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Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

Developed by Shopify

145 reviews
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  • Add digital assets to your products
  • Customers get access to content instantly
  • Product updates are automatically forwarded to customers

Shopify's Digital Downloads app is a free, easy to use app that allows you to offer digital products in your Shopify store.

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  • Digital attachments are linked to a variant on a particular product

  • Mix and match a product to have physical and digital products

  • Your customers get a direct download after checkout, and an emailed link

  • Set download limits as needed.

Digital Downloads reviews

145 reviews
  1. 5 stars (76 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (25 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (18 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (9 reviews)
  5. 1 star (17 reviews)

I couldn't do business without Digital Downloads. All my products are digital and this app handles them all, integrating faultlessly into my store and allowing downloads immediately after payment from Shopify's checkout and from the email sent to the customer.

A bulk upload feature would be handy for getting all the files into the store quickly. But hey! Doing them one by one is a good activity for the end of the day when you're brain-dead and shouldn't be tackling anything requiring intelligent thought.


It works well, but it would be great if the text was customizable to other languages.


The app functions as it should, the only thing that could be added is the ability to delete old products out of the app, besides that app works perfectly and as expected!


Great app, very easy to use and it has been working very well for us. My only complaint is that it would be nice to offer more than one file. If I wanted to sell a bundle of books/downloads, it would be nice to be able to do that.


DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!! I literally just downloaded it for 2 seconds and it began breaking ALL the images on my site. After removing it, a few came back but now, even when I deleted the broken images, and upload new ones, it breaks those too.

I had so much planned for today and this app just added several hours of work for me. Worst download ever. Save yourself the trouble, it's going to cost you time and money. No wonder it's free.


Basic, the price is right, because paying for this would be a robbery.


Fantastic product and free to use. Highly recommend this app. Easy to use. A great addition to any site. Thank you.


Great just what we were looking for. Thanks.


It's free and bearing that in mind it's superb.


App. works great! I used it on some coloring book pages I created and it worked the first time!


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