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Merchants highly recommend this app for managing large product catalogs, importing and exporting large files, and migrating data. It's praised for its functionalities like bulk product updates, scheduled exports, and generating specific data formats. Many find it useful for regular reporting, inventory management, and system interfacing. It's noted for its ease of use, speed, and responsive customer support, saving merchants time and labor.

May 25, 2018

Every now and then, you cross paths with someone who is truly significant in your journey. Whether that be from the services, advice or energy they provide to you. I rarely write 5-star reviews because as a business owner myself, I rarely get to experience the kind of 5-star service I strive to provide. In this case, Maris is nothing short of a hero in the world of Shopify. Firstly, the capabilities his app has to offer are an absolute must for anyone serious about their store. The ability to import, export pretty much all aspects of your store make light work of what would be an impossible task alone. Automation is vital for any business growth and I can now make bulk changes with a tinker of an excel sheet and a press of a button. Not only has Maris created a wonderful and easy to use app with all these precious functions, he stands behind his work with the greatest service possible. This app has opened many opportunities regarding business, especially in the dropship world where you can quickly export and import products to different stores making cross testing a breeze. I now have the power to export all collections and import into a new store without the hassle of waiting for loading times. The list is endless and the monthly charge is an absolute steal compared to the value this provides. Thank you Maris for all your kind words, advice and guidance.

Teqi Uk
United Kingdom
31 minutes using the app
January 15, 2019

Amazing, I was able to update the alt text on all of my products in minutes rather than hours and hours of work. Very happy customer.

Pigott's Store
28 minutes using the app
Edited March 7, 2019

Free version is useless. Especially for blog comments, you cannot get more than 25 commets(it means nothing, you can do this manually)

Edit: Thanks for the response. If it is a bug that is okey.

8 minutes using the app
ITissible replied March 5, 2019

Wow, so sorry for disappointing you so much...

But it really sounds like there was some misunderstanding about the Excelify app.

Here's why:
1. Free version is the Demo version which allows you to export up to 10 items per file from any kind of data. And Demo version has no time limit, you can do as many exports/imports as you want.
2. There is no such limit in Demo version for Blog Posts, of mentioned 25 Comments (we double-checked that just now). Your Blog Posts can have several hundreds of comments even in the Demo export, just it will export the first 10 Blog Posts, with all their comments, no matter how many of those you have.

Please, reach our Support here and we will gladly help you resolve any of the issues you have, will explain everything, and will really take care of you, even if you are our Demo customer:

Will be really waiting for you to contact us and give us a chance to at least understand why we deserve cush a harsh 1* review in your case, and what can we do to fix ourselves.

Thank you so much in advance!

Maris Veide

Edited May 18, 2020

There is a 1-site per month limitation for the use of this App. At this time, there is no mention of this limitation on the Pricing page.

For me, this meant I was not able to service new client websites using Excelify since I acquire more than 1 new client per month.

The company gave me a refund right away and offered to notify me if the restriction is lifted.
United States
About 2 hours using the app
ITissible replied May 14, 2020


We do offer the +1 Free for your additional store. By paying for Excelify on one store, you can sponsor one more additional store from that paid store without having to pay 2nd time (and you can change that 2nd store after a month has passed).

That is also explained on our Pricing page in details, without hiding anything: (and it is said clearly in the App before you accept the charge, and in Settings next to the store linking button inside the app).

This, what you mention that app is "1-site per month limitation", is exactly how typically apps work in Shopify Apps ecosystem. You install the app on one store, and then you use it in that store.
If you need it on many stores, then you install the app on each of the stores, and purchase it there according to your needs, and there is no limit on how many stores you can install Excelify because those are separate installations.

Our +1 Free offer is a bonus. That is widely used for cases when you have your other development store, or if you are an agency, and you work on several stores. Then you essentially pay for just a half of your stores.

You can cancel the charge any time, when your work is done - and that way you would have paid only for one month.

If you are an agency, even more so - we partner with agencies and build mutual friendships - we help them in so many ways, to work on your projects, giving higher priority for features, helping with complex migrations and so on.
About the pricing for many stores, we can always find a good fit for bulk store pricing. Please, talk to us openly about what you need.

Excelify Founder

March 27, 2023

Not working I canit able to delete orders and there is no any support after enterprise plan! Please remove such apps from shopify addp store !
Refund my money
About 2 hours using the app
ITissible replied March 27, 2023


Matrixify is able to delete only those Orders that Shopify allows to delete. There are certain Orders that Shopify does not allow to delete, which, for example, are "brokered by Shopify" or using Shopify Payments. Matrixify tries to delete all the Orders that you request, just Shopify API fails to delete those which it does not allow to delete.

Please, collaborate with Matrixify Support to resolve this in a humane manner.
As you have not paid for the app yet, we have issued AppStore credits which should compensate you the paid amount.

Matrixify is a high-quality app with thorough Merchant Support culture. Putting 1* review for this kind of issue without working with Support team on resolution, seems extremely aggressive attitude. Your mentioned issue is actually a legit and expected Shopify store logic.

Our Support is available all the time. If you will give us a chance to help you, you will see how well we will take care of you.

Founding Engineer

March 26, 2022

Keeping it short, this is probably the most useful single app in the Shopify ecosystem, at least for those who frequently launch stores or manage multiple stores. It's the best there is at what it does.

Skincarebyalana Dev
United States
2 minutes using the app
ITissible replied March 27, 2022

Keeping it short, this is probably the most satisfying feeling after putting all the hard work in it - to receive such a review! 🙏🤪🤸‍♀️

Maris Veide
Founding Developer

March 28, 2023

No sirve para importar pedidos de una tienda Shopify a otra Shopify, se la pasa marcando error. Yo no la recomiendo.

DermaOnline by Provederma
31 minutes using the app
ITissible replied March 28, 2023

Lamentamos que haya tenido un problema con la importación de pedidos.
Todo se puede solucionar si se comunica con nuestro Soporte y nos permite ayudarlo.
Intentamos comunicarnos con usted sin éxito. Además, vemos que aún no ha intentado comunicarse con nuestro Soporte.

Por favor, contáctanos a través de uno de esos canales y te ayudaremos:

Sorry that you had an issue with Orders import.
It all can be sorted out if you reach our Support and allow us to help you.
We tried to reach you without success. Also, we see that you have not yet tried to reach our Support.
Please, contact us via one of those channels and we will help you:


Edited April 22, 2019

I used Excelify to Update the Option1 Name, Option1 Value, Option2 Name Option2 Value, Option3 Name, and Option3 Value using the handle it produced around 300 errors, and unfortunately updated the prices and compare prices of these products and set them to 0, so that ...

PurpleMaple Store
United States
18 minutes using the app
ITissible replied April 22, 2019

This review is copied from the previous review by the other shop, and doesn't seem to reflect the actual message.
PurpleMaple Store shop has not done any imports with Excelify.

If you are the shop owner who wrote this review - please, contact Excelify support ASAP so that we can help you in whatever issue or question you have:


March 4, 2024

Over 2 years using the app
ITissible replied March 5, 2024


April 21, 2024

United States
9 days using the app
ITissible replied April 22, 2024