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eCommerce Email Marketing by Soundest

eCommerce Email Marketing by Soundest

Developed by Soundest

799 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month More info
  • Increase your sales: +30% with Campaign Booster, 20% with Cart Recovery and Welcome emails. Level up your email marketing!
  • Grow subscribers: customizable Pop Up to collect subscribers and easy import from other pop-up apps
  • Save time: start with one-click install and create email campaigns up to 10x faster by adding products while browsing your store

Discover a unique Scratch Card!

Cheer your subscribers up with a totally new Scratch Card and double or even triple your click rate! This feature is only available on Soundest.


Seeing those smart stunning email campaigns that e-commerce leaders are sending and thinking it must be difficult and time-consuming to implement?

Soundest proves it wrong. All-in-one email marketing solution will help you benefit from newsletters and marketing automation.

1. Increase your sales

Win back up to 20% of abandoned carts with Cart Recovery

Soundest tracks the carts of buyer's who have ever clicked on your newsletter or entered their email address in the buying process and sends an email reminder when a cart is abandoned.

Increase sales by up to 30% with Campaign Booster

Resend the campaign to those who have not opened the initial campaign and are most likely to make a purchase. It will increase your open and click rates even more than before.

2. Increase your subscriber database

Collect subscribers with the Pop-up

Add an email subscribe pop up to your store and invite store visitors sign up to your newsletter. Contacts will drop straightly to Soundest.

Turn new subscribers into buyers fast with Welcome Series

After signing up to the new newsletter every customer expects the welcome email. Don't let them down. Send them a Welcome email or even a series of emails and break the ice for the first purchase.

Easily import contacts gathered with other apps

Using a pop up tool like Better Coupon Box, Pop-up Window, Coupon Pop or Email Pirate? Great. Import contacts collected to Soundest with no struggle.

3. Save time

Create email campaigns up to 10x faster with the unique Product Picker

Select products while browsing your store and Soundest will add them to the newsletter complete with pictures, descriptions, and pricing.

Start using Soundest in seconds

Just get the app. No need to code, design or build anything – it works out of the box!

Psst! Soundest offers 15000 emails/month for free, but we recommend to check the Premium plan - it is chock-full of smart features!

You can also compare Soundest to Mailchimp.

eCommerce Email Marketing by Soundest reviews (799)


really easy to use, i run my website for 2 month before i know Soundest and i was not in the map of the business, now the business is started on my website DXFforCNC.com


One of the MUST-HAVE apps to run a business on Shopify. One stop solution for email marketing, customer data base, and creating easy custom emails.

I highly recommend it if you want to grow your business.


This app is just a gift for all shopify users.

Thank you!


Soundest offers some of the most innovative email marketing available that I have come across. Great product with a great staff to support!


Been using it from September of this year. Easy to use. No problems. The upgrade is worth the price if you have a customer base of over 50 people. I recommend it. GET THIS APP.


just started using Soundest but it's so simple and amazing! I've used a million email tools, love this and it's integration into Shopify.


We've been using the free version for a couple of months and it works well.


Super-easy to use. takes me less than 10 minutes to setup my first campaign


I just set up my first email campaign and it was very easy. Importing my contacts from Mailchimp was simple. Thank you Soundest!


Quick and Simple!

I made an attractive newsletter and it only took me about 5 minutes. It included products, a discount code, and a short description of what I am doing. I will keep using this app.

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Proceeds will go towards creating college scholarships. Applications for this scholarship will begin on December 5th. Join our email list to stay updated on what's to come!

From $0.00 / month

Our Free plan includes 15.000 emails / month.
Checkout our pricing page for premium features.

Every new user gets 14-day trial of Premium features. After trial expires, you'll be downgraded to Free plan.



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