Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

by Shopify

Sell digital products in your store

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It worked for a while and it works well if you have very few orders during the day. In case of release of products and high traffic, the download does not start and the email with the link arrives after 48 hours. My file was 1Mb. After this I had another issue that does not make sense: the app marked as fulfilled an order that included both a product to be shipped and a digital download.

Bom Bombs

I can't figure out where to add my digital file, it says to go to it and add the link, but it keep cycling me through a loop...


Decent design but had customers complaining about "corrupt" files and other errors when opening PSD files. I switched back to dropbox links and haven't had any issues since.

Statuette occulte

Très bonne application, claire, simple, pratique. J'apprécie également beaucoup la gratuité. Je ne comprends pas les mauvaises notes.

Her Beautiful Brand

I have been trying to add an attachment to the Weekly Achievement Tracker on my website and I can not for the life of me find out where to add it. I have looked high and low and it just keeps taking me through an internal loop. Unfortunately, I will be removing this app from my store as it has proven to be useless. Hopefully, this is made easier in the future for store owners.


Won't even open the App dashboard on Safari. I've cleared all cookies etc, nothing. Waste of time.

Hotshack Online Store

very first time i installed it, i added a free download to see if it would work. it does not work, even for something free. i emailed the developer and i hope they fix it. i also believe that Shopify should delete apps that do not function after X amount of time to save business owners the hassle.

Does not support license codes. Totally useless. Only alternative is the less than optimal and paid app of sendowl

Trendy Visuals

For my clients that download on desktop, this app works great. But for clietns that download my contents on their mobile, this is not working... Does anyone have better solution for digital downloads?

God I hate shopify. First, why do i have log in AGAIN in the same browser that I just logged into my "store". I came to shopify when I was in a bind, now Ive just been lazy. Ive lost 2k a month in sales since coming here. Google doesn't even have me indexed any more!!!! wtf. I was number 1 in my category on google search before I came here..back to current problem. How the .... do I view my digital download files that I uploaded? you would think this would be a normal request, or at least a simple way to access the files so I can see what up there. I am sure it is a simple 1 2 3 click here select that then click there..but I cannot find it. This little addon is working perfectly, but it lost something in it's navigation functionality. it's been...shopified.

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