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Merchants highly value this app for its loyalty program, wishlist, and review system, noting its effectiveness in boosting sales and customer retention. The referral feature is particularly appreciated for encouraging customer referrals. The product review feature is user-friendly and builds customer trust. The app's customer support is efficient and helpful. Merchants also appreciate the seamless integration with Shopify and its cost-effectiveness. The app enhances the shopping experience and expands business reach through social media sharing rewards. Its user-friendly interface and easy setup process are additional advantages.

Edited March 7, 2023

(Update on March 2023) Since my review below, the team did a brilliant job recovering. I had numerous feedback emails on my initial communication on where it falls short and actually, the development team came up with improvements. With the added feature of a dedicated page to communicate how-to earn & spend mechanism, it became so easy to communicate loyalty programs to my customers. Still, room to improve but it's a feature-rich app with the best value. Thank you Alice and the team.

(January 2023) Summary: (seemingly) solid products technically + thoughtful pricing scheme + mediocre setting experience

Still in the process of setting it up: which could have been done in a few days if supported properly, now extended over 10 days. Here is why i took 3 stars off.

1. For first-time loyalty program users, the tutorial videos are pretty useless. The video only covers, for example, "if you want to have a separate page on reward, pls put your custom domain here in this box and save". Then you come up with 10 different questions.
-> Why do i need to make a separate page on rewards (to promote your loyalty program in an attractive neat manner, easier for customers to understand the whole overview and hence increase the participation rate)
-> how to create a custom domain?
-> where to create a custom domain (on Shopify? GoDaddy?) and on and on. You are on your own to find the answer to technical & fundamental questions (e.g. how to design a loyalty program, what's the best practice, what's the common mistakes, how to communicate this to your customers when launching, how to name your program and different tiers). I had to spend weeks reading everything from Smile.io's blogs and videos to learn all these.

2. Important disclaimer is not made upfront or communicated where should be (the setting panel of each component, not at the knowledge article). For example "multiplier" in a tier is affecting all points given in that tier (review, birthday points, referral... etc, while common sense says the points from the purchase). This is not explained explicitly so i had to design my loyalty program multiple times.

3. I don't know whether this is a January issue while people are on leave or permanent. but the long queue on the support is frustrating. and people are working in tick-box mode and you get different people giving you the very first answers you got from your first interaction (that very link from the knowledge page. which is not even thorough). So conversation going in circles and the to-do list is getting longer. You don't get precise answers for your "precise question" but they keep on sharing that how-to article (which i read about 10 times before contacting them) and move on.

4. Had 7-8 service agents who didn't know about their product features precisely and to detail. They all told me there is no option to give "points" for referrals to my customers (so my customers can accumulate their points in a more meaningful way). Spent another week shopping for a different app that can do this at a reasonable cost. Once I started to set it up, yes you can. Who is responsible for the lost time?

I know I'm judging the book by its cover now because i haven't launched my program yet and gathered feedback from my customers. will update again. So far, very frustrating experience as the product is too good to ditch but the set-up process is just dragging.

Umami Food Studio
South Africa
2 months using the app
Growave replied February 9, 2023

Hey, Rany and the team at Umami Food Studio. 😍

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Clearly, this was not your experience, and we apologize. 😌
We took all the points into our account and doing every day our best to improve our app and UX/UI design. 🙌

We take great pride in our work, and our sincerest hope is that it helps each one of our customers accomplish their goals. Your feedback has demonstrated that it does, and we appreciate you letting us know.👌

Please feel free to reach us anytime, we are open to advice and trying to meet your expectation with our app.

Happy Growaving! ✨

December 16, 2022

The Growave app is a big bang for the money. We aren't even using all the features (yet), but the Reviews and Rewards alone have added a lot functionality for our store front. The app itself, because it includes so many features, can sometimes be hard to navigate or remember where you change certain settings. Customer service has been used frequently due to questions that came up, and they have been professional and responded quickly. They've also been able to help customize a few things for us. Overall good experience so far.

United States
3 months using the app
Growave replied December 16, 2022

Hi Wildcubz team,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback and leaving a review on Shopify platform, you put a big smile on our faces 🤗!

Our team is constantly trying to improve our product and it’s always rewarding to hear kind words from our customers. We love that you love us, and it’s also great to know our service has helped you achieve your business goals.

Thanks again for being a fantastic customer!

Growave team ✨.

Edited July 7, 2023

If you are just starting out with your store, I would highly recommend Growave. It's also great if you already have a store but if you are looking to integrate previous reviews, this might be a daunting process to do by yourself (depending on which app you are importing from). With that said, Anna and the team at Growave was very responsive to my requests with formatting and adding different features to my online store. They also offer a loyalty program, wishlist integration and reviews all in one app. I like how they are all in one app to avoid integrating with third party apps and for collecting analytics all in one place. It also integrated seamlessly with customers and account creation on shopify making users create accounts with my store in order to access the wishlist, loyalty programs and to write reviews. I particularly liked this because it's always encouraged to have more users create an account with you.
I gave 5 stars and not 4 because the team at growave can help you with transferring previous reviews from other apps (if you cant do this process by yourself).

RSVR Jewelers
18 days using the app
Growave replied July 4, 2023

Dear team at RSVR Jewelers,

Thank you so much for taking your time and leaving us a positive review!🤗

We are glad to hear that your app meets your expectations!

Please kindly be noted that our team works very hard to automate the process of migration from one app to another.
But I would also like to mention that we are always ready to assist you all the way through with any queries you will have about our app!
Let me please assure that we take all the feedback seriously to improve the app, and make it better for you.🙌

​From our side: we are trying to provide the best possible service and improve our app from day to day. ⭐
Once again, thank you for your kind words and for choosing us.💙

Growave Support team.

January 10, 2023

We've had Growave running for a while now but only just got around to really deepdiving into it and marketing to our customers. I had to prove all the functionality before I sent emails and got myself into a pickle.
So after playing with it I had a few questions on how it ran properly and the support person was very patient with my investigation and we were able to answer all the questions I had.
There's definitely some functionality which would make the platform better but you need to understand what each version you're paying for offers.
So far so good!

Tonight We Dine
United States
8 months using the app
Growave replied January 10, 2023

Hi, Tonight We Dine team,

Thank you a lot for the high rate of our team as well as our app, it is highly appreciated by us!🙏
We do our best to make the experience with Growave easy, and our customer support and developers team are always ready to support you with any requests that might arise.
We hope for a long and productive collaboration. 💖

Happy Growaving!⭐

June 30, 2023

This is my first experience building a shop site with Shopify.
As a Japanese person who is generally not good at English, when using an app made by a vendor other than Japan, it is difficult to contact the vendor's support team in English.
However, the support team for this app kindly responded to my questions and requests one by one.
Also, due to the time difference issue, it generally takes at least a day or more from the time I send the question to the time I receive the answer.
However, I have found this support team to be very responsive, within a few hours on average.

This app has three functions: "Wishllist", "Review", and "Reward". Regarding "Reward", there may be some resistance in Japanese business practices, but after testing the details of this function, I understand that it has a wealth of functions to increase repeat orders from customers.
I think that shop sites targeting Japanese customers are well worth using this app.

I think this app would be perfect with the addition of wholesale functionality.
My shop is a B to C shop, not a B to B shop. However, I would like to sell the product at a special discounted price to a special member customer.
A product can have a regular price and a member-only price, and when a member customer with a customer tag logs in, the member-only price is automatically displayed.
That's all there is to it.
There are certainly apps with such features, but they are either expensive due to a lot of unnecessary features, or as a way of discounting, many apps use a % discount method instead of a fixed price.

I hope that this "GROWAVE" app will evolve further in the future and have the simple and reasonably priced "Wholesale feature" that we want, like the above.

Finally, thank you very much to all "GROWAVE" support staff.

お買い得マーケット えがおのたね
30 days using the app
Growave replied July 2, 2023

Hi, the team at お買い得マーケット えがおのたね and Takahashi!

First of all, I would like to thank you for such kind words and for your amazing feedback. It is very pleasant for our entire team to know that we are working and supporting you for a reason! ✨😍

Thank you very much for highlighting several important points and we are thrilled we are helping your business develop. This is our main goal. 🥳 You are happy - we are happy! 💙

We will try our best to continue to provide you with excellent service. See you soon. 😍

Growave Support team! 🎉

February 2, 2023

I loved the multiple features in one place idea, this allows me to handle them easily and save me good bucks...App is really smooth - I wanted an additional feature i.e displaying wishlist icon on each product in the collection page view (grid) - I reached to them, Alex was so spot and added it to my website with an hour. Such quick and spot on support help us a lot.

I am looking forward for more apps from your team.

A Bit Orange
United States
About 1 month using the app
Growave replied February 3, 2023

Hi team A Bit Orange,

We are so happy to learn that our team was able to take care of your queries and meet your expectation. We will keep on providing 5-start service for you, that's why please feel free to contact us, Alex and other team are already here to assist you 🥰.

Your warm words motivate us to create new effective apps for our valuable customers like you 😊.

Happe Growaving ✨

May 26, 2023

Great app and excellent customer service. The shop owner wanted a loyalty app with free product rewards, and this app had it and so many more great features. It's been a month and everything has been working great in the backend and for customers. Widgets are good, but the integrated pages fit our theme perfectly.

I don't think it was mentioned in the features, but the free product automatically adds to the cart when the customer redeems points, this is fantastic, because some other apps don't do this.

A big thanks to the growave support team for all their help during set up.

Beauty Solution | Solution Beauté
3 months using the app
Growave replied May 26, 2023

Hey, team at Beauty Solution | Solution Beauté,

Thank you for your 5-star review, it's much appreciated!🌺

We’re happy to see that you had a 5-Star experience with the Growave app and our Support team! 😍
Proving the best experience with the app and support is our main priority.

From our side, we'll try our best to keep assisting you along this beautiful journey!
Happy Growaving!💌

Edited December 19, 2022

I just used the app for a few months to experience it and have some reviews about the app. The app is good and has excellent documentation and is exceptionally user-friendly.
This app carries out what it promises to do. It is simple to understand and simple to utilize. after we installed it, I had a few questions and there were some issues that were Shoppable Instagram from displaying correctly. I contacted the support team represented by Rashmi Sharma and then she patiently answered and guided me through the app. She also asked the develop team to fix the issue really quickly. They were able to remedy the problem quickly and effectively, and they were able to do it within 24 hours of reporting it.
Jena kept me informed at every stage and quickly reported any problems. Additionally, the developer was helpful to me. The app is now running perfectly on our site, and we are very happy with it. We appreciate all their support and would highly recommend the app to anyone looking to display labels and badges on your products.

Flower Knows
4 months using the app
Growave replied September 27, 2022

Dear team at Flower Knows🌺,

Your review made our day. We’ve passed your comments on to our team so they can enjoy the good vibes too. Feedbacks like yours make our work worthwhile😊.

We love that you enjoy using Growave✨.

December 2, 2022

We were looking for an app that could seamlessly integrate our app builder Vajro, and we ended up with Growave. It saved us the trouble of worrying about synchronicity among different features we'd like to have and the extra time needed to figure out how to make different apps work together. On top of that, the support team was very helpful. Masha and the team helped implement 10+ edit requests within a few hours, which is valuable for our team without any developers. I would recommend this app for its functions. They deliver their promises! Keep up the awesome work, team Growave. ;)

6 months using the app
Growave replied December 2, 2022

Hey SkinDaily.com team and Caleb,

It was very kind of you to take the time to give us your feedback, and we are very grateful to all Shopify users for doing so.

Masha passes her thanks as well 🥰.
Having our customer support managers make you feel welcome is very important to Growave!

Whenever you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! It is a pleasure for us to serve you✨.

August 18, 2023

Great App, offering numerous functionalities at a great price. Basic features that a shop owner needs such as Reviews, Rewards, Wishlist, Instagram UGC and social login feature is available. As well behind this app work a wonderful team who is always there when you need help which is great. Thank you guys for developing this app, and for the customer service you provide, and extend my best wishes for your continued growth. In conclusion, excellent job!

Over 2 years using the app
Growave replied August 20, 2023

Dear team at neleti,

Thank you for your kind words and for supporting our product!⭐
Your words made our day, and we are very glad that you are happy and satisfied! That is what we strive for 😊.

​We'll do our best to continue to provide you with the highest level of service and product!
The whole team at Growave does its best to treat every customer with love, and thank you a lot for appreciating and noticing our efforts.✨

Let us know anytime if there's anything else we can be of service 💖

Growave Support Team.