Box Builder

Box Builder

by BoxUp

A build-a-box solution for your gift boxes and much more.

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Fantastic app and very satisfied with the contact of the developer! Really values our input and takes action on it.


I have been waiting for an app like this to help me with custom bundling on my store. I have a lot of products and this app works very well with large catalogs. I’ve tried multiple apps and this one is by far the best one that I have come across! Support is also great. My only feature request right now is to add functionality to sort products alphabetically vs. manually. Thank you for creating this wonderful app!


I use this app to create small bundles of 4,9, & 18 options, so far it works great and Andrew's support is very helpful when small issues come up. Speed hasn't been an issue, the speed is slower when creating the first variant but once its been created and other people order that same variant, its much quicker. I'm guessing that is due to Shopify's backend itself and not this specific app so I don't have any problems with it. I switched from a more well known bundle builder app and like this one better!

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Gutted that this app didn't work for me. Like some of the reviews below, I felt it had so much potential, and would have been absolutely perfect for my business but I experienced far too many problems that became quite costly for me. The developer is extremely helpful though and once it's working properly it'll be a brilliant app.

Not Your Basic Box

This app is amazing as is but we're really giving this review for how helpful the developer and the team is. We need to really customize our experience out and were struggling to see how we could make this work best for our very specific needs. We figured before we hired someone to customize further we'd reach out to the team to see how they could help and they have been AMAZING. They have gone above and beyond to assist and guide us in making this app work best for us. To add - no other app in existence could work the way we were needing and this was magical. If you have a gift experience with many variant options this is the way to go!

Developer reply

February 15, 2021

Thank you so much for such a kind review!

Cheese Therapy

Too many bugs for us to have confidence in this app. When it worked, it was brilliant... but it didn't work all the time. We had to set up Advanced Shipping Rules which meant this app didn't work with shipping rules. It's such a shame because we did great sales through it. We couldn't find an app similar.

Developer reply

January 27, 2021

Hi there. Thank you for the review and for using our app over the last few months. I wanted to ask, were you having any issues recently? We're aware that you needed Advanced Shipping Rules integration, so we're in contact with them to find out how we can integrate and, providing all is well, we'll integrate that soon. I know we had some teething issues a few months back but we weren't aware you were having any issues recently. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to hear what those were so I can take a look. Thank you and all the best with the store. I personally look forward to getting my hands on your products when I'm back on the Sunshine Coast!


This app for the past three months is unbelievable slow, it takes at least 10 seconds to load products in a box that contains no more than 30 items. There are "large boxes" now for items over 50 items but my boxes did not meet that threshold. I really wanted to like this app, as I need something along the line of this but I think I will have to make it myself :(. Due to this I did not use it very often with my customers. I decided to uninstall it on 1/20/21 and went to the developer for a prorated refund. The developer gave me the run around saying that I needed to contact Shopify and create a ticket. After replying directly with a quote from Shopify App Store Terms of Service saying that the developer is in charge of issuing refunds for apps if processed through the Shopify App Store (which this was). The developer then "defended himself" and claimed that he can only issue store credit to his app. Also provenly untrue based on my last email to him where I quoted Shopify TOS. After my reply stating that I would like a refund to the Shopify App Store, this was the last that I heard from the developer and had to reach out again to contact him, as he "couldn't find any record of his reply". After finally getting back to me the developer once again claimed that he could not refund me but now due to a completely separate reason, due to the deletion of the app. Andrew at Box Builder is running a really shotty and shady operation here. Andrew now is holding my money for a service that he is no longer providing to me as the app is no longer installed on my store. Andrew I know you will reply here, give me money back.

Developer reply

January 22, 2021

Hi there.

We appreciate your honesty regarding the speed but we're completely baffled by your summary of the communication we've had over email. We're more than happy to refund the amount we've discussed but we do not have access to apply a credit on your account once you've uninstalled the app. That's just how Shopify work, not a decision that we've made.

We asked you to contact Shopify and we'll happily agree it once they come to us. This is path that others have followed successfully and again, the path set by Shopify.

The quote you sent us confirms what we've told you. Please read it carefully. Apps can only refund if the charge was made "outside of Shopify". These charges are made inside of Shopify and cannot be refunded by the developers, only Shopify.

To say Andy is running a "shady operation" is completely unreasonable and an absolute shame that you've come to that conclusion. Please bear in mind that you're not entitled to a refund of any kind but we're agreeing to offer you one regardless. I think it's fair to say that this doesn't fall under a "shady" or "shotty" operation.

I think it would be a fair and reasonable request to ask you to double-check the wording on the quote you sent over. You'll see that we can only refund if the charge is made outside of Shopify. I'll personally agree a refund for the last full month but you have to go through Shopify. Again, this is a rule of Shopify, not something we have control over. You can also check what I've mentioned above with them.

Lastly, we never spoke about optimizing the speed for your store. We're happy to look into this for you if it's something you would like to do in the future.

I wish you the best with your store.

BoxUp Team

Whoa Nelli

On the pro side this is a great idea and has a very nice looking layout. The one thing I wish that I would have known before investing time in getting this app set up is that it's still a bit of a work in progress. The developers have been helpful and responsive, but I've run into a few hiccups which had to be handled manually. Once it was set up I learned that people could only select 1 variant per product for their gift sets which is a problem for my business. The app developers say that this is going to be addressed in the future, but that will be too late for holiday orders for my biz. I think this will be a 5-star app in the future, but currently it's not something that's fully functional right out of the box and I needed it to be.

Developer reply

December 11, 2020

Thank you so much for the review. Just in case it's of any help, you can allow multiple variants to be selected, you just have to enable the 'Show variants separately' option. I know that's not always a perfect solution but it's available now if you wanted to give it a go. As you mentioned, we're currently working on another method of allowing it that works with the variant drop down menus.

Ginza Berlin

Normally I write reviews after gathering some experience with an app, which can take a while. But this time I make an exception, and give you 5 stars straight away. After we decided to offer gift boxes to our customers, I expected the worse. I was sure that finding a proper app, get it running, and customize it they way we want will cause pain and frustration, as happened so often in the past.
But not here: After all, it took 3 minutes to get my first box up and running. The step-by-step builder is so amazingly simple, I love it. Also the way to create a product for the box is fantastic as it doesn´t interfere with other discounts that you might want to offer your customers. Really good job, thanks a lot! I already have tons of ideas what else we can do with this app, and I have not even seen everything...

Developer reply

December 8, 2020

Thank you so much for the review! We have plenty more to come and would love to hear those ideas you have, too. Be sure to drop us an email when you can.

Cosmetics Tenerife

If you are looking for an app to offer customizable gifts this is THE ONLY one that matters! It is very customizable, it offers you a lot of possibilities ... it is simply incredible what marketing possibilities you have with its help! Andrew is one of the most dedicated people I've met since I've been working with the Shopify platform, he answers questions very quickly and has no problem explaining how many times it takes to understand ... I RECOMMEND and thank you Andrew, looking fw for the next futures!

Developer reply

December 8, 2020

Thank you so much, a very kind review!

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