XERO Integration by Bold

Accurate & EASY way to connect and auto-sync orders with XERO!

Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.


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This integration has always been free. They suggest I move to the Enterprise plan. So now I have to pay Xero their monthly fee and another monthly fee for their integration!? I'll be researching other ways to work with Xero.

Glyco Skincare

Since Bold acquired this app it didn’t take them long to start charging for it which until now has always been free. It is obvious from their new pricing plans that they’ve had plenty time to analysis everyone’s data to come up with a pathetic free plan of only 30 transaction, forcing most to move over to the paid tier. I’ve never been a fan of any of Bold’s bug ridden apps and this recent change just gets my back up even more. Prior to Bold acquiring this app it worked like clockwork, when they took over it was one bug after another so NO, they haven’t been working effortlessly to fix the bugs that were there as per the email they sent me, instead they have been fixing all the bugs they created!

Skippers Pet Products

WARNING to anyone migrating to Shopify from another platform and looking at this app to take care of your invoicing to Xero, it will try to export all historical data. It does not have an option to skip anything, and it will do it without your knowledge, and there's nothing support can do for you.

We thought we was exporting 2 days of sales, the app decided to try and export 5 years worth, all of which already in Xero from our previous platform. Needless to say our accountant wasn't happy.

If you're starting your business from scratch and haven't used Xero for anything already then you're probably fine. If you're moving to Shopify from something like Magento or another platform look elsewhere.

Riverton Studio

I have had a very poor experience with this app due to bugs that create syncing errors. The support team is very slow to resolve open issues and does not provide technical details. The Shopify API is often to blame but it works better with Zapier.

ML Performance

We have been using this app for over 2 years now, I would avoid if you were looking for a seamless integration, the app has plenty of flaws and bugs that will result in inaccurate information being fed though to Xero, causing huge amount of workload that requires manual correction.

The support team replies every 1 or 2 days to try and help, but the programming within the APP is the major let down of it all. Now we are left with thousands of sales invoices, sale payments, credit notes, credit note payments and much more to be manually checked to ensure all errors were corrected.

The export report is very basic, it will show X amount has been exported, but you have no way of finding out what has or hasn't been exported, this is a huge problem when you are trying to check each export to ensure the app hasn't messed up again.

If you have inventory that requires 100% accuracy with part numbers, this app also will slip, some part numbers will be fed through, some will not entirely, and some will be fed through as an incorrect part number.

As mentioned in my first sentence, if you want a trouble free integration, I would suggest you look elsewhere.

Hugely disappointed with the app, they need better developers to write their app that doesn't screw up people's business and livelihood.

I would wish our experience upon anyone else, we usually leave positive reviews where we can, but this app has cost us a massive amount of resource as all our employees are now working on the accounting to ensure that Xero is error free, and unable to do carry out their originally assigned duty.

So unless you wish to have lots of errors in your Xero that you will not be able to easily identify, this is not the app for you as a Shopify owner that already has a million things to do without the need for this amount of stress and unnecessary workload!

Byron Bay Gifts

UPDATE - USE AN ALTERNATIVE TO SHOPIFY AND XERO IF YOU CAN. Had this for a while... got it when it was free from Shopify. Well, Shopify sold it to Bold and today I received an email where they had the gall to say there would a 'small' fee for using the app moving forward. 'Small' turns out to be approx. $100 AUD per month. It's just another charge on top of Shopify's many app charges. So, now I'm paying for Shopify, the 'integration app' between Shopify and Xero AND Xero itself. Costs about $500 AUD per month just for these three things. BUYER BEWARE WITH SHOPIFY. IT IS GETTING VERY PRICEY TO USE ALL THE APPS YOU NEED. I'm sure there is a better solution.
I love it when it's working! Definitely worth having. Would be great if they could fix the disconnection issues as this creates a bit of havoc for us. Basically, everything is working fine but about once a month Shopify and Xero disconnect and it takes days to get it connected again. Sometimes this is easy... sometimes you have to go to multiple places to try and get someone to give you a straight answer on how to fix it. As most of you know, when you're a business owner, having to chase these things is a real pain.

CNC since 1971

Horror. Used to work great, but does not work at all anymore. Xero is an essential integration and MUST work on Shopify Plus plans. Bold Dev's have no clue what they are talking about. Their responses are useless. Don't even try, just a waste of time. There is an app that works just flawless, but why would I pay additional $30 plus monthly for each and any shop on my plus plan? At least they proof that it is possible to have a working connection with Xero. I do not care who to blame. Shopify is in charge to deliver. But they do not. Shame on you Shopify. Time to consider other options...?

Saaya Rose

This integration used to work really well for year(s). As of August 2018, there have been export errors regularly which is causing an accounting nightmare in Xero. The integration is broken and taking 2+ months trying to resolve this issue (still unresolved) shows just how low a priority it is at Bold. I'm actively looking for a better alternative and so should you.

Tomtek Outdoors and Tackle

So they took a perfectly working FREE app... add bugs and a bucket of exporting issues to it...and charge us $59?!? (Yes, they offer a free plan for people who wish to sell 1 item per day...so it doesn't apply to us).

Sorry but not at that price.

Currently looking for alternatives and it seems ONESAAS and Expandly looks promising (and a lot cheaper)

Shawbury Wine

Are you guys aware of how completely broken the Bold - Xero integration is?? I've had ongoing issues since late June!! I'm seeing a number of negative reviews cropping up on the App site so realise I'm not alone in having problems.
I know this is now a third party issue (Bold) but many of your users must rely on this APP and as it was yours originally, this reflects badly on Shopify too.
We are facing a VAT return in the next few weeks and I have no idea of our liabilities because the Xero App has been so unreliable. This is not a small problem, it creates a massive logistical headache, how do we know what is correctly synced and what isn't. How do we handle the huge amount of work involved in correcting the problems?
This integration is absolutely fundamental in making the use of Shopify viable for us and I'm sure many other merchants. We are a multi million pound business shipping 500 orders per week. This is not a trivial matter and yet the months of delays seem to imply that Bold are not taking this seriously enough!