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Google Shopping

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Show products to interested customers across Google's Network.

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Easily sync your products

The app will automatically create a product feed and upload it to your Merchant Center Account, then update the feed when you make changes

Run a Google Shopping Campaign

Google Smart Shopping campaigns automatically optimize your campaign for sales. Just set a daily budget, no need to do anything else!

Track your campaign results

See how your campaign is performing and adjust your daily budget, all without leaving Shopify.

About Google Shopping

The Google Shopping Channel is now internationally available.

SYNC YOUR PRODUCTS TO MERCHANT CENTER You'll be guided to connect your Google Merchant Center to your Shopify account and sync your products to create your Google Product Feed. Feed updates will be automatically sent to Merchant Center any time you make changes to your products.

CREATE SMART SHOPPING CAMPAIGNS The Google Shopping app makes it easier to create online ads for your products. Use the app to connect your Google Merchant Center to your Shopify account, sync your products, connect a Google Ads account (formerly AdWords), and create a Smart Shopping campaign that reaches shoppers all over the internet.

Create a Google Smart Shopping campaign in only a few minutes by setting a daily budget. Google’s Smart Shopping campaign optimizes bidding and ad placement, choosing the best time and place to show the right products to the right shoppers. You only pay when a shopper clicks on your ad. The app automatically places ads where they perform best, such as on desktop or mobile, on Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, and the Google Display Network.

For Google to fully optimize the performance of your campaign we recommend running your campaign for at least 30 (consecutive) days.

NEW TO GOOGLE ADVERTISING? When you create a new Google Ads account by using the Google Shopping app in Shopify, you can qualify for a free credit towards your campaign.

To learn more about eligibility and the value of the credit for each country visit the Help Center.

What does the Google Shopping app do?

Shopify's Google Shopping app automatically syncs your products and relevant information about your Shopify store with Google Merchant Center. You can then update your product details, run marketing campaigns for your products on Google Shopping, and track the results directly from your Shopify admin.

What are Google Shopping ads?

Google Shopping ads help you attract more potential buyers by showing your products in search results and display ads across the internet.

What’s a Google Smart Shopping campaign?

A Google Smart Shopping campaign uses automated bidding and ad placement to promote your products across Google’s networks. Your product feed is combined with Google’s optimization technology so you can show your ads to shoppers on Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, and the Google Display Network.

What does a Google Smart Shopping campaign cost?

You set your own daily budget. The minimum recommended budget is $5 per day. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

If I am moving over from the old Google Shopping app will all my data be lost?

No. We transfer all of your product data from the old Google Shopping app to this app. This includes all of your product feed information, custom labels, brand and product category.

Integrates with

  • Google Merchant Center

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Free to install

When you run a campaign, the ad spend is billed directly to your Google Ads account. You set the daily campaign budget.

Overall rating
1.8 of 5 stars
Based on 418 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Trophy Skin

If you use your product variants for anything other than colors and sizes (i.e. special offers that you DON'T want published) you are out of luck. This app publishes all variants with no option to exclude. Shopify's advice - duplicate all your products and remove the variants! This is a huge mess for our inventory, customer service, accounting, etc. Forcing us to move to a new app without fixing this issue is very poor! What is an alternative to this app?


A great product, I don't understand the criticisms about this application. for me it took +-3 days, the time that google approved the ads.

Amalli Talli

I downloaded this after reading through MANY of the reviews and I'm really glad I did. I'm by no means a Google Shopping expert, but I've installed it today and already have all my products approved and eligible in my Merchant Center. I really think that it has a number of poor reviews are because people are expecting this app to do ALL the work in Google Shopping and that's not necessarily the case. It's extremely effective at being an API and bringing products into your merchant center to set up for approval. If you've ever tried it the old way when you had to upload a spreadsheet with the pertinent information, you will definitely appreciate this app. But that being said, you still have to be proactive about logging into your Google Merchant Center Account and identifying any errors it's kicking back. And you still have to have an understanding of the information it's going to ask of you in your Merchant Center Account and how to properly input the data. I read a lot of reviews that said their products have been in "pending" status for weeks on end, which I think is likely because they didn't go in and finish properly setting up each product. You have to add and input all the necessary information, and then it will feed that information directly into your Merchant Center account.

Learn about Google Shopping first & THEN get this app.