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September 8, 2021

I sent a support request a week ago asking about how to use and configure the App as it is clear that the data fields the app is sending do not correspond to usable data being injected by the Facebook Platform. As of today, they still have not gotten back to me. I am leaving a bad review because 1) the code is written badly and data points for catalog manager don't sync and 2) because they are refusing to respond to my support request. I will update this review if anything changes.

Paneros Clothing
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied September 10, 2021


Jack here from Shopify. Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. I'm going to reach out to you over email and see if we can address some of the issues you were having with the app.
Jack | Shopify

February 21, 2022

I removed the app. The added fee for selling on Facebook just does not make it worth it. No customer support. Randomly rejects some of my design under the sex trafficking excuse. I am not sex traffic. I am an artist and a designer. Ridiculous.

Fine Art by Ane
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied February 24, 2022

Hi there,

William here from the marketplaces support team at Shopify. I see you've noted that there are additional fees for the Facebook channel, there are currently no additional fees with the Facebook channel. I also see that you had some trouble with product approvals on Facebook these are likely account specific so I'll reach out to you directly to discuss those and any fees that relate to your experience. Thank you for leaving the time to review our app.

William | Marketplaces Support Specialist

September 2, 2020

The app have huge issues with facebook catalogue, and my current ads stopped. If you use facebook conversion or catalogue ads, this app after setting will delete your current catalogue and will create a new one that doesnt work.

Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied September 3, 2020

Thanks for letting us know how the new Facebook Channel has been for you! When you have a new catalog, you do need to run new ads. We know how frustrating that can be, and I'm going to send you an email to see how you're getting on now. - Cíara, Shopify Support

Edited October 28, 2022

There is no option of facebook when i create a campaign. Please suggest what should i do. Is it bug or another issue?

Chase Department Stores
Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied October 31, 2022

Hi there,

Charlotte here from Shopify support, thank you for taking the time to install and use the Facebook channel on your store and leave a review. It is expected behaviour that you will not see an option to run ads in the Facebook channel, as Facebook now requires all ads to be run from within the Facebook Ads account. I'm going to follow up with you over email to open up the lines of communication and see how we can provide more support for you on this.

Charlotte | Shopify

November 23, 2021

TERRIBLE! The FB app asked me to reconnect our store, so I tried that, it didn't work. So I begin the uninstall then re-install. Now I'm getting the same "there's no page at the address" error message. I've tried log out/back in, restart comp, try different browsers and it's all the same error message. What on earth type of app is this?!

Zesty Z
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied November 24, 2021

Hey there,

Adil here from Shopify. Thank you for taking the time to share your review of the Facebook Channel with us. Your feedback is extremely valuable. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are facing with installing the Facebook Channel. We do notice this issue affecting a couple merchants so I'm going to follow up with you in an email to open up lines of communication.

Adil | Shopify

September 3, 2022

Had to uninstall with the channel constantly posting updates to FB page feed with no option to disable. New products, price updates, etc. are all automatically posted to your feed. Need to give users choice If you're a fan of choice and controlling the content on the front end of your socials, this app ain't for you...

Outdoors Domain
Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied September 6, 2022

Hi there,

Thomas here from Shopify support, thanks for taking the time to leave a review on our app. I see that you've had some trouble getting the answers to your questions, I'll reach out to discuss with you and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this together.

Thomas | Shopify

November 11, 2020

Simply put, it doesn't work.
For the last 2 weeks, struggling to connect my Facebook page, but nothing presented to connect.
Many emails ping-ponged with just the same thing over and over again. Why would you shut it down the old system when the new system hasn't yet been confirmed to work? You don't even update the instruction on how facebook channel can be connected in the new system. Isn't this too immature?
The manual facebook connection was so much easier and simple, and easy to fix if problems arose. Plus, what happened to the awesome shopify support system?
No more phone support!
I used to call the support centre when having problems, which was quick, easy, instant… was awesome. Now, no calls, the chat takes much more time and fiddling than talk by nature of the system, and email back and forth seems taking forever as reply takes normally more than two days, etc. Meanwhile, I couldn't start my business after exhaustive work I pour in for so many months.
Shopify, please go forward not backward!!!

Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied November 13, 2020

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We work hard to improve our app functionality and to have the appropriate resources available to support our merchants. It sounds like you have been experiencing a difficult time in getting the app connected and getting in touch with our Support team. I will be following up via email to look into the issues you are currently facing and to ensure you are getting the support you need to get connected to the app. - Anna, Shopify Support

September 24, 2022

If we could give zero stars that would be our rating. This is a terrible app, because FB is terrible. We can't get it to work. No support from FB AT ALL. No way to reach anyone. No contact information. Shopify can't help anymore with this either. What is the use of this? It is beyond confusing. This has been a huge waste of time for us, trying to get this to work again (it used to work until the other day). Beyond frustrating. We have lost revenue from the FB commerce business model for stores, which is a horrible, horrible, horrible experience. Shopify tells us it has to do with the change over to META and everything will now be handled by them. They are a tangled web (pun intended) and treat business owners (small ones anyway) with seeming disdain. What's the point of trying to do anything with them? FB cuts you off. The app doesn't work. There are no humans to help. Stay away!

United States
Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied September 26, 2022

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out with your feedback, my name is William and I work for Shopify support. I can take a look at your store and help you determine the steps we can take to reach a resolution. Please look for my upcoming email so we can talk about the specifics.

William | Marketplaces Support Specialist

October 6, 2021

It is not possible to install the App since Facebook had its big breakdown this week. It is a pity and I am very disappointed.

Over 1 year using the app
Meta replied October 9, 2021

Hey there,

Jason here from Shopify. Thank you for taking the time to share your review of the Facebook Channel with us. Your feedback is extremely valuable. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are facing installing the channel. I'm going to look into this further and follow up with you in an email to open up the lines of communication here and see if we can provide more information to help get this resolved.

Jason | Shopify

Edited June 7, 2021

Cuidado con la instalación del píxel de vinculación de esta app, entra en conflicto con la cuenta publicitaria personal de Facebook, te deshabilitan la cuenta definitivamente al detectar 2 píxel de datos a un mismo dominio y no te permiten revisar la solicitud para poder restaurarla ni apelar el problema, no permite anunciarte desde la página de empresa y automáticamente te desvincula los anuncios de Instagram, el único soporte técnico de Facebook "www.facebook.com/business/help/support" lo gestiona otra empresa y no pueden solucionar absolutamente ningún problema, esa es la atención al cliente de "Facebook" donde no saben porque te han deshabilitado la cuenta y tampoco pueden hacer nada, parece de comedia, estoy arrepentido y no la recomiendo. Espero Shopify lo tenga en cuenta por que destrozan tu cuenta de fb y por consiguiente las ventas, me ha hecho más daño que un malware, no deberían permitirlo, Mucho Cuidado.

Over 1 year using the app