is really hard to understand. Fortunately, they deleted the app for me when I refused to pay the extra fee. The "Ask a Question" button was sitting on top of the "Add to Cart" button and unacceptable. They refused to fix this for free. Amit then thanked me for my one star review so that "people don't take them as crooked up reviews" He wrote me in an e-mail, "I am glad, I did not provide free customization of other app to the people like you who want everything for free despite knowing that opposite person puts his or her time and resources which have their own costs... " I have no idea what this means. The company offered to help me, all I asked was them to fix the "Ask a Question" button, which they installed, and then wanted $40 to fix.