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Merchants highly recommend this app for its user-friendly SEO optimization features, ideal for new e-commerce entrepreneurs. It's praised for increasing traffic and sales by improving SEO and optimizing web pages, including image optimization and alt tag updates. Merchants appreciate its ease of installation and use, even for those without advanced IT skills. The app's automatic features and time-saving data adjustments are also appreciated. It offers a free version for beginners, with an upgrade for more advanced features. It's seen as a valuable tool for improving Google rankings and enhancing store visibility.

November 7, 2019

I have no idea how this app is or works. There’s wasn’t an option to exit out of the page were it was asking for me to review the product. So I don’t know what exactly this app is looking for as far as a review?????

Oh my what an amazing app I was able to click to download it, and then like magic the app was downloaded?!? Cool app.

Designer Cleavagee
United States
4 days using the app
Fastify Apps replied November 9, 2019

We're so sorry that you had unhappy experience with our app. We have changed and look forward to hearing from you.

Edited November 20, 2019

Dunno yet , So asking before I ever try it gets you 3 stars...i'll change after I see changes. Thanks ...Gonna Update it to a 2 ..Now i see why you ask for reviews before using. I can do all that basic SEO work without an app. Just a teaser app to get people to pay thinking their SEO is in major need of repair. A 92 SEO score and "user accessibility:" 62 score because my page font color inst recommended..BTW no way this app brings in traffic,

BackWoodz CBD
United States
5 minutes using the app
Fastify Apps replied November 20, 2019

We're so sorry that you had unhappy experience with our app. "92 SEO score and 62 user accessibility score" are scores based on Google Lighthouse ( with some audits, not at all of SEO.
Our application is created according to the standards of Onpage-SEO ( to make higher rank and earn traffic from rank. Customers can SEO manual without app but with our app customers can save a lot of their time to do optimize store for SEO.
I hope you understand what my app is giving our customers.

Edited April 7, 2021

The image alt tag update is stuck with no way to restart it or reset it for a new update. Sent a helpdesk request but received no reply. Would be nice to have some support for the paid plans as ours

United Arab Emirates
Almost 3 years using the app
September 10, 2022

I downloaded the app through Shopify. The Google report wouldn't load, the page rank didn't load, the image compression didn't work, the SEO products didn't load, the SEO pages didn't load, the SEO Articles didn't load, the Broken links didn't work, the Advanced setting of linking the search console code didn't work and the search console crashed when trying to open. I thought your programme didn't load properly so I rebooted my computer. I reopened the app and nothing loaded. I am now going to cancel my subscription and remove the app from my Shopify store!

E3Live Australia
About 1 hour using the app
February 20, 2020

Pas de support client, pas de réponses, j'ai posé des questions quelques fois mais aucune réponse. Je pense annuler cette application si pas de réponse à mon dernier message.
11 months using the app
Fastify Apps replied February 20, 2020

We are so sorry for your unhappy experience.
But something is wrong. Our support system is still working and not receiving any ticket from you.
Our team has reached out to you to ask for checking the issue on your site.

Edited November 23, 2019

any app that makes you review it before you've tried it is obviously not worth the time and effort.
and now i've given it 1 star its messinag around about submitting it i have done!!!!

United Kingdom
11 months using the app
November 19, 2021

Useless, nothing seems to work, they charged fees from second it was installed, no customer service, they don’t reply emails.

United States
8 days using the app
Edited November 25, 2019

Do I have to leave a review before I can install and use this app? It looks promising but I don't like to write reviews before I've seen it in action.

I can't even see how to install this app without leaving a review. I've contaceted tech support.

Celtic Mink Jewelry
United States
5 months using the app
January 18, 2020

I just installed it and will give my feedback in a couple of days after seeing the effects it have on my store seo improvements. My store is just days old and if the app does a great work then am gonna go for the unlimited pack immediately

United Arab Emirates
About 2 months using the app
Fastify Apps replied January 18, 2020

Thank you for your review.
Our app will help your SEO. Don't worry! If you have any questions about SEO, we are always here to help you.
Please contact us via email: We will fix all issues about our app for you.

January 15, 2020

So... I tried the free version of the App first just to see if I liked it. I actually uninstalled it because for a day and a half every time I logged into it I got a 503 Redirect, which is for sure not awe inspiring for an SEO company. Also they didn't notify anyone of problems, everything goes down once in a while but not updating your customers is bad in my book.

Couple things to note...

While it does compress pictures, it doesn't compress them on your home page only your collections, products, blogs and other pages... Which is weird because I would have thought that the home page would be the one you want to load faster, and that those images would be available for compression.

Audit Your Store Feature - While it's good, it uses Lighthouse which is what Google uses, it only tests mobile... It doesn't tell you what your scores are for Desktop so it's a bit misleading. They also say that they will show you how to fix the problems but they don't... Instead they offer third party fixes and things that a non-coder wouldn't even be able to figure out how to do.

Sitemap submit - I did this yesterday and have woken up to see that rather than increasing my Google rank, it's dropped, like a load stone. This seems to be the opposite of what they said it would do.

I have submitted support tickets to see what kind of response I get... But I think I might end up just canceling this app. It doesn't appear to do what they say it's supposed to do, and the keyword search and ranking doesn't seem to show that much information. I say that because I usually get an error every time I try to run it.

United Kingdom
11 days using the app
Fastify Apps replied January 15, 2020

Thank you for your review
We are sorry that you had unhappy experience with our app. Our developer team has reached out to you to ask for checking the issue on your site.