Xero Integration by Bold

Xero Integration by Bold


Export orders from Shopify into your Xero accounting software

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Total Water Supplies

This is not worth the money. The hassle it creates in Xero is just extraordinary and very limited options in settings. I switched to a different plugin and am so much happier plus im saving money each month.

Loom Towels

Worst experience ever with this app. All it does is create problems and issue with incorrect sku's in Xero. Avoid this app at all cost.

Grove Bike Co

We have a low number of relatively high-value transactions so are getting by using the free plan for now. It all works as it says on the packet. We had one issue with some exports and the support team were prompt to reply, very helpful and it's now all smooth sailing.

Quick Bloom Lights

Well, since day one we have had issues reconciling payments done with Paypal versus shopify payment, for some reason it just can not post both you have to choose one or the other, that may have been ok when it was a free app but now that we have to pay USD 20 per month, this fix should roll out.. but no, no changes or sign that there will be any more added for the now $20 fee per month. We will look at a new app that came out and just charge $10 if its half as good we will be ok.

The Library Project

This App doesn't do what it says it does, it will cost you far too much money, and loads of time to make it work. The staff support is arrogant and unhelpful, slow in replying. Stay away.

Deen District

I am still yet to see one positive review of this app. Absolutely horrible and its ridiculous that we have to pay for this on top of a xero subscription. Not worth it

Piper Magic

What a terrible app! Cannot believe this is the only option we have to sync orders with Xero. Appalling!!!
It only works half the time, it consistently has errors and issues. This should be a free app. Period!!!


First of all, way to expensive especially since it doesn’t work right. We have been in contact with their support for about a month now because we are getting errors with our tax code when importing. They said their engineers are working on a fix. It’s pathetic, I hope someone will add an alternative app to import sales to our accounting software. This one star is for Shopify too on allowing such a horrible company rip people off. Stop gouging every last cent out of everyone. We are paying a huge monthly fee to you anyways.

The Cotswold Cheese Company Ltd

I was happy with the free shopify app and they past it to these guys to mess it up! It was working fine for years until these guys had it and i went over 30 orders :-( No warning, just crapped out! Makes me think its time I parted company with Shopify!

Weft Blown

Just going to reinforce what many of the other reviews are saying here. Since going from a free app to the extortionate pricing plan earlier this year this app is shocking value. I don't necessarily object to paying at all but our integration of Shopify and Xero now costs more than the Xero subscription itself which is ridiculous.

I'm surprised that Bold have been so short-sighted really. You might think that they would be aware that their market here is business owners who will constantly have overhead costs under review and understand what represents value perhaps better than the general consumer.

After a couple of years using this app we are now removing it from our store and going with an alternative app (recently released). This will save us more than 50% on what Bold have been charging us to get exactly the same integration.