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Merchants highly recommend this app for its ability to boost upsells, revenue, and conversion rates. They praise its user-friendly interface, easy setup, and reliable performance. The app's customizable offers, post-purchase up/down-sell feature, pre-purchase upsell feature, and A/B testing capability are particularly appreciated. Merchants find the analytics tools effective and the customer support fast and responsive. The training content provided is also highly valued. The app is noted for its affordability.

June 10, 2021

The app is intuitive, well built and the upsell pages look great. On the paper it all looks great. *BUT* My main issue has been my ads conversion tracking. OCU "highjacks" the thank you page by adding an extra page before the customer reaches the "official" thank you page. As a result, most people understand that their original order went through and just close the page and never see the shopify thank you page. This means that the conversion tracking doesn't fire. I totally see the added value of the app but its not worth loosing all your ad conversion data.

The Big Silk
United Kingdom
4 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied June 11, 2021

Hey everyone at The Big Silk. Sorry to hear things aren't functioning as you hoped. That's always frustrating. This issue actually has to do with the Shopify checkout API. We're working with what they give us. They know this is an issue and have been working on this so you'll be able to track conversions more effectively. Our data suggests across all of our 9k users suggests that only 10% of people don’t make it to TY page. That being said, it is in the works and Shopify is going to fix this to allow for better tracking. At that point I hope you'll be able to have a better experience with OCU. If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify

October 5, 2021

Love the function off the app but it lagged my site much.(we use Dawn) Another issue is that when you decline an offer.. Move on add another item to your cart. THen the old offer from the previouse off will pop up. Not the new offer that should be triggered.

1 day using the app
Zipify Apps replied October 5, 2021

Hey Zoza.no thanks for reviewing OCU. Unfortunately because you removed the app we can't look into what is going on. It sounds like this might be fixed by using funnel priority settings. We'd love to help you get this straightened out. Hope we can work together in the future. If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify

May 16, 2023

Absolute GARBAGE app that destroyed my "Add To Cart" and "Buy It Now" buttons. Both buttons take 10+ seconds to load after installing this app. The developer claims it has nothing to do with the app, despite this being the only change I have made to my website in YEARS and the issue immediately arose after installation. Not to mention, another reviewer had the EXACT same problem.

I will now have to pay out of pocket for a developer to go in and fix my store, just as another reviewer here had to do. Shame on Zipify for allowing this problem to persist. RUN from this app.

DabCap Co.
United States
About 16 hours using the app
Zipify Apps replied May 17, 2023

Thanks for letting us know about the Buy Now button issue on your store. A theme file was identified and isolated after speaking with the merchant and working with a theme developer. We have no indication that OCU was involved. However, our team has offered to re-install the app and inspect for issues in real-time with the merchant's permission. We’re confident this is a coincidence and that OCU will work well with the theme.
-Team Zipify

April 8, 2021

I have been using OCU for several years and am updating to the new native app and it's my favorite app by far. OCU is easy to set up and works great. Also, if you ever need help Zipify's support is A++ excellent

United States
3 minutes using the app
Zipify Apps replied April 8, 2021

Hey DoxinMotion! Thanks for the awesome review. Glad to be working with you for so long...and welcome to OCU Native! If you need anything just reach out.
-Team Zipify

February 6, 2021

It's a great app, easily configurable, smooth, and with great UI. I'd really love to use it, but I can't – it only works with Shopify payments which are not available in my country. I know that this is the limitation on Shopify API and it seems that 3* review it's a bit unfair for such a great app, but hey, 3 stars for an app that doesn't work is more than enough :-)
Well, you can use the pre-purchase option, but then the app is a bit too expensive.

Moc Gwiazd
About 1 hour using the app
Zipify Apps replied February 8, 2021

Hey everyone at Moc Gwiazd thanks for the review. As you mentioned this is currently a limitation of the Shopify API and as much as we would LOVE to roll out this feature we're just waiting on them to make it available. As soon as they do, we'll release it on our end. Hopefully at that point you can give us a shot again. Look forward to having you back at that point.
-Team Zipify

May 14, 2024

About 1 year using the app
April 15, 2024

7 months using the app
November 27, 2023

United States
11 months using the app
Zipify Apps replied December 6, 2023

Hey GRACKLESHOP! Thanks for leaving us 5 stars! If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

- Team Zipify

November 8, 2023

Scamper & Co - Fine Jeweled Dog Collars and Necklaces for Pet Lovers
United States
About 2 months using the app
Zipify Apps replied November 15, 2023

Thanks for leaving us 5 stars, Scamper & Co! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out.

- Team Zipify

September 25, 2023

8 months using the app
Zipify Apps replied September 27, 2023

Thanks for the 5-star review, Chivoly. If you need assistance with anything, please don't hesitate to reach out!
-Team Zipify