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Facebook Store

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  • Sell products on your Facebook Page
  • Works on mobile or desktop
  • Customers can checkout without leaving Facebook

With Facebook Shop you can sell products directly on your Facebook Page, and your customers can checkout without leaving Facebook. The new Facebook Shop works on mobile devices, and appears as a larger section of your Facebook Page.

Learn more about the new Facebook Shop.


  • Quick & easy: Setup is simple and done directly through your Shopify Admin

  • Real-time updates: Every change to each product is updated in real-time

  • Customization: Add a banner, edit the number of product columns, and more

  • Collections: Choose which collections you wish to display.

Facebook Store reviews (210)


I want my Facebook APP back. This one sucks! You have to edit all of your pictures to a square image. Like someone else said, I wish they had told us this BEFORE we deleted the APP, because now you can't get it back & now the images are all a mess. I took it down because it looked very unprofessional. Thanks Shopify! I now no longer have a Facebook store.


Does what it is supposed to and has even created a few sales for us already!!


The syncronization is very slow and faulty, causing multile version of "all" products, as well as deleted or hidden products still show up on the Facebook shop. Not very trustworthy, and with slow or no response-time it doesn't sit well with as ours where we constantly change descriptions, collections and add new stuff.


simple to get set up


Great idea but the product photos all require square photos...wish we had known that BEFORE uninstalling the old shopify facebook app. We have at LEAST 5 photos per product and over 50 products at any given time = 250 photos! NOT going to happen! What a total waste of time and now I'm hosed for a store on FB.


W.T.H.?!?! I went to check out this app on my FB page today and *POOF* it was friggin GONE! Just disappeared into thin air apparently! It still has my banner and now there's a link that says something like "create your own Facebook store" How the H*ll could that just happen?! I'm super P%ssed off and irritated! I've already sent emails so I guess I'll just have to figure this out on my own or delete the app entirely. Sometimes eCommerce is so frustrating you have to ask yourself if its really worth it.....


it works great!!!


Great app! I have done other facebook shop apps before, but this is the simplest, it stays synchronised with your store so you dont have to manually sync it, and best of all its FREE! Why wouldnt you have this app?

I know people cant see it from mobile devices but thats not the apps fault - thats just the way facebook is. But definitely worth having!


REALLY DISAPPOINTED.... customers cant access from a mobile device. Great concept BUT since 80% plus of customers are on mobile devices, whats the point of having this app when majority of your customers cant see it????


Okay so I've been running this about a year. I havn't made a single sale on it, but I don't blame the app, I don't really put too much effort into my Facebook page, plus my products just aren't something that is going to sell on Facebook. That said the app is super easy to install way easier than any alternatives. It looks nice, allows people to buy directly on Facebook without leaving. I'd recommend this app to others to try!!!



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