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Import Thousands of Dropship Products, Synch Orders & Tracking

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Outdoor Sport Outlet

This is one of the best dropshippers I've worked with lately.
Wholesale2B have many suppliers and a large selection of products, with a variety of settings for both price and shipping costs.

Plus, a very fast support service that responds quite quickly and even on weekends.

Very satisfied and highly recommend this service!

My Rating is 5+ start !

Thank you so much !

Tipsy Blonde

The App is good and has a lot of great features, the only reason I cancelled after 6 days is that the pricing of the products is not low enough to be competitive.


this the bad app I ever try, they keep us buying from them only to push the product to our website or eBay or Amazon, while they get to profit from their products and the monthly fees
i try to push Thumper� Maxi Pro to eBay I get the price on wholsale2b Suggested retail price: $ 540.40, Your wholesale price: $ 297.25, Your profit: $243.15

while the same item at eBay has final price 310 USD that not cover the fees even you sell it at 310 $ same eBay price and if you add more price for this item you will never have a sale

so I like everyone tries this app and see their faulty information

Elite Pet Shop

Great app and very attentive customer support, products are competitive and varied, great system, try them out !!!

I uses this app and Wholesale2B services on few sites and really satisfied !

5+ stars !

Thanks !

Decor Furniture Store

Great app and very attentive customer support, products are competitive and varied, great system !

I use this app already on 3 my sites and very satisfied !

My rating is 5+ stars !

Highly recommended service !!!

Thank you so much !

Regarding previous negative feedback !
I don't know why but support team always very fast (during few hours) respond on my tickets !

UPDATE *****************************
Wholesale2B support team replies on created tickets too fast: after 10 minutes and maximum after 4 hours !
It's really fast and always support members gives clear and professional answers !!!

Then regarding removed products !

It's great that Wholesale2B system manage products listing and without my actions removes some products ! Everyday Wholesale2B monitoring system several times per day removes products which out of stock or due another reasons. Wholesale2B synchronized with shopify products listing so several times per day your site gets rid of not actual goods !
It's very useful and important and allowed have your updated site !

There is no need to control the stock!
Wholesale2B does this for you !!!

Strong Rating 5+ stars !!!

I'll use Wholesale2B services for my future sites !!!

Swagshopper Agi

Everything was working great then on the afternoon of the 7th I notice a problem, over 200 products were deleted from the app and removed from my store in the middle of the night.

I contact support at 3 PM EST to find out what happened. I dont get an actual response from someone until 3:30 AM EST and im told they were reloading new images from the supplier I was using and that caused the products to get deleted. What?

They tell me a couple possible solutions but they just wont work I dont want to get into a ton of details as this review will be long.

I ask another question this afternoon the 8th around 1 PM EST to see if there are any other options or if they can at least guarantee this isnt going to happen again. Well its now after 10 PM EST so in 9+ hours they again could not respond. It took over 12 hours for the first response.

Does the support team even work US business hours? The company is based in the US according to any information I found.

Look, they may fix the issue and I may never have another problem, and normally I would wait to see how they handle this before submitting my review but honestly the way that support has taken this long to respond to a pretty big issue like this shows me they dont deserve that extra time.

In this industry stores are competing with countless other stores selling the same or similar products having a mishap like this can cost a business a lot of money.

The only saving grace for me in all of this is my store is still under construction so I lost nothing but time. I cant imagine what stores that were up and running and using the same supplier as me when this happened are dealing with but I sure hope they have received faster support than myself.

0 stars for the terrible support response time and 1 star just for the fact that before this happened the app was a pleasure to use.

Best Sex Toys Shop

Great services as always !!!
Fast and immediate support responses !

Awesome application, dropshipping services and support !
I really glad and satisfied that uses Wholesale2B app on my third site !

Thank you so much !


Add amazon feed for $39??! what a joke


Wholesale2B is a comprehensive app.
You can find thousands products for dropshipping. I recommend this app.

I contacted several times to W2B support and they replied me on timely manner during 1-2 hours ! Very professional support and they really help me !

I develop store with 10,000 products and very easily to find among 3 supplies (every supplier has over 10,000 products). So I can grab also more products with plan upgrades.

I'm really confused with previous review where man wrote taht absent any products !
It's not truth !

W2B full of 977,649 USA products !!!!

Highly recommend this dropshipper and inventory for people who wish use shop with fast delivery to USA and Canada from local wholesale inventory !

My Own Unique Self

Can I give it a zero? No products. Complete waste of time.