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  • Boost social sharing and drive new traffic to your Shopify store
  • Turn your visitors into customers by earning their trust and loyalty
  • Save your time and money by getting everything you need for your e-commerce business from one place - SocialShopWave

We bring all social apps together to help you drive traffic, increase customer engagement, and sell more. Go from an idea to an optimized marketing strategy in a few minutes.


SocialShopWave is a complete app for driving social shares and new traffic to your site. Increase social and email shares using 12 unique ways: starting from sharing products, wishlists, and ending with sharing 5-star reviews.


No trust, no sale. Earn visitors trust and increase conversions by displaying verified reviews, showcasing real customers' Instagram photos, showing how many people love and save items to their wishlists, adding a new level of social proof using public discussions and users activity.


Take care of each your visitor by providing convenient and personalized shopping experience: starting by how they sign-up, save favorite items and ending with personalized offers and emails.


Everything you need for your business growth is in SocialShopWave:

- Social Login app makes easy for users to sign-up & log-in using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, Instagram and Amazon accounts, or by an email address.

- Wishlist app reduces shopping cart abandonment and fulfills sales from customers who showed intent but didn't end up purchasing.

- Social Reviews app automates collecting reviews from your site, email, Facebook page and offline, and increases your sales by showcasing customers reviews with pictures.

- Social Sharing app drives more new traffic and sales by encouraging users to share your brand and products on social media and email.

- Instagram app helps you to select Instagram photos by #hashtags and @usernames, tag your products on photos and show them in beautiful shoppable galleries on your Shopify site.

- Community Feed app lets you build your own community around your store where you can educate customers, achieve their trust, engage with them and build long-term relationships.

- Automated Emails app automates sending personalized emails to your customers based on what they have added to wish lists, bought, discussed and viewed.

- Notifications display recent purchases, adding items to wishlists and how many customers are viewing your products. It creates urgency and trusted atmosphere.

- Ask Advice button allows your members to ask Facebook friends for purchase advice and virally spread your store.

- Questions and Answers app lets you decrease abandons by answering customers questions.

What's New:


Check out the app on our live demo and if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you: support@socialshopwave.com

Start today your SocialShopWave free trial and you will get 10+ apps for one price with FANATICAL support and our love.



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SocialShopWave reviews

367 reviews
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Running a Shopify store can be time consuming. Wouldn't it be easier if all your social marketing was done for you? Well most of the time if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but SocialShopWave is the exception. Don't spend any more time browsing the app store because you have hit the jackpot right here. So enough small talk, lets get into exactly why SocialShopWave is the perfect app to push your store into the next level of success.

1. Social Login
This feature is AMAZING for capturing customer emails and growing your marketing lists. Rather than a customer having only one option of creating an account directly with your store, SocialShopWave allows customers to log in using popular social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Amazon and many more! With the sleek drop-down menu style, creating an account with your store has never been easier!

2. Reviews
The review system SocialShopWave has to offer is the most efficient on the market. With fully customizable emails, shop owners can capture reviews post purchase directly from the email. Buyers will select a rating, write a review, and boom! Need some incentive for buyer to post reviews? Offer rewards such as discounts or free shipping whenever customers post a review!

3. Shoppable Instagram
Add a splash of freshness to your homepage, or any page of your website with an embedded Instagram feed! Tag your products and show off your IG feed with the stylish and beautiful layout SocialShopWave has to offer. The perfect way to capture traffic from your site and also grow your social media accounts as well!

4. Social Sharing
Someone makes a purchase at your store. Great! They receive their item and they LOVE it, and they would love to tell all their friends about it too! Only one problem, you don't have any social sharing on your store! SocialShopWave offers a FLAWLESS social sharing program that includes post purchase pop-ups that allow customers to share their purchases right away! As a store owner you don't want to miss any opportunity to get new leads, and this is the perfect way to build trust and gain new customers!

5. Reward Campaigns
Ever wanted to run specific "Give X Get X" promotions? Well SocialShopWave has you covered! There are multiple campaigns you can offer customers to increase total order value and gain new leads.

These are just a few of the countless features SocialShopWave has to offer. Head over to their website for a full list of features!

As a store owner myself, I can tell you all personally SocialShopWave has made a HUGE impact on the success of my store. After months of browsing around the app store and trying countless apps, none have grown my store quite like SocialShopWave has. And to top it all off, the staff is AMAZING!! How many times have you had a bad experience with something due to the staff / support team being bad? The crew over at SocialShopWave will do whatever it takes to make your experience PERFECT and will help with with any questions you might possibly have! They will even help you set up and integrate ALL of their apps straight into your store if you have any trouble!

So don't spend any more time browsing, because you have hit the jackpot with SocialShopWave!


A+ customer service and customization support. App does exactly what is says it does, great to have extra features like community feed and tons of analytics. Very helpful team and priced right.


VERY happy with all the features in the $29 package! I am happy to have all the features in one app instead of 3-4. Tech support has been wonderful because it's a Sunday night and they have responded! Thank you ! Only had app since this afternoon but so far very excited to have it.


Incredible App and Support - We've been looking for an "All-in-One" Social type system to build our business. SocialShopWave is THE ANSWER!!! Plus, their support is 10 Stars!!!
They installed all the Apps for us, provided excellent followup guidelines and just are super. Handled a few issues we had on our end very quickly and completely, with excellent followup to be sure all OK.
Stop looking for a great social media App System - SocialShopWave is here!


Absolutely outstanding special thanks to Aiza in support. Nothing is to much trouble and this app actually is driving traffic to my website. WELL worth the investment thank you ...



This is a really great and powerful APP. It's the only APP i've found that allows us to have a robust community on our website using social logins. It also links with Swell for loyalty which gives the loyalty program even more power.
The best part is, the support team is really on point! They helped me with installation, fixing issues on my site, and really went above and beyond in a very quick way! It's a great app and definitely worth the try.


Wow. OK. I've just seen your integrations. Thank you SO much, Kalys! Your app is simply beautiful! I've been wracking my brains for MONTHS whenever I'd see such features on other stores just wondering how I would ever get them in mine. And, boom, you've done it with just ONE app! You guys are simply amazing! You have a FAN in me!


This app has some fantasic suport, a rarity with shopify apps. If you think the features would be benificial to your site, and they are to mine, then give this app a try. They will really impress you.
They truely go above and beyond


This is definitely the shopify-must-added app!!!
Long enough trial time, reasonable price, Great Features and Excellent Support!!!!
The real-time support really impresses me a lot. They simply respond to my problem immediately and do the technical support automatically.
Trust me, get this app, no regrets!


Great App, very helpful customer service

From $9.00 / month

No hidden fees. 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime. Simple, straightforward pricing for 10+ awesome apps.

30 days


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