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GemPage - Drag & Drop Page Builder

GemPage - Drag & Drop Page Builder

Developed by Seal Commerce

24 reviews
Price: $99.00 Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Drag & Drop Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Story Telling
  • Drag & Drop One-Product / Sales Pages with Responsive Web Design
  • Start with High Converting Templates, Then Make Them Yours

Please notice that the app is in beta mode and may contains bugs and improvements, if you're not urgent. Please come back after July 02, 2017. We will be release a new version soon. Thanks for your business.

Please notice that the app is in beta mode and may contains bugs and improvements, if you're not urgent. Please come back after July 02, 2017. We will be release a new version soon. Thanks for your business.

Please notice that the app is in beta mode and may contains bugs and improvements, if you're not urgent. Please come back after July 02, 2017. We will be release a new version soon. Thanks for your business.

GemPage generates beautiful Home, Contact Us, About Us, Story Telling, Free Shipping, Look Book, One-Product Page* and much more.


  • Drag & Drop Customization

  • Modern Live Text Editor

  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive Web Design

  • Developer Friendly & Custom Code Editor

  • High Converting Templates from the Library

Introducing Library

GemPage comes with +100 inspiring ready-to-use templates (we ship code daily) that makes easy to build your own beautiful pages within few minutes.

24/7 Support. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, we're here to support! >>> sealcommerce@gmail.com

You can uninstall the app anytime and still keep pages you have designed.

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GemPage - Drag & Drop Page Builder reviews

24 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (4 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Have contacted support 3 times over the last 3 weeks with no response :( Lots of glitches! Could be a great app down the road but really disappointed with the app currently and most definitely the service! Do not recommend


Is this app developer even active, I tried the email and it bounced back. If so, can you guys please respond and let us merchants know this product is active and being supported. I'm looking to buy an additional builder for a client shop, but not interested if responses are not answered.

I like the app, so I'm giving 4 stars to be fair, however I'm on trial so I'll wait for a response before purchasing.


Dont Waste your time on this app. This is what the app developer is saying:

I don’t have any problems with your even you left us a bad reviews because I’m worth it.

Please let me know what are your problems as I have not touching on the app as I’m only developing a better version only these days. I closed the app as well, no ones purchase the apps since your bad reviews.

Please let me know.

This app is dead. Or maybe not. But is is not a good product.


Expect messages from Chrs on a weekly basis if you buy this app:

Hi, please allow me 1 - 2 days more, because I'm upgrading the app. I know the app is still in beta and has some limitations
But please just wait for a bit, then with new version it should be fine.
Then I'll get back to you asap!

Ugh $150 USD for this? App is still not fixed.


The App is in Beta yes but they are willing to take your money before it is ready for prime time. Expect your pages to load incorrectly. Expect fonts to be wrong. Expect a mess. I dont know why Shopify fails to disclose that the APP is in Beta -- which everyone knows means that you should wait before you install the app.

I have asked Chris, the delveloper in Vietnam, to refund my money until the app is ready. He said he would do this if I removed my negative reviews. I refused.

Beware, beware, beware and shame on you Shopify for letting this go on;


Here are the pros:
$100 per year vs $50 per month($600 per year) - on Wordpress I paid $40 once for a builder that was just as good as the others, so $50 a month to me is insanity.

If you've used a builder before, it's pretty easy to get the hang of. I was able to duplicate my old site pretty quickly.

It's still in Beta, so it's going to get better if you support the app.

There were a few things I had issues figuring out - just know that Right Clicking a section allows you to edit CSS and styles for it. Knowing that would have saved a lot of my time.

Support is good, but not great, but with the support I've been giving my own customers while focusing on building out the new site, I can see why he'd have less time to focus on fixing little issues one by one vs just working to fix the entire issue for everyone at once as quickly as possible.

Currently, it doesn't allow you to customize product pages but the feature is coming soon.

Overall, I'm super happy with the builder. You are trading off some features for the lower price, but for myself, I was able to do just about everything I wanted with no help from the developer I pay hourly to assist me with things and I have a fairly complex site. The only thing I'm using my dev for is to custom code a section from my theme into the builder so the styling is the same.

If you're coming from Wordpress and you're blown away by the price of other builders, I can say from my own personal experience that this builder is good enough to justify you not spending an extra $500 elsewhere if you're going to be customizing a lot of different pages.


*NOTE: My opinions are my own. This review is given from the perspective of a designer working through with GemPages and does not reflect the opinions of the owners/companies this page builder was used for. I only give my feedback as a third-party.*

Initially, I needed a page building app that allowed for certain customizations and capabilities that enabled my client and I to test design solutions for product pages and content pages. I found GemPages and thought to give it a try as I've had experience working with in-app page builders for other platforms and I liked the offering.

Ive worked with GemPages for a few months from the initial kickoff to final launch (Roughly February - May). Full transparency, at first the system had some bugs that would show some inconsistencies and errors but after speaking with Chris and reporting the issues, he made sure to verify the issues and correct them as they were reported. He's been very friendly through the entire process and open to suggestions and feedback.

From a design perspective, I took some customization liberties for our page design that allowed for a modern but light design execution and the inapp widgets allowed me to build the design how we imagined.

All in all, after working through the initial learning curve of a new visual builder and making sure any potential bugs on my page are resolved prior to launch (things are good now), GemPages has become an app I trust for future page implementations.

I look forward to seeing the next phase of GemPages and what Chris' team has to offer - this is definitely an app worth giving a try to build and test.


Ok. To start boldly: This is one of greatest apps I've installed. Ever.

I am an experienced Wordpress user, but Shopify was all new to me so I was a bit lost to begin with. I felt that Shopify was missing something very important - a proper way to build pages for those who are not educated in this field. Wordpress has it (Visual Composer) and that works great, but what about Shopify?

I finally stumbled across GemPage and was actually excited by how easy it was to do pretty much everything. In all honesty, it beats Visual Composer because you can do pretty much anything and you don't need any previous experience.

The support from these guys - Chris, is the one I've been in touch with - is the best I've ever received. Whenever I had a question or needed any help, they replied me within minutes on their integrated live-chat, in the control panel. GemPage comes packed with a lot of cool features and templates. Another cool thing is that they keep on updating and adding new features all the time. They actually listens to their users.

This review got lengthy and I could write more but I think I'll end it by saying this: The tiny sum I paid for GemPage was by far the best investment I could make when opening up my new store. To ensure it became the best it could be.

Thank you so much, Chris & the whole GemPage crew! Truly amazing work.


We have found this app to be very useful for our website needs. Chris is very responsive and though the app has some bugs, he always is quick to try and fix the problem and is willing to work with you. The app is also truly responsive to mobile devices which is a plus. The drag and drop features are easy to use and he is always adding more features. Overall very happy with this app.


THE BEST APP i've ever used!!!!
I tried many days to find the best for me and i have no words about this app and Chris! He is always there to help you for every issue!!!



- Starter: $39 / year
- Professional: $99 / year
- Advanced: $149 / year
HURRY! NO MORE MONTHLY FEES! VIP EARLY ACCESS AVAILABLE TODAY. No commitments. Cancel at anytime and still keep pages you have designed.

7 days

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