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Chatra — Live Chat & Chatbot

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590 reviews
December 24, 2015

Great app, love the 'applications' you can install on your mobile device, Windows and OSX. While other apps do link into your chat program (like Adium, Instant Messenger and such), this one has its own stand alone application(s).

The one shortfall to these applications (and I'm sure this could be updated in the future) is that the app's would be more advantageous if they automatically set you idle/away/offline when the stand alone application detected no movement of the mouse/keyboard for N number of seconds (sort of like an IM client does) that way you don't have people messaging you when you walk away from your computer or forget to shut it down or flip offline (great for small mom & pop businesses where we do it all).

The hooks are great if you have a support/sales rep at the ready at all times, as you can send messages to your customers if they're idle on a screen for too long (like, "Is there anything I can help with?") -- we're a bit small to really utilize those (as this is more of a side-business).

Most important component? Customer service, humans behind the wheel of this application will help you with any issues you have so you don't have to worry about being left in the dark.

Bonus features I like over some other apps of this sort: The history of customers, the customers being assigned random "color names" so you can keep track of people by something other than "guest" and being able to go back through the history, see how they connected (browser info, etc.) which helps when tracking down bugs or site issues when a customer messages you with trouble, etc.

Quality app, can't find any reason not to give it 5 stars. Would *love love love* an idle timer though.

United States
Time spent using app: About 5 years
December 20, 2015

I love Chatra!! Great app - customers are asking questions that they may not have taken the time to email. I feel I am helping my customers have an easy experience when they can ask about sizing or timeline for delivery. THANK YOU CHATRA!!

Luna Maternity Nursing
Time spent using app: 21 days
December 20, 2015

No doubt the best chat app I've used. Visitors can have fast, direct access to your customer service and receive immediate response!

Installation process is very simple. No hassle setup, simply click "Get" and it is ready to go.

More amazing is that it comes with its own mobile app, so when someone sends a chat message, the message will be alerted on your iOS or Android; and you or your support team can reply potential customers on-the-go from anywhere!

Works very smooth and is highly recommended for any store owner!

Time spent using app: 25 days
December 19, 2015

Truly looks & feels as a messenger app. Works wonderfully everywhere and does make it easy for the customers to reach you. Highly recommended!

Time spent using app: 11 months
December 17, 2015

This app has been great! i had a customer contact me on it and then purchased due to such quick communication!

Apparel Adorn
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 years
December 16, 2015

I absolutely love this chat app! It has apps for android, mac and windows and I have it installed on all of my devices....laptop, desktop, tablet and cellphone. It has helped me get some sales. It's perfect :)

Love Kari Dae
United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Edited November 8, 2016

We LOVE this app! Chatra was super easy to install, any queries I had were answered promptly and the customer experience is great. Chats come through on my phone so when we're out and about we can still answer all our customers questions. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to convert more website visitors into customers

Glo Tatts
Time spent using app: Over 4 years
December 14, 2015

Just started using Chatra today. Honestly, I am very surprised how extensive this app is. With its implementation, I'm sure it will help us reach out the customers easier and more efficiently. Thank you for introducing the app to us. Highly recommended.

Time spent using app: 16 minutes
December 11, 2015

Great app! Very useful as we can create multiple user IDs so all our staff can take turns with online enquiries. Works well.

The Golden Concepts
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
December 10, 2015

Great app, simple to set up and works great. No problems at all.

Timber Bamboo
United States
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years