Smart Wishlist

Smart Wishlist

by Webmarked

The Fastest Wishlist App for Shopify

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Simply in use, fully customized app with awesome and helpfull support.
And customers DON'T have to login to enjoy it! I just love this app.

Our Gift 2 U

The app was install in less than one minute. I search my products pages to see the app and their it was. It looks great and now to see if my customer likes it.

West Virginia Wholesale

I tell you, coming over here from Woocommerce where I could do just about everything for free or with a little code, I am ... tense ... about the simple features I think we should expect for basic service (like a wishlist) that we have to pay for instead. How can a store not have a wishlist? That said, I have installed three wishlists today, all more expensive than this one, and they were all awful. They were hard to configure. Their icons/buttons didn't land right on the page if I had the buy now button enabled. They made it too complicated for the customer (in my opinion - Why do half of these app developers think showing off their intentions for their app is more important than ease of use for the customers? It's a wishlist. It shouldn't need a tutorial.) etc, etc. Anyway, enough venting. The point is, this isn't those. It's simple to figure out. There's a little checkbox for automatic placement that works perfectly (at least on my theme). It's intuitive and a regular presentation for the customers. It works for not logged in folks with a simple reminder statement instead of pestering them. I think the management reports and other features will make $5 a month well worth it. So, good for you for creating value instead of trying to just make a lot of money. Nice job. I'm glad I found this.


I used this app because I didn't want customers to have to pull up each product before adding to favorites. This let's someone add to favorites in the collection or a product list. I wanted a few customizations like the icon to be different. The team responded right away and got everything I asked done in about a week. Best of all they will install if for you free after your purchase.

Blingschlingers Jewelry Adoption Center

**PLEASE READ :) Ok before I go into details about an issue, I want to let everyone know that this app is perfect for any website that has over 100 items to choose from I would say. The typical shopper, including myself dont like to back track and hunt down things I liked. This app solves that, makes it VERY EASY for the shopper, and does not require them to have an acct to favorite things. And just a tip on the side, if you are a site owner I would really reconsider making it mandatory to have an acct to use a withlist. It makes or breaks a deal with me, I dont like the forceful pressure of it and hassle of making an acct to begin with.
This Smart wishlist app in admin section lets you see what was Favorited and when, and what was removed. Perfect and straight to the point. Shoppers see a simple go to heart on search pages and on individual item pages. No messy advertising nothing like that.. actually spiced up my pages lol. Very simple to remove or add to cart for shoppers, and the wishlist tab is on the side and do not need to hunt for it.
NOW THIS is important, and I hope I didnt lose anyone:o Ok after looking at MANY apps for wish lists or favorites, reading through reviews and pricing etc, I noticed most reviews on some were because of a similar situation I had with installing (not setting up) the app, and anyone installing this app or any other app for that matter keep this in mind for the future.
MY SYMPTOMS when I decided on this app I clicked get app, or install, which ever it said, and when I did it came to an error stating warning this is a bad website and can put you at risk, and would not let me install it, contacted shopify, they sent out a request to app to help resolve situation. So me being persistent, I was reading all warnings and clicking any tab for more info. Helpful to look at the address bar of the warning, always right click where padlock is supposed to be for a dialog box to pop up and give you more info. By me doing this I was able to see key words leading me to believe it was my ROUTER SETTINGS restricting me from seeing/downloading. Your router can have filters on it. I have my router set to medium because I have kids new to the internet. SO, I turned that setting OFF, and I was able to install the app without any warnings. (then I turned my router settings back ON) And not even 10 min later after downloading, had to be sooner than that the developer sent me an email asking if I would like assistance setting up the app in the store! I was like OMG YES! lOl So it was late for me, I went to bed, woke up and was delighted to see an email stating he set up the site! ( and this is still before shopify got back with me lol) So I look at the site, see lovely hearts on the page, sweet. Go to admin section of app within shopify click on it.. OHH GOSH I see that warning pop up again :(( then I try using the features of Smart Wishlist within my site, SYMPTOMS were, I could put items in my wishlist but when I went to the wishlist there was nothing. So I contacted customer service and told them about the issues I had installing the app and now how some features not showing right. They asked me what were symptoms and what kind of errors. I sent them photos of what was going on, and tried to be descriptive (make sure you get url's in there too and any dialog boxes when you right click for more info.)
So, meanwhile I asked several friends and family to check it out and see if they can favorite things and see in their wishlist. They said they could! Ok then.. I remembered about my router settings. Turned it off and voila! I could see and use everything within app and admin section. So I told the app developer im not too worried about it because it seems like other people (customers) are able to use it and I will just mess with my settings when I want to use admin section. Next day I have an email stating they found the issue! They pursued it anyways! When they didnt have to! The customer service is amazing, and it is very important that they enjoy what they do, and THEY DO! Because on other favorites or wish list apps reviews ive seen, those companies dont even want to dig in to see what the problem is. So I guess the problem was sleeping in the background .. thats the best I can describe that lol.
If you have or HAD any of these issues I would definitely try using the app again!
I just cant stress enough on how much of a pleasure they were to work with.. because they cared, and it shows.
This Smart Wishlist App has everything I want and nothing I dont need or what customers dont need for that matter :) I will have over 1000 items within my site when im finished with it, and this Smart Wishlist App has saved me from losing clients and potential new clients with its easy to use easy on the eyes features. My site it if you want to see it / test it.. I dont mind. Lastly, I am able to now keep my router safety settings as they were and have full function of the app. at the same time :)

And a personal thank you to Abhishek Bharadwaj at Webmarked

Thread Count Fabrics

The support is top notch, they have been super helpful getting the app setup for us on our store! Great value for your money with this app!

Elves' Best Christmas Crackers

Great app! Stylish, comprehensive, very affordable, easy to install and customize. My customers will appreciate not being forced to sign in. The reports are easy to review and helpful. The 'clear' button is not fully showing on the customer wishlist page. Other than that, so far, AMAZING!

VENUE Fashion

highly recommended. the app works perfect, the pricing is fair and the support is unbeatable, thumbs up!!


Great app !!
Works fast and reliable.
The support is one of the best we have ever experienced !!!!!!

Barnaby's Loft Wholesale

Hands down this is the Wishlist App! The support folks and developers have been very responsive to my needs. It's feature packed, highly customizable, very lightweight (quick), easy to let customers share their list, excellent Admin interface within Shopify, AND it is the most affordable wishlist app ever.

I own two stores, retail and wholesale. My retail theme already had a built-in connection to another app for wishlisting so I used that one. I needed one for my wholesale site and after some good research decide this was the one I wanted to try. After the initial purchase and install things were not quite set up and connected as they should have been. I knew I had followed all the great helpful support docs but it just was not working. I reached out to support and in less than 12 hours they completely resolved the issue.

I'm going to ditch the wishlist on the retail store and implement Smart Wishlist on there as well. Excited because I'll be able to make better use of the wishlist sharing, and let users save items without login. Two features I decided not to use for my wholesale customers.

We all know the price in speed that is paid for each app, script, and connection that has to get called up from a third-party provider when our store pages load. Webmarked does a really great job at streamlining their app. I haven't noticed any slow-down.

Kudos to Webmarked! Thanks for developing an awesome app. Hurrah!

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