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Merchants appreciate this app for its user-friendly dropshipping features, including automatic inventory updates and out-of-stock alerts. It's recognized for its wide range of affordable products and efficient shipping processes. The 24/7 customer service is highly regarded, with representatives often going the extra mile to resolve issues. The app is also noted for its cost-effectiveness, with no monthly fees or limits.

February 20, 2024

Honest Review: Customer service is good. Product quality could be good but also bad.

Huge Disclaimer: shipping rates are really bad. Just got my first two orders and they are both late. Will probably take 2-3 weeks to arrive. For this reason this supplier will never be a good option. You can make a bit of money but your customers will never be satisfied and will never place another order.

10 months using the app
ShopSocial, Inc. replied February 22, 2024

Hello Melizafashion,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We're glad you appreciated our customer service. We understand your frustration about the shipping issues you faced with your recent order. It was placed during the Lunar New Year when our suppliers and shipping team were on holiday. ❤️

To avoid such problems, we inform our Trendsi users about holidays like Lunar New Year well in advance. We provide early announcements and a holiday shipping calendar to help users plan accordingly. We also offer a success guide to minimize shipping delays during holiday periods.

Transparency is important to us. Hence, we send email notifications for delays as soon as they're identified. We're always working to improve our processes and provide a better experience for our customers. Your feedback is crucial, and we'll strive to do better in the future.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

August 7, 2023

First the good. The product pictures are great, they make it very easy to import stuff and many of their products have videos.

Now the bad. They literally run out stock within hours of you putting the products on your store. It is very frustrating seeing products deplete while you are trying run ads to bring in traffic. I received an email this morning saying a product was back in stock but counter is reading zero. I ordered a product last night for a brand ambassador of ours and it is out of stuck 12 hours later. I am very disappointed. Also, the shipping costs may be low but the product prices are about double what I pay from a similar wholesaler.

United States
29 days using the app
November 30, 2023

Certain vendors will claim inventory is in stock and it is not. Your drop ship orders will be accepted by the vendor and then show as being processed, only to be later rejected and refunded. If you decide to use this service, use only ship-from USA Luxe or TikTok verified vendors. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time apologizing to your clients.

United States
28 days using the app
ShopSocial, Inc. replied January 3, 2024

Hello NobleLily,

Thank you for sharing your experience! We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience. Rest assured, we're actively addressing this issue to ensure a smoother experience for our customers. We value your business and are committed to making improvements. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. 💙

Edited June 23, 2024

I hate having to write a bad review but the situation deserves it.

I've had a disappointing experience lately with Trendsi recently.

Among several orders with the same situation, I am going to mention an important one.

Shipping Delay: The shipment took much longer than expected.

Lack of Communication: I was not notified that they had run out of fabric, which caused an additional delay.

Inferior Quality: The pieces sent were of a fabric of poor quality, different than expected.

Incorrect sizes: The garments received were smaller than normal.

This situation negatively affected my business and the relationship with my client.

I appreciate that Trendsi considers improving in the following aspects:

Proactive Communication: Notify customers of any problems with inventory or delays.

Quality Control: Ensure that the materials and sizes are consistent and of high quality.

Improvement in Shipping Times: Reduce shipping times to meet the promised deadlines.

United States
About 2 years using the app
ShopSocial, Inc. replied August 23, 2022

Hi, Nueva-Moda-Boutique-By-Giselly

Thank you for your review! We are glad to be able to help, it is our mission to provide you the best service and user experience. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

November 8, 2022

Trendsi has some really nice products available for dropshipping. However, the company operates more like a dropshipping business for a dropshipping business. First, the issue is with low and out-of-stock items. I've literally added products and between 15mins - 3 hours, the product is out-of-stock. This issue seems to be a chronic issue. So far has proven to be bad for my business because I've spent time creating content to market the products. To top things off - Trendsi insists they will send a notification when the product may be back restocked. The question is when will the notification be sent about the restocking of these products? - I think notification 24-78 hours about restocking should be implemented.
- Out-of-Stock product indicates that they are the best-selling products. So why not worry about out-of-stock and products that look more like those products? Second is the nuisance of the time-consuming nature of creating a collection to bulk add to the store. For instance, you can create a collection by bulk-adding products from one specific page at a time using add to collection button. However, the issue is that what about the products on a specific page that you do not intend to sell? There's no option to bulk delete which makes it time-consuming because you have to delete or add products one by one to or from the collection. - Needs to add a multi-select option. Thirdly, Shipping Times are too Long. How it was explained to me is that the processing time and shipping time are mashed into one. Let me say this 1-3 day processing is supposed to be included in the 5-10 shipping days. I've done an order test run for the 5-10 days shipping, which came 3 weeks after ordering. The average processing time in America is 1-3 business days the average shipping time is 5-7 days in America. While there are people who may wait for an order just remember those who believe in chargebacks because the shipment takes forever. - Needs a set guarantee processing time and Shipping Time. Lastly, There are no options for faster shipping for oversea products which is the most demanded products. My guess is that most items come from China which is created on-demand then shipped.

Harajuku Cliché
United States
Over 1 year using the app
ShopSocial, Inc. replied July 6, 2023

Hello Harajuku Cliché

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about our app. We're sorry that it didn't meet your expectations. Your feedback is essential for us to enhance the user experience and make necessary improvements. We're here to help address your concerns and ensure that your future experience with our service is more satisfactory. Thank you for your understanding and giving us the opportunity to improve.

Edited November 20, 2023

I initially rated Trendsi with a 5-star review, but unfortunately, my experiences have prompted me to reconsider.

One significant issue is the inconsistency in order management. I've encountered problems with orders being canceled without prior notification. It's frustrating to discover sometimes days later that an order, initially planned for shipment, has been slated for cancellation. This lack of communication raises concerns about the reliability of the platform.

Moreover, the standard shipping and processing timeframes are frequently surpassed. While US-based suppliers typically deliver on faster schedules, the variable stock availability has become a volatile scenario. This uncertainty compromises the efficiency and reliability of the service.

Handling orders seems to be a challenge as well. Some orders lack appropriate designation of labels, leading to confusion and errors in processing. Resolving such issues has proven to be a cumbersome process. Finding a solution often involves escalating the matter to a lead, but the response time is disappointingly prolonged. Persistence is required to ensure that your concerns are heard, especially with urgent matters.

Even when issues are seemingly resolved, they tend to resurface. The recurring problems with order cancellations, stocking issues, prolonged delivery timeframes, and the protracted resolution process collectively diminish the overall reliability. I hope these aspects can be addressed to enhance the user experience and restore confidence in the platform.

Luxury on a Dime
United States
About 1 year using the app
ShopSocial, Inc. replied May 10, 2023

Hello Luxury on a Dime,

Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad to hear that Chette provided you with exceptional service and went above and beyond to ensure that your experience with us was a positive one. I will definitely pass along your gratitude to Chette and recognize her for her efforts.

As your trusted partner, we strive to provide the best customer service possible, and we are delighted to hear that Chette was able to assist you effectively and efficiently. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. ❤️

July 8, 2023

Probably will be leaving Trendsi. This is a dropshipping company using dropshipping to receive their items and with this process I can't give my customers what I promise. I take pride in servicing my customers in the time I promised them and Trendsi can't do this for my company.

Also, there is little diversity with their models. One African American model, One Asian model, haven't seen any Latina models and a host of caucasian models. This is very difficult to allow my customers to know who I am and who I represent. I love diversity and would rather a company that takes pride in it as well. Trendsi does not. I emailed them regarding this and their response was their models are in rotation. Makes zero sense. I do love their merchandise but their shipping and diversity issues out-weighs everything else. I truly hope they fix these issues.

Aprial's Thrift Boutique
United States
5 months using the app
Edited October 5, 2023

So disappointed. Trendsi may have nice clothes, HOWEVER, I didn't know some of my products in my store are from China, which means, whenever China goes on a holiday, the "Shipping Delay" dates will pop up in your store for your customers to see. Trendsi needs to fix this problem. I have removed the tags and they still keep popping up. I have worked with several Trendsi reps and none of them were able to help. I will be looking for another wholesaler. Very disappointing!

Social Girl
United States
4 months using the app
ShopSocial, Inc. replied June 26, 2023

Hi, Social Girl

We appreciate your feedback and we are delighted that you find value in the services that we offer. Please feel reach out again if you need help in the future! We are available 24/7

February 7, 2023

I placed a test order, in the back office assigned 2 tracking numbers. The tracking shows shipped from China and delivered in California warehouse. Now waiting on the USPS carrier to get the sample order and ship to my address directly.

Reached out twice through live chat to explain their process further, and they advised shipping is 5 to 10 business days. This means my customers are not going to be pleased with their slow shipping.

There needs to be clearer shipping policies and no false advertising. They advertise shipping from the US, and with only a 7-day return policy. Is that return from purchase date, if so customers will not being able to return items once they receive.

Went to Google & Pinterest for marketing, they denied my store because of Trendsi and their policies. It is a big headache that needs to be improved.

United States
3 months using the app
ShopSocial, Inc. replied July 6, 2023


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're sorry to hear that our app hasn't met your expectations. Your opinion matters to us, and we take your concerns seriously. We are committed to ensuring a positive experience for all our users and will work diligently to address your concerns. Thank you for helping us grow and improve.

July 7, 2023

I was very happy with trendsi at first, I am a men's clothing and jewelry storeowner, and loved their selection (although pretty small) up until all of a sudden they removed their ENTIRE men's selection. I am really hoping they add them back as I already have made ads and have used many of their products in my store.

Alpha Attire
United States
3 months using the app