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Merchants appreciate this app for its user-friendly interface and variety of shipping options. It streamlines shipping with automated label printing and order syncing. The app's customer service is responsive and it supports international shipping. Merchants value its insurance system, shipping rules, and insightful analytics. It's seen as a time-saving tool that optimizes shipping processes.

February 2, 2022

They charged me for 23kgs when my item was only 1.5kgs and then a redelivery fee (for supposedly 3 attempts) when tracking shows 1 attempt & taken to depot within 2hrs, no other attempts To dispute they asked me for specific photos showing product in box with measurements and weight showing which i did. Its been over a month and still funds not returned!

Our Baby Nursery
11 months using the app
Easyship replied April 21, 2022

Thank you for providing your feedback.

We have tried to discuss this with you via email but we have not received a response, please feel free to get back to us to discuss further.

We appreciate it's frustrating to provide images of the shipment but this is not a request on our part, it is from the courier; simply put, they will not consider any adjustment dispute without evidence which is why we are obliged to make this request.

In this case, our CS Team tried to contact you multiple times to provide more information, but we did not receive a response.

As a goodwill gesture, we have waived the adjustment fee and the redelivery fee on this occasion.

I can assure you we will always fight to get the right outcome for you but we do appreciate any patience you can give us while we dispute with the Courier.

All the best,


January 4, 2021

DO NOT BOTHER with this waste of time shipping middle man. Over 75% of all shipments made through them have had problems. Now I know that they are just a middle man acting as agents for courier companies... but therein lies the problem. when you have a problem with your shipment, and I GUARANTEE you will, the only way to contact them is to open a support ticket which takes two days to receive a reply which is usually incomplete or inaccurate. the latest incident was a package picked up on 12/15/20 with a 2 - 5 day delivery service... 21 days later this is still not delivered and all I get from the email reply to my service request is "this in normal...we will look into it".... after three previous replies asking for confirmation that I want assistance. meanwhile my customers are leaving negative reviews because of their service.
Bottom line.... do not install this app or use this joke of a freight middle man. Yes their rates are good... but dissatisfied customers leaving negative reviews about your company do not make up for the pennies saved.

11 months using the app
October 17, 2023

I was getting an error that my UPS account name has already been taken, so I contacted support. Instead of helping fix the issue, they offered to schedule an onboarding call... I'm working and want to ship packages, not waste time talking on the phone. I'll just stick with the competition.

Swift Energy
21 days using the app
Easyship replied October 25, 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for providing your feedback on Shopify, we're keen to understand what went wrong here and how we might turn this around.

It looks like you were trying to link your own UPS courier but you were seeing an error, the reason my colleague was asking to set up a call was that it would simply be easier to take a look at the details with you over the phone, rather than an email back and forth.

However, if you prefer to deal with email/messaging we would be happy to oblige, I've reached out to you to help with this query, please get back to me and I'm sure we can fix this ASAP.

All the best,


September 26, 2021

customer service is slow and does not provide any solution. They offer a very poor shipping service and pick up are extremely unreliable, I have some parcels that have never been picked up in 3 weeks despite multiple support requests and reschedule.

9 months using the app
Edited March 30, 2020

Horrible shipping solution. Riddled with bugs, it seems like there is a new problem every day. Customer service is unresponsive, or if they do respond they are unable/unwilling to help. Save yourself a giant headache and find a better company to work with.

In response to EasyShip's reply to our comment. We brought up an issue with Amazon integration multiple times, and each time were told that they would reach out when their was a resolution. Every week for over a month I received an automatic response saying the ticket would be closed due to lack of my response. I would bump the ticket and receive a response of "thank you for the reminder, we are waiting to hear back from our team". Nothing ever got taken care of.

EasyShip has reached out to me multiple times to get this review removed, but has made no effort to show the issues I brought up were actually resolved.

United States
8 months using the app
Easyship replied March 29, 2020

Hi Alex,

Thanks for leaving your feedback and we're sorry about the experience you've had using Easyship.

I appreciate our team have reached out to you on a few occasions in an attempt to resolve your issues, but I'm also aware we've had a few tech issues of late that have impacted you directly.

In light of your experience, we are reviewing our internal process in this area and we're confident that any similar issues will be swiftly resolved going forward.

If you do want to give Easyship another try, we'll do all we can to make sure your experience is a positive one.

All the best,


Edited July 11, 2021

We started using this app and it seemed great interface wise. The canadian courier prices were pretty high so it wasnt giving us the lowest rates, shopify shipping was still cheaper even though it states we get discounted rates. I've been trying to add our custom Canada post courier account, and its been like pulling teeth, the support team keeps giving me the run around.. and literally in the middle of a live chat session the support person said they had to run to a meeting and ended the chat.. so unprofessional.. what a waste. The platform is good but that is easily the worst support Ive come across and I have seen some bad ones.

HERC'S Nutrition Online
4 months using the app
September 6, 2020

If I could give less than 1-star I would...Horrible experience...and even AFTER A MONTH OF BACK AND FORTH E-MAILS the problem is not resolved!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME...hot mess sums up my experience with this app/company

Oak + Tonic
3 months using the app
December 19, 2019

App is so/so, but the customer service from this provider is terrible. They will lose your parcels, and not honour the insurance claims even after they have admitted fault

Gladiator Fitness
3 months using the app
Easyship replied March 29, 2020

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your review, we appreciate any feedback from our customers, good or bad.

In this case, I'm aware that we have tried to contact you several times to help you resolve this issue but we did not hear back from you.

On this occasion, the issues you have raised were the result of an issue with your chosen courier. In terms of insurance, the package in question was not insured, you can learn more about how to insure your shipments in our Help Centre here - https://support.easyship.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003451011-How-to-Add-a-Shipping-Insurance

If there is anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@easyship.com

All the best,


October 1, 2020

AVOID £200 additional billing in just one month and NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT, even on the HIGHER SUBSCRIPTION IM PAYING FOR. Infuriating customer support, i pay to have phone support and have emailed, called and nothing for a month! I managed to speak to someone today, they could not wait to get me off the phone, they said they would call me back in a few minutes, nothing and now i cant get through on that number. A month to get set up, various bills over £200 no explanation. Truly terrible experience, STILL waiting!!!,,,,,,..............

United Kingdom
3 months using the app
November 3, 2021

ZERO stars. Despite the many negative reviews of feed syncing issues and money lost due to incorrect shipment rates provided to customers, I gave this app a try. Do not make the same mistake. The technical support shows no haste in resolving issues and minimal attempt in troubleshooting with little transparency. Time between my first ticket and the last correspondence from them (in which they finally showed signs of troubleshooting) was 7 weeks. Proving a complete lack of haste and disregard for customer service AND the satisfaction of my customers impacted by the EasyShip technical issues. Not to mention the money I lost due to incorrect EasyShip rates being displayed to customers...rates EasyShip refuses to make good since I refuse to reactivate their integration on my store given the above. I will absolutely not risk further customer dissatisfaction to my business and will be recommending others do not make the same mistake.

Mama Coco
United States
2 months using the app