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  • Sell products directly on Facebook
  • Creates Shop tab for your Facebook Page
  • Customers can purchase quickly without leaving Facebook

Sell directly on Facebook with Shopify:

With Facebook Shop you can sell products directly on your Facebook Page, and customers can checkout quickly without leaving Facebook on desktop of mobile.


  • Easy: Setup is simple and done directly on Shopify

  • Save time: Changes to products automatically sync to your Facebook Shop

  • Stay organized: Inventory and sales made via Facebook Shop are managed on Shopify

  • Customize collections: Choose only the products you’d like to feature on Facebook

  • Onsite checkout: Customers don’t need to leave Facebook if buying in USD

  • Save and share: Easy for customers to save and share your products with friends

More ways to drive sales from Facebook:

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Facebook reviews

274 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (14 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (13 reviews)
  5. 1 star (75 reviews)

Facebook shop is dead. I keep it in HIDE mode after realizing several things are WRONG and I can't count on Facebook to reply soon, if EVER! I have repeatedly reached out to Facebook in all the available contacts. LOOKING over other 1Star comments here I see that Facebook has been having major problems since December 2016! Reports say: not working, 4 pages of this.

My problems with Facebook - FB has an automatic return policy that says 45 days. This is the opposite of my return policy since my products are made to order, I only accept returns if something is wrong with the manufacturing or other manufacturer's error.
BUT FACEBOOK HAS NO EDIT BUTTON. They have no way to add the words: FINAL SALE! to my products. The Edit button IS supposed to be available, as is the missing Delete button. Both are missing.

Additionally, at this point I decided to have the shopping and checkout on my Shopify website not on Facebook. But this function is also broken, since only the main "Shop Now" migrates to my Shopify site. The actual products still carry the "Add to Cart" button that stays on for checkout on Facebook, NOT the correct one which should say: "Checkout on Website"

Since my major marketing effort was to utilize the many hundreds of Facebook friends to get feedback and possibly purchases, this is a MAJOR FAIL. Speaking with Shopify about this has no influence on Facebook.

I NO LONGER CONSIDER FACEBOOK AS A MARKETING TOOL NOR AS AN OPTIONAL SHOPIFY SHOP (at $9/mo). Shopify should notify paying customers that Facebook is not a good option.

Facebook response -no answer.....The most negative experience and absurd amount of time wasted trying to work on it and no results! Shopify should notify paying customers that Facebook is not a good option.


Very good Idea but now my products can't export to Facebook shop and nothing listen from support.
My website is https://www.decorhomium.com


THANK YOU Tempest Operations (Feb 18)

I followed your advice to the letter and it's fixed! yey!
Love from the UK <3



As many others, we are having a hard time with this APP. In a nutshell, it does not work , and we have to stick with the shop template in our facebook page with no reason to do so , since there is no shopping at all there.
Its a pity, cause facebook would be a great channel for our sales, instead its not.
I will change my review once its start working properly.


I just installed the Facebook sales channel but prior to that I went into my FB page settings and added a "shop" tab which you can find in the "Edit Page" menu. Simply add the tab then install the Facebook sales channel. I will update my rating when someone makes a purchase and confirms that this actually works.


If i update my products from Shopify FB doesn't update them and sometimes the collections just decide to disappear... F I X I T !


For the last 3+ weeks the FB app hasn't been working, i am losing money because this is not working, if it is not resolved within the week i believe we as storefront owners should Switch to another provider. I am searching now for another E-commerce platform that actually works as it should



In order to fix the "Sorry, this content isn't available right now
The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in." go to your Facebook page > select edit page > change your template to "Shopping". This will add a "Shop" tab to your page. You can also do this manually by clicking Settings at the top-right corner of your Page, then click Edit Page from the menu on the left. Next, click the Add a Tab button and click Add Tab next to the Shop option. You should see the Shop tab on your Page now. That fixed my problem. Good luck. http://pulsedog.com


Well, one of my stores works, and the other doesn't.
So I guess 3 star is fair.


Does not seem to work. Just found out this is what happens when a customer tries to check out.

"Sorry, the merchant does not ship to the shipping address provided. Please enter another address and try again."

So, obviously no one is able to purchase.


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