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Brydge Asia

The good: great tool overall for utilizing reviews to help drive conversions. There are good app integrations with referral/points programs, and customizable widgets to fit any site or brand. Great support from our direct manager and other Yotpo employees whenever we have issues. Easy integration with Facebook to automatically push good reviews. Easy moderation and communication with customers.

The bad: Not a 5 star review because the dashboard seems to have many flaws that make managing a campaign more difficult than it needs to be. Simple functions (search, uploading files, etc.) within the dashboard continue to have "bugs" that never seem to be priority to fix. Integrating with multiple URLs and syndicating reviews across them is only possible at a very high cost.


The app has a lot of features & customization and offers great customer support!

Note: Most features are accessible only through the paid plan.

For example, the default mail after purchase (MAP) setting for customers who buy more than one item sends up to three consecutive emails until the customer leaves a review. We found that frequency to be too high with the rest of our emailing strategy and there was no way to decrease the frequency on the free plan.

After discussing with their customer support, we were able to sort this issue out and find an agreement where my customers would receive a reasonable amount of emails without having to subscribe to unlock only one feature.

Great app, but would recommend looking at it once you reach at least 100 orders per month.

Usa Bn3th

Mostly Pros!
- Fairly seamless and very quick integration: the ability to back log orders and request reviews was great to have content for launching the product (i recommend collecting reviews for at least 1 month before you implement the customer facing side on your website)
- Ability to have one dashboard with multiple stores
- Management and customer experience of the review process including customization of review emails, managing and monitoring negative reviews is excellent
- Great and easy way to add social content into your website

Few Cons!
- Media monitoring tool has had some issues since facebook made some huge changes and not full transparency from Yotpo on these updates
- No great way to include UGC as alternative product images

Urbano Rodriguez

Great app and great support!
Only missing the customer upload photos feature in a free plan.


Good product with great functionality. The price ramps up quite quickly though.

Mowtown Waldo Implement

Good customer service. A little slow to reply to my email, but they fixed my issue. I just wish the Pro membership was not so incredibly and ridiculously high. Dana Shamir helped me with my issue and was very professional.


Yotpo is an easy to use app that is helping our Shopify store be successful. I recently had a great experience with Shirel from customer service. I needed some help with Google Seller Ratings and Shirel was quick, professional, and very helpful. Yotpo is worth checking out!


The app is great, functionally and aesthetically. I was happy with the customer service Yulia provided through email in helping me with my issues. I took one star off because I was hoping to have it customized a little but it wasn't possible. No big deal really! :)

Amok Hammocks

Yotpo is easy to use both as a store owner and customer. Product reviews are very important to attract new customers, and Yotpo makes it easy for your existing customers to leave a review directly in your automated follow up email. Everything is good if you can stick to the basic features.

The only significant minus that I can think of (which could have lead to fewer stars) is the exceptionally high-priced premium plan. This is important to take into consideration if you run multiple Shopify stores for different countries/locations, and you would like to use a premium feature like sharing reviews across different domains.

Boody Australia

When it comes to getting more reviews, Yotpo delivers. We received 10x more product reviews in just a few days time than we did in 6 months with the Shopify "Product Reviews" app.