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Elite Mentality

I'm currently using this app and it sucks! The print (ink) is horrible and look very very old. The ink on the prints are faded and not vibrant at all. I've received multiple samples that look like they've been worn or washed for years. I have customers complaining of the ink print being worn and faded as well. I cannot run a successful business when my merchandise is not of great quality. Unacceptable and unsatisfactory! But it is easy to use and navigate.


terribly slow shipping!
The support told me that orders from America to Germany take about 10 days.
Customer has been waiting for his package for 20 days!
Can't recommend SPOD, even shipping from China to Germany is faster!

Developer reply

February 13, 2020

Hi Myshirt.de,

Thank you for your review. We are sorry that you experience such long shipping times. Unfortunately we can't control FedEx or the customs process.
But just to get the timing in order:
* The order was placed on Jan 24th
* The order was paid by you on Jan 28th.
* After that we produced and shipped the order on Jan 29th (in under 24 hours)!

So, the order is on caught with the shipping provider for unfortunate 9 working days but not for 20!

Kind regards
Robert from SPOD

Cyan Worlds

UPDATE #2: Boy, I *really* wanted to like SPOD. I placed a sample order for 8 mouse pads and every single one of them arrived with print errors where it looked like ink ran out during the prints.

SPOD owned the errors, gave me a refund and so fair enough, everyone has a bad day once in a while. I ordered a second set of products and- again!- every mousepad has something wrong with it... Registration errors, die cut errors, faded ink spots, color shifting, or some combination thereof.

At the end of the day the low level of quality that they were willing to ship to me just does not make me confident that my customers are going to be getting products that aren't going to result in a lot of customer service complaints and returns for me.

UPDATE #1: After several weeks and a whole lot of back and forth emailing between Shopify, SPOD, and myself the bug (turns out it was on Shopify's side) has been squashed and I am now able to install the app successfully. Thanks to all who helped us get this resolved!

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I have been attempting to install this app for weeks and each time I get an error telling me to "try my install later." I've attempted to contact them for help but have received no response. What a shame. Guess they don't need my business... At this point I definitely don't need theirs.

Developer reply

December 17, 2019

Update: We have found a bug on Shopify's end, we have reported it and are waiting for feedback from Shopify. We will be in contact when we have a reply.

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with the installation of our app. I'll have the dev team looking into the error logs and see what they can find. In rare cases there are conflicts with other apps or settings that prevent an installation.
Unfortunately I can't find any message from you in our inbox.
Could I please ask you to send us a message to support@spod.com to get more data?

At SPOD we value every merchant and project that is running. We are here to support you and your business!

Kind regards
Robert from SPOD

Seven Sailors Apparel

Horrible app.. they have amazing quality products and prices... but they lack in the shipping department.. order going from the states takes more then 30 days to ship and they say fast turnaround times yet their shipping takes so long I would rather deal with a company that takes a week to make an item but ship it in 3 weeks total then deal with this... also they aren't very good at responding and you can tell when you tell them the order is taking so long that they wont change it to make it faster because they just inform you how long it takes instead of telling you why and why they cant make it faster.. a joke.. no customers want to wait 30+ days for a shirt... they ship to australia within 21 days yet to canada right above them takes over 4 weeks...

Developer reply

November 29, 2019

Hello, we are sorry to hear you have had difficulties with orders going to Canada.
We checked your two orders and they left our facility in under 48 hours after being ordered on a Saturday.
Unfortunately we cannot influence what happens in customs in Canada once an order leaves the SPOD factories ,
We also wish that the customs check would be faster, but sometimes there are delays.
Kind regards,
Adam from SPOD

Alpha Car Parts and Accessories

Used to work fine now doesn't work on mobile at all customers unable to use the customise feature on mysite on mobiles and most my traffic is from mobile users. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still doesn't work on mobile not just the customise feature the whole thing doesn't work. Clearly not reading my review your response is an automated one the customised and the whole thing doesn't work doesn't matter if its activated or not it still doesn't work and you clearly are not reading what I'm saying

Developer reply

November 7, 2019

Hi there,

Thank you for your message. We saw in our data, that you uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it. After that the Customizer was not activated again.
If you reactivate the Customizer in your settings again, everything should work like a charm.

Kind regards
Robert from SPOD


These guys are amateurs of the worst kind. BEWARE, they show your full name and address in your clients shipments and there is no way to hide it. Not to mention that the quality of their products is much worse than PRINTFUL and other alternatives, and the t-shirts run small...

Developer reply

October 30, 2019

Hi there,

I am overly sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with us.
For the address: This can be changed w/o a problem. Just drop us an e-mail and it will be adjusted within hours. That we use the Shopify store information per default is related to the fact, that we are sending the products on your behalf and that address problems that cause a return can't be covered by SPOD.
For the print quality I am convinced, that we have a great quality as we are printing with the latest equipment. It would be really appreciated if you could send us a picture of the product. If there is anything wrong this would help us to refund you the order and discuss optimizations with our production team.

Kind regards
Robert from SPOD


I ordered a sample product and they screwed it up. Simple graphic design on a bandana and they couldn't get it right. VERY DISAPPOINTED

Wax Poetics Storefront

I really want to love this company. I think their fitted t-shirts are great, and overall the app is pretty decent as is, though there is still a lot of room for improvement. My one star is based on the quality of printing. It’s awful. Digital printing can be decent, but all of the samples they’ve sent me have been just terrible. The blacks are nowhere near black, more like a gray. Everything has lines going through it, like a cheap old printer. I heard they spent $10million on new fancy Swiss printers; well, they should get their money back. I’m so bummed out. I’ve ordered at least ten samples so far and I have nothing to show for it but a waste of time and money. I can’t sell these to my customers. They look so cheap. How are they even in business? It’s a shame. I have to find another company who can at the very least print decent quality t-shirts for god’s sake that’s all I ask.

Developer reply

September 23, 2019

Hey there,

Thank you very much for the feedback. I am really sorry to hear that the print turned out bad.
We will address this with our production team to check what went wrong during the process.
For now I would like to ask you to send an e-mail to support@spod.com with your order id so that we can at least give you a refund.

Kind regards


I got the app like any other individual, I believe there is a huge potential in this print on demand, specially with the Customizer, working so good and smooth and no needing for external software. But It does not work perfectly. The product prices are not easy to manage and if I change the price later on than what the initial price was set at, it will just give you the price for SPOD, so my clients are seeing what I actually paid for the items (Because I do not work on a % basis or a fixed $ amount profit, I am flexible with my prices they not all have to be the same % or $ for every products, and SPOD does not fix that at all. At least not yet). ALso my second issue is that the customizer itself shows all the products SPOD allows us to sell instead of ONLY the ones that I have currently in my store. I am not asking for miracles, but that is something important. I don't want customer finding out I also sell dog bandanas WHEN I DON'T.

SPOD quality - 5 stars, Product availability is still limited - 1 star, Customizer works flawlessly and smooth but deffective - 1 star, Price not easily manageable - 1 star. Overall great app/feature but not well put together.

Developer reply

September 2, 2019

Hey there,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We appreciate the points you mention and agree, that we are not perfect yet. We are working continuously to get better and try to release improvements as fast as possible.
Unfortunately it is also not always as easy as it sounds. We need to make sure that we do not break user journeys.
For example, the definition of the margin needs to work also for everyone that uses the Customizer as a stand alone product creation option. Therefore we also can't take over the prices from a particular product as the price needs to change if your customers change products or add prints on different print areas.
The use cases you described are on our roadmap but not live yet.
The rating is, in my opinion not very fair, taking into account the difficult journeys we try to provide to you and your customer. Also, if you give us 5 stars for the quality but deduct 3 stars, then we should get at least a 2 star rating, not 1.

Clever Stuff Home

I can't even create a product for my self and the pricing is too high, I hate this app
I don't recommend you to try it

Developer reply

June 20, 2019

Hello Ali,
We are sorry you couldn’t manage to create products. We receive plenty of feedback and reviews that say our app has an extremely simple and easy to use product creation process. If you would like to reach out to us we are sure we could get any problems your having creating a product solved very quickly.