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Google Shopping

Google Shopping

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  • Easily create or connect a Google Merchant Center Account
  • Sync all of your Shopify products and get them ready for Shopping ads
  • Keep products up-to-date with automatic sync after every change

The Google Shopping channel automatically syncs all of your Shopify products and required settings to your Google Merchant Center Account. This makes it easier to create Shopping ads from your AdWords Account, because you won't have to upload a CSV file to your Merchant Center Account or manually verify your store domain.

This channel doesn't create Shopping ads. To do that, you’ll have to create an AdWords Account, link it to your Merchant Center Account, and create a Shopping campaign. When you link your Merchant Center Account to your Shopping campaign, all of the products synced through this channel will appear in Google ads.

To use this channel you need to sell in US currency and ship to the United States (not exclusively).

You'll be able to:

  • Create or connect your existing Merchant Center Account

  • Sync products to your Merchant Center Account and get them ready for ads

  • Sync product category, custom labels and other Google fields for each product

  • Automatically sync and verify your store domain, currency, shipping, and tax settings

  • Understand the status of your products and fix errors


  • We welcome your feedback at googlebeta@shopify.com

  • Sign up to be notified when this channel will be available to stores that sell in non-US currency

  • The old Google Shopping app was removed from the app store on November 10, 2017
  • FAQ

    What is Google Shopping?

    Google Shopping consists of two platforms: Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center. By setting up these two platforms, your products are advertised on Google when someone searches for them. Your product feed is based on the products in your Shopify store and is synced to your Merchant Center Account. Google AdWords lets you create a Shopping campaign, set a budget, and manage ads. This channel helps you create a product feed for your Merchant Center Account.

    If I am moving over from the old Google Shopping app will all my data be lost?

    No. We transfer all of your product data from the old Google Shopping app to the new Google Shopping app. This includes all of your product feed information, custom labels, brand and product category.

    Can I add custom labels and product category for the products?

    Yes. You can add this extra information to your products after they sync into the app. If you had the old Google Shopping app installed all of the customer labels and the product category will be automatically synced for you.

    Does this channel make ads for me?

    No. This channel makes it easier to create a product feed and sync it to your Merchant Center so that you don’t have to manually upload a CSV file with all of your products.

    Are my products automatically visible on Google?

    No. Only you can see your products until you create a Shopping campaign through Google AdWords.

    How do I advertise my products on Google Shopping?

    You'll have to create an AdWords Account and link it to your Merchant Center Account. From AdWords, you can create a Shopping campaign, set your budget, and select the product feed you imported with the Shopify Google Shopping channel. Shopping ads will run on synced products.

Google Shopping reviews

79 reviews
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Fix this ASAP as well please introduce outside of US shipping and currencies.


Won't even let me "Connect a Google Account". Button does nothing.


terrible update, products that used to sync to the google shopping don't sync anymore - search products on google shopping and it says shipping cost is $80, says products that are not approved are missing barcodes add barcodes and still not approved so much manual work to fix errors and nothing works like it used to, then it tells me i don't have a sitemap, like whoever decided to update this app needs to be fired because it was working perfectly fine before, this update sucks


Shopify insists that they can only transmit one shipping option with the feed and that they have to send the most expensive one. The result is that a $10 item shows a shipping cost of $30! I can enter an alternate, more affordable shipping service directly in the Merchant Center, however it gets overridden daily by the Shopify feed. Perhaps they should outsource this app to the folks who developed the eBay feed - that one works great and transmits ALL shipping options and lets you specify the order that they are displayed.


It's not you. It's the app. I called Shopify support to see why google shopping was no longer working for me. There are a lot of things one could "try" but ultimately the API is broken. It's not working for anyone (as evidenced by the reviews here). So you're probably better off not spending a lot of time trying to get this thing to work.


Terrible App. My ads have been down for 1 week because the feed API won't sync between Shopify and Google Merchant Center.

There is *no* support from Google - this is useless. I will try to reinstall the 'old' Google Shopping app because at least that worked.


Where is the previous app?????? This app is of no use!!!!


You have to rechange the currency and all of that, only to find out that it doesn't even push to countries outside of the US? Okay...


The new Google Shopping "app/feed" is a total joke! Completely useless! Why fix or change something that worked relatively well?
1. Does not appear to sync.
2. Items with Barcodes/GTIN's applied, still "Not Approved".
3. Items with no Barcodes/GTIN's applied, "Approved".
4. No way to search the "Approved, Not Approved, Pending" lists in the app/feed.
5. Cannot export the "Approved, Not Approved, Pending" lists.
6. Should be able to access Google Shopping settings at the product level in Shopify. You cannot. Instead you have to manually scroll through lists in the app/feed to find an item.

Is this a Shopify April fools joke? How can a "developer" look at this app/feed and approve it? Unbelievable.


WOW what a disaster of an app... I made the mistake of uninstalling the old app because I wasn't using it and now that I'm ready to tackle Google Shopping again this is what we have available? I'm in Australia so of course, can't use it because of the $USD requirement. My opinion is that Shopify did this on purpose so that we have to use the paid apps.



Sell in US currency
Ship to the United States

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