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  • Sell your products on Facebook
  • Share products and collections on your timeline
  • Tag products in your Facebook photos

Sell on Facebook with Shopify:

With Facebook Shop you can sell products from your store's Facebook Page.


  • Easy: Setup is simple and done directly on Shopify

  • Save time: Changes to products automatically sync to your Facebook Shop

  • Stay organized: Inventory and sales made via Facebook Shop are managed on Shopify

  • Customize collections: Choose only the products you’d like to feature on Facebook

  • Save and share: Easy for customers to save and share your products with friends

More ways to drive sales from Facebook:

If you're looking for an easy way to drive more sales from Facebook, try Kit—powered by Shopify.

Kit is free and exclusive to Shopify store owners with the Online Store channel.

How does Kit help drive sales?

Kit leverages the Facebook pixel and shows your ads to shoppers who are most likely to buy. This drives conversion, and delivers better profit against your ad spend.

Over time with Kit you'll reach more customers, and drive even more sales!

Learn more about driving sales from Facebook with Kit.

Facebook reviews

281 reviews
  1. 5 stars (124 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (50 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (14 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (15 reviews)
  5. 1 star (78 reviews)

Good way to get the word out. Obviously the biggest social media platform. Easy advertising platform. Not rated 5 star as I feel a lot of the options should be easier to implement.


DOESN'T WORK. Many have this kind of problem.

Can not be published. Please contact Facebook for more information.


I like this page is so easy to work and see all the iten


Well if it isn't my arch nemesis facebook ran by the overlord Zuckerburger. Nah, just kidding you guys did a great job on the app and I really appreciate it being free! Thanks for all the hard work your devs put in!

I like the platform ~ I like the ad pricing ~ I like just about everything about the app itself as well.

My only critiques is that I wish you could stop my friends from posting their political believes and pictures of their babies all the time!

Have a great day!


Complete and utter garbage, I don't understand why Shopify has this useless app included in their app store, do you seriously think this is at all helpful to any beginners who already have a steep enough learning curve, you are not doing your reputation any good whatsoever, i'm already thinking of discontinuing my Shopify account in favour of WooCommerce.. Not impressed hardly covers it.....


its a great idea and a good app only i want to change from account. how can i disconnect its not working


Was connected. Doesn't work. Facebook doesn't respond AS USUAL. Worthless.


Must have app for all store owners.


Should make a HALF ☆ for this APP My facebook store been set up for 2 weeks now. I filled out EVERYTHING even offered my first born child to get this stupid facebook button. I HAVE BEEN SENDING EACH PRODUCT TO MESSENGER THEN SHARE EACH ONE FROM THERE. stupid and time consuming.


I use it for the Facebook Shop features. Check us out at macksie.com and you can see our Facebook shop at https://www.facebook.com/macksieapparel


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