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One of the most Shitty apps in the print on demand. They don't answer when a package is lost! there's no tracking and customers will get mad. If you want problems, here!

Developer reply

April 30, 2019

Hi! I am sorry we couldnt talk over the phone when you called. We were probably on the line with another seller. We are always answering the phones. We also have an amazing customer service team that will handle all order related concerns at If an order is confirmed to be lost, our policy is to replace it so please email us so w can resolve this matter :)

Loves The Ocean

The quality is really bad, products arrive dirty and the print job is really bad. Tried to contact the company for weeks wrote at least 20 emails - no answer!!!
Be aware!!!

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

Hi Jean. Were surprised you would give us 1 star considering your most recent order was over 7 months ago? It’s an untrue statement you emailed 20 times without a response. Over 15,000 store owners using Shopify & CC would completely disagree with that statement. Anyone who is considering CustomCat, please put us to the test! Send an email to our support simply saying you’re testing to see how quickly you get a response. Our support emails are and We average less then a 1 business day response time.

She Virtuous

Everytime, I attempt to download from my library, I get 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied. I am the owner...and also can't get any customer support for the past 4days. I have called, sent emails and still no help regarding why I am unable to download from my shopify/custom cat library after creating and uploading images. I would like this issue addressed. This is now the 5th day without contact or fix. Customer Service non-responsive and error is a problem.

Wild Child Bikes

The app has a terrible interface unlike it predecessors modern easy to use interface. Plus the main reason for uninstalling is that they force you to use the vendor name of "CustomCat." Thats totally contradictory of making self branded merchandise. Not sure why they do this, by all means they don't have to since other on demand services don't require it, but it's likely a selfish from of marketing for them. Beware! Printful and Gooten are much better and more customizable.

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Hi, I am sorry you did not like your initial experience with us. I wish you would have talked to us first before uninstalling. Actually, you do not have to have the vendor name ("CustomCat") displayed on the site. We would never make you list your vendor like that. Most people do not want this to show so it will default to not showing the vendor.

Gringos Global

I used CustomCat for two months. I wish I could give them zero stars. There customer service is all about placing blame on existing customers and avoiding any responsibility for their poor printing. I had ten initial orders. One of my orders had a different company printed on my shirts. I took my products to local printing shops. The owners I spoke to were shocked that someone would ship this poor product to a customer. Garbage shirts and horrible printing. I donated the shirts to the homeless. I am shocked that Shopify has not distance themselves from CustomCat. CustomCat is bad company for Shopify. Printful, however, has been very helpful during the process. Every shirt printed by Printful was perfect.

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Hi. I am sorry you had a poor experience for your first 10 orders. We, at customcat, take immense pride in our support team. We will always take accountability if there is something that we screwed up on, although we are not perfect. We know that. We operate at a 1% replacement rate and while we are proud of this replacement rate, we are always striving to lower that number. You actually used our support email, but the issue is when we responded asking for more information, you never responded. BUT, It is not too late! If you contact us back, we can still help address this issue and rectify it.

Momo the Corgi

I just received my product samples today and I'm really disappointed with the quality :(

1. The colour of the fabric seems to bleed through the design, so the parts that are meant to be white take on the colour of the fabric underneath.

2. I ordered a Gildan Ladies 100% cotton T-shirt but the material was very rough and almost had a cardboard texture to it. It is also boxy and not slim fitting at all like shown in the mockups.

3. The tag on one of the T-shirts is completely dried up and you can't make out what it is saying at all.

4. The placement of the logo on the tank top is completely off. It is meant to be on the left pocket area but it's on my tummy area. On the mockups the placement looks fine but not on the actual product.

I have read all the other 1 - 3 star reviews and I agree with a lot of what other people are saying about the customer service. It takes them days to respond to you if at all...

I feel like if you want to build a long lasting brand you shouldn't use custom cat because of their unreliability. There are so many cases of the same thing happening time and time again with CustomCat so I definitely think that it's a problem that they can't deliver what they promise.

I will probably be looking for other POD companies. Really disappointed because I need to push back my launch date now :(

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Hi! There is a lot to unpack here. I am not saying that there was not a screw up on your only order, but I assure you this is the exception, not the rule. First off, we have amazing customer service. They work all work week and the occasional weekend (busy times) and we will ALWAYS replace an order for free if the shipment has any issues at all. You just need to email us at our support line. I couldn't find any emails from you, but if you contact us, we can look into the underlying issue. Also, the Gildan Ladies 100% cotton T-shirt is one of the most popular SKUs world wide. If you dont like the feel of this SKU, we have thousands of others you can choose from.

Bridget Bradley

By far the worst fulfillment outfit I've ever used. If you don't care about the quality of the items you send your customers, feel free to use Custom Cat. If you don't care how long an item takes to get to your customer, then again, use Custom Cat. Your orders will take upwards of 2 weeks before you receive tracking info and then it will stay in pre-shipment mode for days after that. Once it does finally ship, it's a crap shoot as to weather the item will be of any quality. I originally put up a 1 star review about a week ago, but took it down after I received a call from Custom Cat thinking that they were interested in fixing the problem. (If you want anyone from Custom Cat to respond to any problems you might be having, write a bad review. They will call within hours. Other wise you wont hear back from them.) When I was having a problem I contacted them through email and phone numerous times. No response. Post a bad review they call right away. I regretted taking down the review after speaking with them. And I'll tell you why. What I got was a lot of lip service about how this is a really busy time of year and they have to hire extra help that isn't experienced, (which in itself is an issue) and that they are only human. There was no apology or acceptance of responsibility. I only placed 13 orders with Custom Cat and 2 of them that I know about, were of poor quality. That's a pretty high ratio. There could have been problems with the other 11 that I just didn't hear about. Not only was the quality of the work bad, it took 17 days to get tracking on many of them. I wish I could post a picture of what they sent to my customer. It was beyond unacceptable. The art work was not centered at all and was so far to the left the names fell off the edge of the substrate. The sample I had sent to myself was falling off the edge as well. I know "humans" make mistakes but, any normal person who saw how obviously off center these were would never have packed them up and sent them out, unless of course they just don’t care which is what I think the case it. After seeing how long shipping times were, before I even knew about the quality issues, I decided to buy my own equipment and fill my own orders. So I do know mistakes happen. After doing 1200+ units of my own, I have huge pile of mistakes, but I would never, ever have sent any of them to a paying customer!! My mistakes don't even come close to what they sent out in my name. If mine are even slightly off center they go in to the mistake pile. Custom Cat obviously doesn't care about my customers or me, as their customer. I had asked to have the money refunded for the known mistakes (over a weeks ago) and as of today's writing it still has not been refunded. I sent them a picture of how bad the quality was and expected a reasonable amount of remorse. Instead he was more concerned with the bad review that I had left, than he was about my problem. If someone had shown me a picture of what I showed him, I would have apologized profusely, and agree that, yes this is totally unacceptable and issued a refund with in minutes. Not give a bunch of excuses, "It's a busy time of year and we have inexperienced staff and that I have to understand that... blah, blah, blah" So basically he was saying, you can't blame us for bad quality, because it's out of our control because we are so busy. They took zero responsibility! Custom Cat, don't bother calling me again to beg me to take down my bad review this time. You have earned it! I will not take it down this time. My review stands! Have nice day!

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

There is a lot to unpack here, but I would caution you on this review. The main concern here was that we were taking 2 weeks to ship orders. In this case, there were a couple of orders that shipped in 5 business days. This is 2 days off our average of 2-3 business day fulfillment. These orders happened the week of Christmas so some orders may take a little longer. If there is ever an issue with orders taking too long, please email us on our support email and our amazing staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

THE iNfinite iNtel

The App is perfectly fine....It's the HUMAN's behind it causing problems. After placing a sample order on December 1, I am disappointed to report that on today, December 20th I received only the cap I ordered and my embroidered logo is ALL MESSED UP!! I ordered 2 polo's along with my logo-branded cap but they sent me 2 UGLY t-shirts with stupid looking cartoon-like drawings on them EVEN THOUGH I ORDERED 2 Polo's with my logo to be embroidered on them. I am a bit stunned, I must admit. I wish there were a way I could upload the pics I took of this mess. Now I must return this and wait for a refund.


This is one of the worst services I've ever used, the production time is too long, I have ordered from December 3rd to December 17th I have not received an order tracking code, and do not know when it is received, the shipping rate is broken and too much confusion, poor printing quality, bad design interface, unfriendly interface, long customer response time, faulty printing, cut text, excessive blurring and inaccuracy of the original design position, no refund policy for the customer, lost in transit but not refundable, if possible I will give 0.001 stars. Too disappointed


CustomCat really works very badly. An order of more than 1 month does not ship. When contacting support is only answered through the loudspeaker, there is no responsibility. Continuing to ship orders but after more than a week still not shipping orders. In addition, continually deduct 2 times for each order while the system records once, asking support is shirking responsibility.
Indeed, CustomCat is too bad, too disappointing about how it works and supported.

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