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Spently - Email Notifications, Upsells, & Analytics

Spently - Email Notifications, Upsells, & Analytics

Developed by Spently

183 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Easily customize ALL of your Shopify Notification emails (Order Confirmations, Shipping Confirmations, Abandoned Checkout Emails + more)
  • Use Shopify Notifications, Auto Follow-up emails, and Abandoned Checkout emails to drive repeat sales by upselling recommended products and offering personalized discount codes.
  • Measure the ROI and customer engagement of your Shopify Notification emails

Send more engaging emails! Using Spently, you can turn your Shopify Notification emails into marketing opportunities with product recommendations, discounts, and more follow-up emails after every purchase. Easily modify templates to include more branding, images, social links and measure results. No coding required! Get started with this free guide.

Easily Upsell with Email Notifications

The top app in the Shopify App Store to support all the email notifications your customers receive! These are existing emails your customers get after every purchase, but come standard from Shopify without marketing capabilities or advanced customization. Since these are the most opened emails you send your customers, these interactions are the perfect opportunity to upsell products, offer discounts, and more. With Spently, you’re able to create beautiful templates and track these emails, giving your store a more sophisticated look, and your customers a shopping experience that extends beyond the purchase. These are the email notifications on Shopify you can customize with Spently to include branding and marketing:

  • Order Confirmation

  • POS e-Receipt

  • Abandoned Checkout

  • Shipping Confirmation

  • Shipping Update

  • Shipment Delivered & Out for delivery

  • Order Cancellation

  • Order Invoice

  • Gift Card Notification

  • Customer Activation

  • Customer Welcome

  • Customer Contact

  • Password Resets

  • Refund

Include Unique Discount Codes, Social Media Icons + more

You can include a “Discount Code” component that generates personalized discount codes using your customers name in every email to encourage customers to purchase again within 2 weeks. Each discount code is one-time use.

Include social links in your template (Spently supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, + more) so the conversation doesn’t have to end after the sale. Automatically add a "Download PDF Invoice" link to each confirmation email. We also support Product Options by BOLD and Infinite Options by ShopPad by default in all of our email templates

Personalized Product Upsells

Using the 'Recommended Products' component on your Order Confirmation email, you're able to feature additional products from your store to upsell to your customers automatically. The suggested products are unique for every customer, based on our data-driven algorithm.

By providing targeted recommendations, you’re able to increase your click rate and the # of repeat sales.

Auto Follow-ups

Recover an abandoned cart, tell customers about new products, offer a discount to shop again, ask for feedback, or share content. Once your auto follow-up flows are set up, you can kick back and let Spently send the emails for you at just the right time. You can set auto follow-ups days / weeks / months after every purchase, shipment or abandoned checkout to keep your customers nurtured and engaged.

Better Metrics = Better Results

With Spently’s reports, you can view the results of your email marketing on all your store's messages instantly! We measure email open rates, click rates, and ROI shows how much money your emails generate. Immediate insight into email performance will help you shape future communications to make the most of your customer touchpoints.


Use Spently for FREE! Further customize Shopify’s Order Confirmation notification emails at no cost. Select from all of our email template themes. After installing Spently, you also receive a full 14 day free trial on any of our premium plans. Customize your first email notification and check out the results!

How Premium Pricing Works

The ‘Basic’ Plan gives you access to all the transactional notification emails + template themes, marketing components, analytics, and auto follow-up emails for only $19.99/month. Plans grow based on number of store orders, as more orders = more auto follow-up email sequences sent after every purchase. Upgrading is always optional.


If you have a suggestion, feature request, or need help, email us at support@spentlyhq.com.

A customer support representative will respond to your request within 24hrs (Monday-Friday).

Spently - Email Notifications, Upsells, & Analytics reviews (179)


I signed up for Spently after not wanting to have duplicate emails going out from other vendors like Recieptful (they were great, just not what I was looking for from a consumer experience perspective) and I wasn't happy with just sending out text emails.

Being overly busy like everyone is I finally enlisted the team at Spently to build out all my templates. This was a huge help and worth every penny to get up and running quickly. We went through a few revisions and anytime we needed to adjust something, for whatever reason, they were quick to respond and happy to help.

We've only been live for a couple of days and we've already landed a sale directly from the emails which paid for the service this month. If you are on the fence - pull the trigger. You won't be disappointed.

If you wanted to see how our emails look feel free to check out our shop and make a purchase :)


First off, the Spently crew gets it. Excellent product. Very fair price. Easy installation. Kick ass customer service. There are a lot of beautiful apps out there but more often than not you are left on your own accord to install, learn a new interface, hunt and peck, and test, test, test until you get it right or just uninstall the app in frustration. Not so with Spently's Review Notification Email Editor & Analytics. From the moment I installed the app these guys were in contact (automated and Non-automated) and made sure I had all the info I needed to use their app to it's full potential. Our personalized children's CDs have custom product options that need to be pushed into the Order Confirmation emails. So when I had a couple requests to tweak the liquid code to my specs Ren spent probably too much time helping me get it right.
Huge thanks to Ren.
The bottom line is this is how all app companies should conduct their business. If more app companies truly focused on helping their customers in the set up phase they would make more money and have more loyal customers. Thanks, Spently, you just gained another loyal customer.


Absolutely loving it. According to my spently dashboard, I've already gotten my money worth in the first day. The $19.99 was well spent.


I love the different template options available! They make notifications look so much better, though I wonder why Shopify's basics are so uninspiring. The templates are easily editable and install quickly.


very easy to install and immediate support with fast response time. I've only just installed it but looking forward to positive results


I'm not liking it but I'm loving it!...Very professional looking email notifications so much better than Shopify.

You can also change the images to suit for Christmas, Mother's Day etc. Discount code is so much better and I'm so looking forward to some new features on the way.

Hats off to Ren (thanks) when I required some help but it's so easy to do.

I understand it's pricey but it's worth every penny...an app you all must have...TOP!


100% worth it! It is SO easy to create stunning email templates. My favorite feature is the ability to add unique coupon codes in any of the emails, particularly the shipping confirmations and account activation emails. Overall, the look and feel of all the emails are very clean and professional. I don't see us getting rid of this app anytime soon!


Very cool and nice app, and help me create very nice email notification in just few minutes. Highly recommended.


Loving Spently! It's a little more expensive than their competitors but allows you the flexibility that the others do not. Brilliant app, so glad I found you!


Why the standard Shopify email notifications look so bad is a wonder but this app does help things look a lot better!

From $0.00 / month

Spently's free plan gives you the basic tools to get started customizing Shopify's notification emails to drive repeat purchases. Get more info on our pricing here

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