FREE Traffic & Ads

FREE Traffic & Ads

by sixads

Traffic from other Stores and Targeted Facebook Ads

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Get quality traffic for FREE

Display your product ads in partner stores and get quality traffic. Use our new future and run your facebook ads on our targeted audiences

Boost your sales with free ads

Traffic from other stores is much more likely to convert compared to traffic that comes from other sources

Targeted Facebook traffic

Get traffic by running your Facebook ads on our super targeted Facebook audiences.

About FREE Traffic & Ads

Sixads is a free traffic exchange made for store owners like you. Attract more customers to your online store for FREE by displaying your ads in partner stores or (NEW FEATURE!) run Facebook ads on our super targeted audiences.

In turn, partners may display their ads on your site OR you may choose not to display partner ads by choosing any of our paid plans and only acquire traffic from Sixads ad network or run your facebook ads on our targeted audiences.

On average your shop’s CTR RESULTS from Sixads traffic exchange are 4.5 BETTER than they'd be on other ad networks. Our Facebook ads users enjoy an impressive $0.3 average cost per click in the US market.

Sixads is trusted by more than 60.000 e-commerce stores worldwide!

Sixads mimics a shopping mall, where multiple stores benefit from being close to each other and sharing the same foot traffic without directly competing with each other.

Why Sixads traffic is better for you than traffic from other ad networks?

With Sixads you get hot, not lukewarm shoppers, for FREE. When you display your product ads in a partner stores, the customers see your product and visit your website. They did not come from scrolling news feed, they came straight from a store where they were considering a purchase.

We make traffic cost-effective

Traffic from other ad networks is crazy expensive. Often too expensive for you to stay profitable. With us you may get traffic for free, in exchange for displaying partner products in your store.

How it works?

  1. Install the app.
  2. Choose what partner products you would like to display in your store.
  3. Pick your products you would like to advertise.
  4. Hit 'PUBLISH' to activate your product displays in partner stores.
  5. Enjoy your new traffic!


  • Location based targeting: get traffic from countries you wish.
  • Category targeting: Display your ads with products that fit your business strategy.
  • Performance analytics: Monitor ad performance online to see your progress.
  • Adjustable look and feel.
  • Get started in minutes: Simply install our app and get going right away.
  • Run your facebook ads on our super targeted facebook audiences.

A must have app for all web stores!


  • How can I be sure that I will not lose my traffic?

The goal of the app is to get you more traffic. Clicks made on partner products in your store convert to clicks you get in other stores. A clear win-win.

  • What happens when a partner product is clicked in my store?

Partner product opens in a new browser tab on the partner store, thus your website is not closed.

  • How do I start with your facebook ads?

You have to select several products you would like to advertise. Allocate your budget and set the duration. And our AI will take care of the rest

Integrates with

  • oberlo,
  • privy,
  • ROI Hunter Easy,
  • facebook ads,
  • ali reviews,
  • google ads

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Forever Free


  • Exchange traffic at 1:1 ratio

  • Exclude unwanted categories

  • Unlimited number of ads



  • 2k impressions

  • Opt-out from displaying ads

  • Location based targeting

  • 7x higher click probability

  • Ads displayed across partner network



  • 5k impressions

  • Opt-out from displaying ads

  • Location based targeting

  • 7x higher click probability

  • Ads displayed across trending stores



  • 10k impressions

  • Opt-out from displaying ads

  • Location based targeting

  • 7x higher click probability

  • Ads displayed across premium stores

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.8 of 5 stars
Based on 3367 reviews

  • 5 of 5 stars
    84% of ratings are 5 stars
  • 4 of 5 stars
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Most recent reviews

Shop Cozy Co.

This is the dumbest app I've ever downloaded. Why would I want someone to come to my site to then leave it to go to another? This is what this app does! DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!!! It advertises other sites on YOUR site. Even your competition. And I assume it advertises yours on others' site. In order to actually get traffic on your site, you need to advertise OUTSIDE of websites, to get people TO websites! And even if the method behind this asinine app made sense, why would a customer want to bounce around different websites through weird looking pop ups? If I went to a skin care website, for skincare, why would i randomly want to click on a ad on the skin care's website for coffee? This is luck based and I believe it ruins the customer experience. This is a deterrent. My theory is this whole scheme is free because they want to collect data from your store. Beware, this app is dumb, useless and potentially not safe.

Developer reply

February 17, 2020


First of all sorry to have let you down.
Well, that is exa tly how this app works. The same business model is used by bestbuy, walmart and target. As well as main news outlets such as bbc, cnn, fox and many many other.

Moreover, you may opt out from displaying ads by subscribing to any of the paid plans.

Romas Juskevicius
CEO and Founder

Locked Mindz Apparel

i really love this app it helps drive traffic to my store and its free that is really awesome store views have increased a lot in the last few days

Trust N' Trump 2020

I only downloaded so far and it was super easy when you let the automation complete the install. Then it was a no brainer, i want traffic that's why i signed up. I will post another review after 30 days and seeing the traffic or not. I signed into the premium plan for 5,000 impressions per month.