Bold Wholesale & VIP Pricing

Bold Wholesale & VIP Pricing


Wholesale pricing, member, VIP and customer pricing levels

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Wholesale price levels

Offer one or multiple levels of wholesale pricing on your products. Set automated rules, or simply tag customers wholesale, and that's it!

Wholesale & VIP automation

Multiple levels of wholesale pricing? Use our auto-tagging feature to automatically move dealers up wholesale levels as they spend more.

Wholesale "Power Features"

Use broad wholesale pricing rules, upload wholesale prices by spreadsheet, or use the detailed grid & assign each product's wholesale price.

About Bold Wholesale & VIP Pricing

Wholesale & Member pricing - In a nutshell

With our wholesale and customer pricing app, use the SAME STORE to offer Wholesale or Customer Specific Pricing to customers (VIP, Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.).

Simply create tags for specific customer groups (like wholesale, VIP...) and then set the custom price levels for that customer group, and BAM, the app does the rest! When customer log in, the app changes the pricing automatically.

Your discounts can be broad, like 10% off the entire store for VIP customers, and 30% off for Wholesale customers, you can upload detailed pricing spreadsheets, or use our powerful pricing tool and set each individual product what you want it to be for each customer.

How is it different than other wholesale apps?

  • This app DOES NOT rely on coupon codes. That means it won't create 1,000's of coupon codes in your store :-)
  • There are NO DUPLICATE VARIANTS or hidden products created.
  • Works with ALL channels, product feeds, ERP's and 3rd party integrations.
  • The ONLY app that allows you to auto-tag customers by HOW MUCH they spend.
  • The ONLY app that allows you to auto-tag customers based on HOW MANY TIMES they order.
  • The ONLY app that allows you to auto-tag customers based on WHAT COUNTRY they're from.
  • The ONLY app that allows you to auto-tag customers based off WHAT PRODUCTS they buy.
  • And lastly, the ONLY wholesale app that allows you to have both wholesale pricing, AND BULK DISCOUNTS. Incentivize wholesale customers to buy more with tiered wholesale pricing.

Brand, type, or collection specific

With our app, you can do it all! Offer wholesale or VIP pricing store-wide, or jus specify a certain Collection, Product Type, Brand, or hand select products and price them as you wish!

Automate the process with auto-tagging

Set rules and then let the app do the work for you! * Spend more than $500 - reach GOLD Status for 10% off * Repeat Customers - After two orders get 5% off * After your 15th order *and* $3,000 spent - PLATINUM PLUS and get 25% off, plus 10% off your Elite product line * Wholesale customers that spend more than $10K in a year get moved to Wholesale level II pricing.

Email marketing

Create personal, customized emails that automatically get sent to a customer when a customer gets auto-tagged into a new pricing group.

Detailed pricing grid

With the Premium version detailed pricing grid you can price each individual product OR each individual variant!

Bulk imports & exports

Now with the premium version, you can just import all your info in! We built an import tool that allows you to import a .csv file with all your Wholesale, Gold, VIP, etc. pricing.

Bulk Discounts & Tiered Pricing

Add bulk discounts (quantity breaks) to one customer group, or all of them. Remember, you can have as many as you like :-)

Integrates with

  • Bold Discounts,
  • Bold Memberships,
  • Bold Cashier,
  • Bold Loyalties

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Pricing 30-day free trial



Offer quantity-based discount to customers: add'l $20/month

  • Create different pricing levels

  • Tag customers in Shopify to give them different pricing

  • Different discounts for different groups of products



Offer quantity-based discount to customers: add'l $20/month

  • Auto-tag customers based on what they buy

  • Detailed pricing: Set different prices for specific products or variants

  • Bulk import from CSV file

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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4.6 of 5 stars
Based on 657 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Diamond Dugout

The app is simple, straight forward, and easy to use. Would recommend to anyone looking to offer special pricing to select customers.


Cody and Brenden were amazing and helped me with everything I needed within the app. I have had a great experience with the chat and app in general. Thank you!

Back To Zen

Guri was a great help in customer service today. I am still working on turning on the APP but I am pleased so far.