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Rival Gear

We have many customers who receive items that we do not even offer from CustomCat. Many customers do not receive the items at all. Many customers report that the print washes off after one wash. Don't even try to reach out to customer support, it's pointless. After selling 3000 shirts through CustomCat, this will be our last year using their service.


We installed this app twice. The first time we uninstalled it because we could not justify the monthly subscription fee - our sales on the items we sold through Custom Cat just weren't there.

When they offered the "lite" program that does not have a monthly subscription, we decided to reinstall the app, something I deeply regret.

1) The quality of their print/embroidery is absolutely unacceptable. They may be the company that makes/ships the product, but it's our brand, our website, and our reputation. Our customers sent us pictures of some of the embroidered hats and were stunned. There is no amount of apologizing that one can do when the quality is that bad. I wish I could attach a photo to this review. There were threaded completely outside of the design - thread colors in places that they absolutely did not belong. To their credit, they did reship - but I have zero confidence that the reshipped item has any better quality, based on our customer reviews of their products.

2) You cannot cancel an order. sure, their system says that you can, but that's an illusion - it's just so that they have some sort of policy that seems reasonable, but it's all fluff. We canceled an order on our end before it was processed into the customcat system. 3 hours after the order was canceled they processed the order and charged us for it... and still shipped it to the customer, even though it was canceled. We reached out to the customer to apologize about the quality of the item they were about to receive. It's that bad.

3) Customer Service/Canceling Orders Their customer service team has mastered the art of telling you that whatever problem might exist with an order is your fault. For example, I canceled a customer order a 1130 eastern, the processed said order at 0230 the next morning. When I reached out to them - they told me (copied from their email response). "If the order was cancelled before our system processed, then the order would have not went through. If the order was still open, then on our end, we would have picked up that entire order at the batch time." I have records of the time that the order was canceled and the time that CustomCat processed the order. I have proof from their system that shows that they processed the order after it was canceled... but my fault.

4) Customer Service - so, when you open a "ticket" for customer service you will receive an email. This email will tell you that a ticket has been opened and refer you to a website: But as a shopify store owner, you will not have access to this website. No login or password to view your ticket. When you send an email to as instructed by your ticket email, you will receive another email that says another ticket has been opened -- but you still can't access it. Eventually, someone will send you an email to tell you that you don't need it as a shopify owner because customcat is built into your shopify store. But there is no where to access the tickets.

In short -- poor quality, poor customer service, and overall poor customer satisfaction for both me and my customers.

Haberle Congress Brewing Company

We started using this app for their wide selection, but after literally every single order having issues (I never knew how many new issues could be present with each order), we have pulled all but a small handful of their items from our store. The items we have left do not seem to have as many issues as others.

Overall, you're wasting time, stress, and money over an inferior product. Just use Printful, they have not messed up a single order.


Some orders have taken over a month, they've sent designs from other shops to my customers and their customer service holds zero accountability for their mistakes (They went as far as to blame me for contacting the wrong department once)

The fact this is one of the fulfillment companies in which you have to pay a membership fee to lose money is crazy. I'm actually going to be shutting down my site because I have to re-visit my fulfillment options.

not worth it.

Ke Gam

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2steel Girls

About 50% of our orders were printed incorrectly...Some were crooked, others placed in an incorrect position. Customer service was very hard to deal with. Our entire experience was so bad that we would not promote the sales of our shirts. The errors were not on our end with the printing problems. We wasted a lot of money waiting for CustomCat to get the printing problems fixed. Just when we thought it was fixed there were more horribly printed shirts. It was so bad we had to call every single customer and ask if their shirt was printed correctly. You talk about time consuming. We had NO faith in the product through CustomCat. We wasted not only money, but a lot of time that we could have been building a strong customer base. We have found an EXCEPTIONAL t-shirt print company. Please don't waste your time with this company.

Www Endprohibitionnow Com

I ordered 5 t-shirt samples and the quality of the shirts looked like they came from a old black garbage bag from a storage unit. The graphics were faded. the simple white design on a black t-shirt turned out to be dark gray. I ordered the same design from another company and It turned out perfect. Plus the backend is a nightmare uploading designs, plan on wasting many hours. I would be happy to show the comparison of the shirts I ordered if there was the option.

Awesometee Corp

application is too bad. It's a inhibitor to the user.


overcharge you for purchases, send massive charges without permission and have a faulty system for handling paypal payments. had a much easier time with printful and will be returning to them.

Budget Privateer

I'm not impressed. There are weird issues and no one answers at CC support. Probably they are too busy for new customers.

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