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Google Shopping

Google Shopping

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  • Easily create or connect a Google Merchant Center Account
  • Sync all of your Shopify products and get them ready for Shopping ads
  • Keep products up-to-date with automatic sync after every change

The Google Shopping channel automatically syncs all of your Shopify products and required settings to your Google Merchant Center Account. This makes it easier to create Shopping ads from your AdWords Account, because you won't have to upload a CSV file to your Merchant Center Account or manually verify your store domain.

This channel doesn't create Shopping ads. To do that, you’ll have to create an AdWords Account, link it to your Merchant Center Account, and create a Shopping campaign. When you link your Merchant Center Account to your Shopping campaign, all of the products synced through this channel will appear in Google ads.

To use this channel you need to sell in US currency, ship to the United States (not exclusively), and have fewer than 10,000 products.

You'll be able to:

  • Create or connect your existing Merchant Center Account

  • Sync products to your Merchant Center Account and get them ready for ads

  • Automatically sync and verify your store domain, currency, shipping, and tax settings

  • Get products approved by Google faster and skip the 3 day Merchant Center Account approval process

  • Understand the status of your products and fix errors


  • This channel is currently in beta. We welcome your feedback at googlebeta@shopify.com

  • Sign up to be notified when this channel will be available to stores with more than 10,000 products or stores that sell in non-US currency

  • The old Google Shopping app was removed from the app store on November 10, 2017
  • FAQ

    What is Google Shopping?

    Google Shopping consists of two platforms: Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center. By setting up these two platforms, your products are advertised on Google when someone searches for them. Your product feed is based on the products in your Shopify store and is synced to your Merchant Center Account. Google AdWords lets you create a Shopping campaign, set a budget, and manage ads. This channel helps you create a product feed for your Merchant Center Account.

    Does this channel make ads for me?

    No. This channel makes it easier to create a product feed and sync it to your Merchant Center so that you don’t have to manually upload a CSV file with all of your products.

    Are my products automatically visible on Google?

    No. Only you can see your products until you create a Shopping campaign through Google AdWords.

    How do I advertise my products on Google Shopping?

    You'll have to create an AdWords Account and link it to your Merchant Center Account. From AdWords, you can create a Shopping campaign, set your budget, and select the product feed you imported with the Shopify Google Shopping channel. Shopping ads will run on synced products.

Google Shopping reviews

55 reviews
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Disapointed :( :( All setup info and tips are made for the previous version of this app which also seemed more user friendly and up-to-date than this hagwash.. Seems like a scrappy beta version at best with very limited controls etc. etc. I see im not the only one with this issue... Hope you guys will read your reviews and fix asap (hint you are losing money from lost transactions fee's aswell).


Garbage. This app has cost us a lot of sales, due to Google denying my products because the prices don't match with what this Sales Channel is sending to Google?! Still have no idea how to solve this. Everything was going smoothly until I received the email from Shopify saying we should upgrade to this app. Old app was working perfectly fine.



I really need this to work in Europe


Please roll back this to previous version. This messed up my google feed and shopping ads. PLEASE FIX . THIS WAS MY ONLY WAY OF ADVERTISING AND SELLING. SERIOUS ISSUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no option to push the feed or republish after I make a change in product attributes.


only possible to use in USD. Please fix this ASAP - it is one of the most important tools for Store survival in this mad shopping world...

Thinking about leaving Shopify because of this mess...


I want the old app back... the one is forcing to rewrite my descriptions... that is tons of work I DONT need . This is absolutely terrible




Still only USD.. this is bs. I'm just back checking. I opened another store in EU earlier this month, that's when i found out that this google extension was totally broken. Luckily i haven't updated it on my first store so that i can still do remarketing and shopping ads as normal there, but i still can't believe how braindead the people that did this has to be. I think the only way to get this fixed and to get the people behind this fired/reputation ruined is for all of us to contact google directly and show them they are losing tons of money because of this.


So far it seems fine, other than there's no search. If you have 100's of products how can you search and see if that product is approved and listed. You can't sift through pages and pages looking for it.

No one is mentioning that we received an email from Shopify saying we had no choice but had to make this move before end of Jan 2018. This page says it's beta. But we were told we had no choice and had to move and the other google shopping app was being disconnected.


The old app was great and easy to set up. This app does not allow me to sell in New Zealand so can no longer use Google products through Shopify. This makes a lot of sales for us and other sellers so needs to be fixed asap.



Sell in US currency
Ship to the United States
Have fewer than 10,000 products

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