Smoke Drop

Smoke Drop

by F13 Works

Dropship quality Smoke, Vape, & CBD products

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App is easy to use and by far the easiest app to make money with. I sell shirts for the most part wanted to mess around with weed products and found this app. Its the normal drop ship app where you search for products and filter what you want you put a card on file with them which is a bit different than oberlo, think more of printful and when a customer buys from me it is fulfilled right away. So far the longest order was a mug that took 4 days but most of the weed stuff goes out the same or next say. I posted a couple of the 'bubblers' and vaporizors to mess around and they sold, that is the first time I ever put anything into my site and just had it sell I was liky holy hell this is cray. So I'll be stating a weed product store soon

Mystic Bloo Wizard

My faith has been renewed! If you have any problems Chris will get back to you as soon as possible! He always gets back to you. I've been reading the negative reviews here and have to laugh. I will be renewing my subscription with them as the bulk of my store are products from Smoke drop. Thanks Chris! I will follow up on the email when I get off today.
Martin Wallace CEO/Founder

Shopify payments canceled my account because of this app! When I deleted the app and asked for a refund I was told that they do not offer refunds on subscriptions. This app is way more trouble than it is worth.

Dank-T Co.

most of the products i have activated for my store don't even show in my store. messaged them for help and got no response. don't waste your money.

Nick's Custom Shirts

Had the app for 10 days was charged the whole month fee and wouldn't reply to message there products don't sell at all most will get features to start acting up on shopify

Quartz Bangers

2019/12/26 UPDATE

As we mentioned in the first paragraph of our review, we have multiple stores that installed Smoke Drop, this is just one of the stores.

Funny thing being they wrote something like they are investigating us for fraud in their reply then Shopify app store removed that then they came up with this one.

Really? Fraud? Instead of all the PR works why not trying replying to one of our emails? Is that what you guys should do?

We used to have this app in every store we managed, as time went by their customer service had gone so bad there is literally no one there to answer our logistics or product quality related questions, and there is no guarantee when the product is going to be shipped and we haven't received one email from them since Dec 3rd, out of options we decided to file disputes on all the payments we sent from Dec 3rd and then we got an email threatening if we don't pull the disputes they are going to shut down our Smoke Drop account, we are amazed! turns out there is somebody there responding to payment details and yet not actual question from users that pays you $19.99 a month! We've saved you the trouble and deleted the app ourselves.

Developer reply

December 26, 2019

This user has zero history with the application, no orders, no emails, no claims.

Dank Riot

LOVE this app!!! Great margins and orders ship quickly to my customers. Glad to see this industry growing in online retail

BackWoodz CBD

Updated: Worst thing anyone can ever do with their time is messing with this app . They do not keep up with stock or the vendors they use. I lost about 25 hrs of time listing, fixing inaccuracies and deleting products from the lost vendors that bailed on them. Pictures don't match / look clean plus a lot do not load once added leaving you to hunt for them yourself. Descriptions on most are against FDA regulations or misleading. A lot of issues dealing with slow shipping and sending wrong products in the few orders I had. One vendor shipped whatever he wanted after sold out (hassle), One product hasn't been delivered 12 days after ordering (ridiculous). The price point and shipping on some items are a bit high. All orders have had some issue after the first one. Recently, I logged on to find 80% plus of my shop was out of stock. Over 200 items all sold out instantly. They no longer have one of the best vendors on the platform. The rest of the stuff is Canadian shipping at $10 and over a week shipping times or not my niche. Pretty much a worthless app for $19 a month. Save your time and reach to vendors individually and dodge this hassle. You temporarily paused a vendor that supplied 90% of your stock and told me you have no knowledge of when they will be available. So what are you robbing people of monthly fees for when you have nothing to sell but a few over priced pipes and wool knit hats. I won't be coming back to this period.

Developer reply

December 12, 2019

Hi there,

Thanks for taking time to leave a review! We appreciate your feedback immensely.

Apologies for the mixup. We didn't lose a vendor, thankfully. One of our vendors is in the process of moving their site to a new platform. As a result, we have temporarily paused their listings until they're ready to fulfill orders again. We're confident things will be back to normal shortly.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions.

Happy Selling!

Wow Zoo

I had an issue where the item ordered was "out of stock" so I had to refund the customer. However, Smoke Drop was prompt and professional in dealing with the issue which prevented any problems. On top of that, Smoke Drop updated their website the following week to limit this from happening. This shows they are on top of it by constantly updating not only the products they carry but also the functionality of their website. Items sold are delivered within the time frame with no complaints from customers.
Note: Selling these items are considered "high-risk" so you will need to obtain a third party gateway for payments. Do your due diligence and you will be fine.


Fair warning here. you will loose the ability to use shopify payments. also the margins are razer thin. shipping is much more expensive than it needs to be. Sometimes $10 on a $5 product.

Developer reply

November 15, 2019

We try to provide the same disclaimer to users before trying the Smoke Drop app. Shipping costs include picking and packing and are set by individual suppliers. We provide clear costs to users and let you decide how to adjust your retail prices and shipping costs to ensure profit. Many users are selling a lot of Smoke Drop products but reviewing your store I can see why you might have difficulty doing so.

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