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March 15, 2023

It's been extremely frustrating working with Appstle as our subscription management app. We've been trying to fix all issues and talk to the developers, but things don't improve, they don't really take their time to understand what we are asking, and what is not asking and work towards answering or fixing them.

Sometimes they answer by saying they don't have a certain feature and in fact, they do, their customer service just doesn't know it. The only reason we haven't left Appstle is that every time we change a subscription app it affects OUR customers' experience and we don't want to cause another friction with them until we find a better app/solution.

I would NOT recommend purchasing/adding this app to your Shopify store, and if you have one to recommend to us, please do, we'd really appreciate it.

Ortaliza Urban Farms
Time spent using app: 11 months
Appstle Inc. replied March 15, 2023

Dear Merchant,

This is the co-founder and CTO of Appstle. I sincerely apologize for failing to meet your expectations. I have sent you a detailed email. Hopefully, we can address all your requirements by end of the week.

Looking forward to connecting.

March 14, 2023

The app doesnt even work. It does not show up in the product page and there is no way to customize it.

Time spent using app: 24 days
Appstle Inc. replied March 14, 2023

Dear Merchant,

We apologize you had a less-than-stellar experience with the app. We try to support as many themes as possible. However, for a few themes (especially if it’s a non-Shopify third-party theme), the widget might need additional configuration. We often do this configuration on our end to best support our merchants.

We have gone ahead and configured the widget on your store :). Please go ahead and take a look. We have 24X7 support and have updated you on the chat as well. If you need any other help with your store’s subscription offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

March 13, 2023

My company has been using this app since September 2022. In that time, our experience has been awful. Do not be fooled by the many 5 star reviews. We went with this app because of the "excellent reviews".

Here are the reasons why you shouldn't go with this app:
The support team is completely uneducated on the app and could not help me with any issues I brought up from the start. We switched from WooCommerece to Shopify and Appstle promised that we could transfer our previous subscriptions over. The process was on-going even after launching our Shopify site. The support team kept telling us different things and promising a quick turn around, none of which happened.

Additionally, the company behind the app is incredibly dishonest about what the app can do and how much it costs. And to make matters worse, the company frequently makes changes to the app without any warning. These changes often break the app, leaving users like myself frustrated and unable to operate our businesses effectively. It's incredibly frustrating to have to constantly worry about whether or not the app will work the way it's supposed to.

They recently changed what customization you have control of based on what tier you pay for without telling us. So our widget broke and lost all of our branding. When I contacted support, they asked if we had made any changes to the widget and they didn't understand what "branding" is. I had to dig around the app to discover that they had made this change. Now they want us to pay 3 times what we are currently paying them on a monthly basis.

Lastly, the app has a horrid UI/UX design. The layout is confusing and difficult to navigate, and the overall user experience is not enjoyable. It feels like the developers put little thought into making the app user-friendly, which is unacceptable given the high cost of the subscription.

Overall, I would not recommend this app to anyone. It's not worth the headache and hassle that comes with it. These are just a few issues we have had over the last 6 months, the list is a lot longer. Save your money and look for a better option elsewhere.

CLN&DRTY Natural Skincare
United States
Time spent using app: 7 months
Appstle Inc. replied March 13, 2023

Dear Merchant,

I am the co-founder of Appstle. I am sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn't been great. I went through your tickets. Addressing the main one, in Shopify, whenever a product is deleted/recreated or a variant is updated, a new variant ID will be created. Hence the variants from your old contracts will not be present on Shopify. It will need to be updated. However, we do have automation triggers for that at Appstle.

I would love to personally jump in and see how I can help ensure you have a smooth move from WooCommerce and address any other doubts you may have. Skincare is one of the niches of Appstle, and we have hundreds of skincare category merchants who are very happy with us. I would love to jump on a call to ensure that you are one of them. Please reach out to me at

March 1, 2023

WARNING! DO NOT USE THIS APP. I'm not sure where they managed to receive so many 5-star reviews. However, this app does not work how they advertise it. I suggest staying FAR AWAY from this app and looking for alternatives to save yourself time and headaches.
UPDATE: upon further investigation, I noticed that someone from their team has accessed my theme files remotely without my permission. I’m not sure if this is allowed but if it is It’s very scary. I will speak with Shopify and confirm with them and update this review accordingly.
UPDATE: Shopify has explained that when installing this application you automatically give permissions for them to make changes to your theme without your consent which is quite terrifying :(

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 8 days
Appstle Inc. replied March 1, 2023

Dear Merchant,

Sorry you felt your experience with us was bad. I am the cofounder and CTO of Appstle and have poured over your account with us, with my team. We are NOT able to find any tickets or any issues raised by you about our app's working in your store. I also see that your store is still under development, when I tried to assess our widget's customer interface.

About the theme files, when you install our app or any other subscription app, it asks you to give permission to edit your theme files. Having said that, we follow Shopify guideline and use App Embed block. This ensures that if the app is uninstalled, it won't have any effect on your store.

We would love to connect with you to understand how we can make your experience better. Pls reach out to me at

February 8, 2023

Looks great but pointless as it does not work with sage pay UK payments. This should be flagged wasted a lot of time and disappointed customers

Bespoke Biotics
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 20 days
Appstle Inc. replied February 8, 2023

We are sorry our subscription model did not work for you. We are a native Shopify app and hence work only on the payment gateways allowed by Shopify for recurring orders.

Feel free to review this documentation from Shopify:

Hopefully, we can work together in the future.

September 21, 2022

This app is like a constantly ticking time bomb. All their app changes are done in real time, so your customers will have a front-row seat to some real messy changes until the developers finally get it right. Which they rarely do, because aside from a very reckless, sluggish team of developers, they have no marketer or designer to explain to them what a good customer journey is. So it falls upon us to try to explain to them things such as why not having quantity selectors in a build-a-box and forcing the customers to go in and out of every individual item just to add them to a pseudo-cart only to then proceed to a real one is a terrible customer journey. The app’s architecture and design are a total mess. You have the regular subscription plan, normally you can choose a build-a-box option, but here, you have to stack that option on top of an existing plan, and for some reason you can enter a discount in both places. And here where it gets even messier: if you enter the discount in the subscription plan, it's built into the price, but you can't have a compare price, and if you enter it in the build-a-box extension, it's entered at the checkout as a discount code. And to make matters even worse, any product added into the build-a-box will forcefully have its own subscription widget, and the only way around it is to disable ALL widgets everywhere. As for their recklessness, here are a few examples: - overriding basic Shopify css elements (your visa, mastercard and other payment logos suddenly line up vertically)
- when I tell them about that, they go ahead and ADD more messy code to override the code that’s overriding Shopify’s default
- whenever they add a new element, there’s no translation field for it, so if your shop runs in another language, expect English words to always pop up randomly.
- subscription widgets aren’t automatically enabled for collections, and there’s no install repository where you can get the code and do it yourself immediately, you have to wait for their team to send you that snippet. (and the response time and/or useful feedback drops dramatically once your trial period ends.)
- and when I did get the code it was in broken HTML, so I am thankful I told them to send that to me and not have them run that on our store somewhere. - as mentioned above, all the live changes done without informing us and us having a ‘code red’ every single time. - irresponsible, misinformed feedback: even questions such as “do your subscription + loyalty discounts stack up or are they multiplied by one another?” don’t get a correct answer and you literally have to run the math for them to show their answer didn’t make sense. I could go on and on… In short: unintuitive, unreliable and extremely time-consuming.

Pumpkin Organics
Time spent using app: 9 months
Appstle Inc. replied September 21, 2022


My name is Logan and I'm the Director of Product here at Appstle. Your team has obviously had an bad experience with us and I want to see how I can help. First I want to address some of the points in your review.
Our team is working very hard to build out all of the functionality merchants need from us. In the past sometimes we have done this too fast and released features a bit early. Clearly this has created a negative experience for your team. While we do want to continue releasing new features and support our merchants needs, we have made some changes to the way we release features.

1. Our team now announces new updates to all merchants from our dashboard. Features that will change existing experiences will not be enabled by default, and will be fully merchant controled.

2. To improve user experience I have joined the Appstle team, coming from leading ecommerce at a North American Shopify Plus brand. We have made several recent user experience hires as well to address the exact points you made above. Expect to see some massive user experience improvements coming to the app shortly :)

3. We have reviewed the bugs mentioned in this review. Most have been resolved or are in the process of being resolved as a top priority. I'd love to make sure we can address all of your concerns in detail however.

We're building fast and learning along the way. One thing is for certain though, our merchants expect best in class user experience and stability. We are absolutely determined to deliver that. If you'd like we can get on a call together and discuss how we can create the perfect experience for you. I'd like to offer that I will handle your requests personally.

We are releasing an updated, significantly improved version of our build-a-box in the coming days. We need merchants like yourself to provide feedback so that we are absolutely certain we are providing the best experience possible. If you'd like to get on a call and discuss how we can implement a much improved build-a-box experience, and implement your suggestions, I'd be happy to do so. Send me an email at and I'll be happy to help.

On behalf on the entire team (they have all read your review) we apologize for the experience you've had with us so far. We'd be over the moon to turn it around for you.



August 10, 2022

This app has really stressed me out. I want to offer our customers a pre-pay subscription option, where we win with cash-flow, and they win with a product discount. However the shipping profiles / settings do not make any sense, as I don't want them to get free deliveries that I don't deem them to be entitled to.
I am told it's not possible to create a pre-pay option where our current website delivery charges are applied (free delivery when you spend £40). With the pre-pay option, if a customer spends £40 total spread across 3x deliveries (i.e. we spend 3x the amount on deliveries - about £8 x 3) they get free delivery, which is exactly NOT what I want as we just loose money (if we spend £8 on each delivery, it means we spend £24 delivery for a total pre-pay order of £40). I need them to spend at least £40 for each DELIVERY (so that's £120 total for 3x separate delivery slots) to get free delivery. But apparently this is not possible, which I find really unhelpful.
Some of the chat people are helpful, but it takes longer than expected for them to reply and one just left the chat today and was marked as 'away' without warning. I wish there was a phone number I could call so someone could just talk it through with me.
Also, when you've created a new delivery profile, these can't be edited. So if you get one little thing wrong that you want to change, you have to do it all again.

Bath Culture House Ltd.
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 8 months
February 10, 2022

Reading through the reviews of Appstle overall you get the impression of a very slick app and support. This unfortunately has not been my experience at all. The support at Appstle have not been able to help me to migrate from Bold Subscriptions which is one of the top shopify apps for subscriptions. Every day I try (this has been a multi-day exercise) a new person appears in support. So the conversation starts from zero again. I had hoped this would lead to someone new who understand the migration process and how to do it from Bold, but no one seems to know. I'm guessing that all the reviews for this app are from people who haven't used subscriptions before. So perhaps the overly positive rating is due to a lack of experience in subscriptions. It looked a bit suspicious with the 5 rating, and some reviews stating that they changed their review after the install. If you are aiming to migrate from any other subscription app I'd think about it twice. The app may work in itself, but if you can't get it set up with your existing subscribers smoothly - then I (you'll) never know. More detail on the support given for migration:
1. They ask you for two files but don't explain how to populate or get them from your existing systems
2. The two files contain subscription and customer data in a specific format they want (problem 1 - you'd think a company trying to acquire new customers like me would put some time into understanding how to get the migration data they need - but they haven't - no one in the company knows where to get the data)
3. I've returned countless files and been told sometimes they are partially correct, and other times (amusingly) the same files are now all incorrect
4. You can ask as many questions as you like but it seems they've been told to be friendly but give no actual support. So you get friendly messages that waste your time and apologise for not being helpful. Extremely disappointing. Recommendation to Appstle - take a note from any tech startup - work on your onboarding process and make it as easy as possible. Not impossible. It seems you're investing your time in the wrong places if you want to grow and take market share from other subscription apps.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 3 months
Appstle Inc. replied February 10, 2022

Hi, This is Ria - the co-founder of Appstle. Sorry, you had less than a stellar experience with us. I have connected with my team, and looks like our Senior Dev is working on your migration data. I believe 90% of the migration is now complete, and there are some minor data discrepancies for which we need your advice, and have reached out to you.

Sometimes migration can get chalenging as Shopify is very specific on the data fields and formats, such as country codes and next order dates. Rest assured, our team has prioritized your migration, to make sure it is done accurately, so that your customers have a smooth transition to Appstle Subscriptions.


Edited September 28, 2021

Updated review Sep 28 2021
After working with the app for 2 months and with the support team, I've decided to update my review. One thing I will mention straight off the bat is that the level of support and attention went down considerably when the Appstle team got their 5 star rating. I am (still) experiencing bugs in their app and was promised a fix 3 weeks ago, but none to be found. This is after multiple emails, chats and follow-ups. I had to repeat explanations of the same issues to the support team multiple times, and there were one or two moments where something was "fixed" that wasn't a problem in the first place. Although I wanted to work together to find a solution and make this app viable for my store, the Appstle team is not meeting me halfway, so I am currently searching for a replacement app. -------------
Original Review
August 3 2021
What makes Appstle Subs so good is the support that goes along with it. There were a couple of tweaks I wanted to execute and Dharmik was a great help with that (super patient too). I will say that we are not yet live with this functionality, so we have yet to see how it works in practice, including the customer management piece of it. Will keep everyone posted on how that goes, but in the meantime, I'm satisfied.

TONE BAR コラーゲンバー for Women by Women
Time spent using app: 2 months
Appstle Inc. replied August 3, 2021

We apologize for not meeting your expectations. I have personally gone through all your tickets. Looks like we had resolved all your asks, except for billing address formatting, which is beyond our purview. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Hemanth (co-founder & CTO, Appstle)

Edited September 24, 2021

TWO WEEKS trying to get payment sorted so our existing customers can log on and manage their payment details. They are still unable to do this. Advice is repeated despite not working. Awful service, response times are pathetic.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 2 months
Appstle Inc. replied July 30, 2021

This is Ria, the cofounder of Appstle. I am sorry that you had a less than stellar experience. My co-founder and CTO, Hemanth had reached out to you about a week ago, for a call. The reason for wanting to talk is, a few things you want are beyond our app's control and we need real-time permissions from you to make changes.

Hemanth has again reached out to you for a call. We are on PST time, but are flexible with our availability based on your convenience.

Looking forward to helping you with your request.

Thank you.