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Merchants highly recommend this app for enhancing affiliate marketing programs, noting its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly interface. It offers customizable commission structures and a comprehensive analytics dashboard, making it ideal for both new and smaller businesses. The app is praised for its reliable performance and responsive customer support, even on free plans. Features like automated payments and easy navigation facilitate efficient management of affiliate programs, suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Integration is seamless, allowing for quick setup and affiliate recruitment.

March 5, 2023

I downloaded today and we'll see how it goes but so far everything is going well. let's get more customers through this Method.

About 8 hours using the app
July 12, 2020

Thus far, after downloading it is user friendly and I am not having major issues learning the app.

8 days using the app
May 23, 2019

The functionality that this app offers for free is insanely good. I only hope it stays that way! Thank you for providing it.

Amalgam Collection
United Kingdom
About 8 hours using the app
March 22, 2021

Nice platform but contacted customer support now a couple times over the span of 1-2 weeks and just didn't get a reply. So still waiting on their answer.

9 days using the app
GoAffPro replied March 23, 2021


Apologies for the issues. I think your contact email might be set incorrectly.

Your contact email is currently set as, so we have been replying to that email. Kindly ensure that email is working. Your last support request was replied to within 10 minutes. See screenshot below

In case the email is incorrect, please update it via Settings -> Notifications tab -> Contact email section

Otherwise, you can contact me directly at from your email address and I will try and get your queries resolved asap

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Tenani
CEO, Goaffpro

April 1, 2021

Would have given this a 5 star rating if it were not for the glaring omission of a lack of notification when your affiliates cross their Payment amount threshold - a simple email to say - Affiliate X is now due to be paid - instead I have to go into the software find the screen on a regular basis to double check. Should happen automatically. Causes a lack of trust by my affiliates as they are telling me that I need to pay them, whereas previously we knew exactly when to pay them without having to check all the time.

Raise the Bar Print and Design
United Kingdom
9 days using the app
April 24, 2020

The app is very good. If i can make 1 small difference i would apreciate a lot! When a costumer makes an order, the afiliate receive a confirmation email. But in that email only say the number of the order. I would like that in the that e-mail says too the order and costumer details.

I already send 2 e-mail to admin and support, but didnt get answer. Thanks

Perfumes Prouvé
7 days using the app
Edited March 26, 2021

This is an update to my last review. Thank you for responding to my review I really do appreciate that. First I was unaware of the mobile app being in beta testing mode if I was aware maybe I could understand more. Second the biggest thing was I was not getting a response every time I left a message except for the automated one that was my biggest problem as I was wondering if there was customer service. Third I really do love the features that your company offers and the functionality of everything including the online app. If the bugs in the online app get s resolved I would definitely return to use your service as i really do like it thanks again for replying to my earlier review.

Tedricks place
United States
9 days using the app
GoAffPro replied March 25, 2021

Hi Tedrick

Quick update: Thanks for update.

In the affiliate's portal the affiliates can do everything they can do on the mobile apps and due to affiliate portal being on the web browser, we can push updates faster than on the mobile apps (as mobile app updates have to go through the apple and google's app store's review process).

So in the affiliate portal, the affiliates have some advanced features like Mini store, MLM Network browser, Product Link creator, Advanced analytics etc., and generally most "power" affiliates prefer affiliate portal over mobile apps. Mobile apps are intended for smaller affiliates, who seldom check their performance. And truth be told, you would find 95% of sales from power affiliates.

Regardless, the affiliate portal itself, is responsive and mobile first developed, so it works just as good as any native app
(and in many cases even better, since we don't have to make changes on the fancies of the app store "guardians" - google and apple)

Another BIG BIG disadvantage of mobile apps, is that they CANNOT be launched/customized on a per merchant basis (since that would not only be prohibitively expensive, this would also violate SPAM policy of the respective app stores resulting in insta-ban), and the affiliate portal can actually be complete merchant branded (URL, logo, colors, text, copyright etc.). So if you are planning to run a WHITELABEL affiliate program, affiliate portal is the way to go.


In the mobile app page, it states that the mobile app is in a PREVIEW/BETA stage (and is not ready for prime time). Normally a BETA or PREVIEW stage is where the team collects feedback and fixes bugs etc.

So we are collecting feedback from the merchants to improve it as we go. Your feedback is already forwarded to the tech team and they'll get this fixed in the upcoming updates.

Anyways, we wish you all the success in the world and hope that one day, you'll return back to us :)

(hopefully when the mobile app is out of beta/preview stage)

Thanks and regards

PS. You'll find that none of the competitors even have mobile apps for affiliates

May 21, 2020

Awesome app!
So seamless and easy to use. I really appreciate the step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

United States
About 7 hours using the app
July 15, 2020

Super easy to set up and share with my influencers. I love that it keeps a record of sales by each person on a dashboard. This makes my life so much easier. I'm excited to increase my sales and watch my company grow.

United States
About 7 hours using the app
June 20, 2019

Integration from our old woocommerce webshop went very smoothly and fast with the help of app support!! This app supports redirecting our old affiliate links from other site and all that cool stuff which makes this probably the best option for lots of people. I checked other aff apps on shopify and asked about it and this was the only one that could integrate existing affiliates from woocommerce without any hassle! Admin / Portal looks very slick and easy to use too. Thank you for this app!

About 7 hours using the app