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April 20, 2020

So far so good. Easy to use and great customer service! I will check the start in a while and update my review...

Time spent using app: 9 months
April 19, 2020

Great app! Within minutes went from a 81/100 speed score to a 92/100 by just running the automated optimizer. Results are immediate took maybe 5 minutes.

Adventures After 50
United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
April 18, 2020

Today (after a couple days of speaking with the company) I started a custom package to complete my sites images of over 10,000. They were first class in communication as well as giving me a GREAT deal to do all my images. On top of that when you pay for the app you get access to a tip for adding one line of code that will improve your site speed. We added into ours and It was improved by .6 seconds. I read a comment that says they were charged $500 when my whole package of 10,393 images was less than $100 so I suggest speaking with the company who were great with me. Sorry for the rant but they are 5 star!!! Thanks

Coast to Coast Collectibles Memorabilia
United States
Time spent using app: 3 days
TinyIMG replied April 18, 2020

Thanks for the great review!

The merchant that wrote the previous review was not charged, they just seen the 500 cap which we decreased to 100 now!

Edited April 28, 2020

Update 4. The CEO of the company was nice enough to reach out to me directly with apologies and what happened. It felt good that someone cared enough to explain what happened on their end with short-staffing and weekend coverage. He also mentioned that the usage charge was updated to protect small business which I think was the right move to do. Overall, while a rocky experience, the CEO does really care for his users and that's what matters.

Jess F.

Update 3. The merchant now started blackmailing the company I work for. I'm updating my review to 1 star and I recommend that Shopify review this behavior. Here's the exact email we received:

"We tried using your SaaS business, our CEO tried getting a trial as he was interested on growing on Instagram. No trial was provided, you did not even reply through Instagram. I think we will need to leave a bad review on G2 for you sadly. "

I recommend being careful when dealing this company.

Update 2. I can't say I had a great experience with their support department. I won't add details here since I don't want to cause this company any trouble. This company and I disagree on whether or not it's OK to pre-authorize 500$ USD on your Shopify account (Even if it is only usage charge). It's something that you should be aware of going forward with the app.

---ORIGINAL REVIEW for transparency---

WARNING, when selecting the free plan, there's a notice that say the app will auto optmize your pictures and can CHARGE UP TO 500$, I tried reaching out to support to find out how I can prevent the app from automatically running, as I don't want to be charged 500$ in case I upload a lot of pictures but I couldn't get ANY support sadly.

Will update later if this gets resolved, but for now I'm worried I will get scammed, the free plan doesn't sound very free and very risky especially in these uncertain times.

Update 1:

I was contacted by their support team informing me that the 500$ per-authorization is required by Shopify and out of their control. I'll validate this with Shopify first and update my review afterward. Also glad I heard back from their support even if it wasn't quick, so I'll improve my review already for that reason.

Time spent using app: About 6 hours
TinyIMG replied April 18, 2020

The merchant complained about usage cap that is required by Shopify being
too high (500 USD) so we reduced It to 100 USD for all future merchants and can assure you that you will not be charged the cap If you have less than 10`000 images.

The merchant has a marketing company as we found out. I wanted to use their services on wejustsocial.com, signed up for free trial but could not get a hold of them sadly. They have really useful tools for Instagram and would be useful for all stores wanting to grow. Check them out!

And if you need any help with TinyIMG, just shoot our customer support a message!

~ Eligijus

April 18, 2020

excellent product, really helpful, definitely recommended to everyone who optimizes online store in no time.

UV Light Lamps
United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
Edited April 19, 2020

Easy to use and very user friendly - use it and try it out you will love.
you should option to have lesser word review.

Daily Fresh Grocery
United States
Time spent using app: 1 day
TinyIMG replied April 18, 2020

Thanks for the review! Sadly, but we do not control the review length.

And as you recommend us to other merchants, but left a 4*, maybe you could tell us how we can improve ? I've sent you a message through our customer chat!

April 16, 2020

Muy sencillo el ambiente de trabajo fácil de usar ademas un ahorro de tiempo, al automatizar la compresión, de las imágenes y evita hacer una por una la labor de comprimir renombrar y re dimensionar .

Time spent using app: 24 minutes
April 16, 2020

This App is awesome! and a HUGE TIME SAVER! 10/10!

Julia really helped my understand the app. Not that the app is confusing and complicated, I just have a few questions for her regarding the app and she was really professional and knowledgeable the entire time I was speaking with her.

I was thinking of changing the ALT txt for all my images but this app does it automatically and within seconds my website containing over 400 images were fully optimized !

Time spent using app: 9 months
April 15, 2020

Totally worth the small cost, my website loads instantaneously now. My website displays my artwork so image quality is very important and I was pleased to see that this optimization retained the same quality for my images.

LA Smith Art
United States
Time spent using app: 28 minutes
Edited April 17, 2020

Julia helps me so quickly with patience! Still new to use these function but we look forward to having more access to our website. So far, so happy. Thank you!

tortoise general store
United States
Time spent using app: 4 days