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  • Free to use -- Zero setup fees. Zero upfront costs. Zero minimum orders. Fully automated and virtualized (Zero need for inventory).
  • More awesome & profitable products than any other (100+ High-quality products). Global reach w/most orders shipping from USA or country your customer is ordering from (In-country print & ship available for: USA, UK, EU, Australia, and India.)
  • Start scaling your shop by selling custom T-Shirts, Mugs, Totes, Phone Cases, Pillows, and more.

You Sell * We Print, Pack, Drop Ship * You Get the Credit (and the profit!)

Since 2012 our platform has successfully printed + shipped over 2.5 million custom printed products worldwide.

Our print-on-demand + dropshipping e-commerce platform (headquartered in NYC) empowers Shopify store-owners to customize, sell, and drop ship a wide variety (100+ products) of goods almost anywhere in the world.

You create products in the Gooten Shopify App using your unique custom designs. After you publish your newly created products to your Shopify store, and when one of your customers places an order, it is sent through the Gooten system to one of our print fulfillment vendors who prints and ships the order.

You only pay when a product sells!

Zero risk testing and publishing of new products!

Most items ordered from customers in the USA, ship from USA. We also originate orders in-country for your customers who might be ordering from EU, UK, Australia, and India -- substantially reducing shipping time and cost.

How it Works (4 Simple Steps)

  • Install the Gooten App

  • Set up your free Gooten account

  • Upload your designs and create completely new products with our image editing tools, or simply sync your existing products you would like us to fulfill

  • Set up your billing information so you can begin taking orders
  • Feel free to contact us at partnersupport@gooten.com for assistance getting started.

    You can also use our LIVE CHAT in our app to speak with support agents who are happy to help!

    Monitor Your Orders Easily

    From your Gooten dashboard you can view which orders are in production, which are out for delivery, and which ones have been delivered.

    100+ Products To Choose From (more than any other)

    We offer a wide selection of high quality products that can be customized with your designs:

    • T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Youth Apparel, Infant Clothing, Baby Beanies
    • Home decor: throw pillows, blankets, mugs, towels, and much more <

    • Prints, posters, photo books, canvases, and other wall decor

    • 3D Fully-Sublimated Phone cases for Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Blackberry phone cases

    • Tote bags

    • Cards and stationeries

    • Puzzles

    • Shower Curtains

    • Socks

    • Backpacks

    • Pinback Buttons

    • Woodprints

    • Shower Curtains

    • Floor Mats

    • Die-cut Stickers

    • Sticker Sheets

    • Did we mention PUZZLES!?

    … and much, much, more!

    Check out our product catalog to see our full offering.

    FULL CONTROL: Choose Your Designs, Your Products, and Your Profit Margins

    We offer wholesale pricing and allow you to set your end pricing.

    It’s a simple formula: Your Price - Our Price = Your Profit

    Zero hidden fees or BS -- We believe in straightforward pricing and communication.

    You can update your prices at anytime, offer coupons, and run special promotions.

    Personalized Support

    Our team is committed to the success of every one of your orders and we respond quickly to your needs. We value you as a partner and we are motivated to help you grow your business.

    Need More Assistance?

    Check out our FAQs page or contact us directly - partnersupport@gooten.com.

    Recent Updates

  • Added 20 new products

  • Fixed all product previews so images are now generated at a size of 1000px.

  • Improved image upload speeds so most product previews are generated in less than 2 seconds.

  • When bulk adding an image, if all of the image requirements are the same size you only need to crop the picture once instead of for every SKU.

  • Partners can now choose their Shopify options that get displayed on their store and change their prices all on one page.

  • Updated the user flow to make the experience of adding and connecting products more enjoyable.
  • Our mission is to continue to provide improvements to our platform based on partner feedback. Feel free to reach out to partnersupport@gooten.com (or via LIVE CHAT in our app) if you have suggestions on how we can make your user experience even better.

Gooten reviews

51 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

I was a bit confused on how to create a product at first, but after a short while it was easy to get used to. I've used a bunch of different, but similar companies, and this one by far is my favorite! I love the amount of options and that it actually tells you if the size is correct and fits properly. That is an issue I've had with other apps. I highly recommend it!. I can see how some of the people in a few of the other reviews were confused, but if you give it just a bit, you'll be happy you used Gooten. If I could change one thing though, it would be how they handle shipping for my store. I don't like how I have to manually figure out the shipping cost for each items. I wish they would make it more simple.


There are a lot of options, and the turnaround times aren't bad. But the quality? Terrible. I ordered 2 products that I have ordered from other companies and the canvas mini was printed incredibly crooked and the easel back wasn't attached. The accessory pouch I ordered had a poor print and felt super cheap compared to other POD pouches I've ordered. (I paid for these samples, they were not the free ones - I wanted to make sure what I was getting was realistic)

Order samples to make sure the quality is what you are expecting.


A Nightmare to use.
Let's say I want to create a baby onesie with my own print. I want to offer it in multiple sizes and colors. Any other POD app I have used, lets you see the colors available in a way that quickly allows you to decide whether your print works on a certain color. A few check boxes to choose what you want after uploading your design and you're done.
With Gooten, you get a text list of all the different combinations of colors and sizes available, making it a nightmare to choose what you're looking for and sometimes impossible to know whether your print will look good on a certain color because you can't see that color until you select it and move to the next screen. The pricing is all over the place with small variations in garment prices as well as shipping prices. So if you choose to price your product the same way, your margins will be different on pretty much every item you sell. If you price them differently, it'll make it almost impossible to manage later if you want to raise or lower prices.
Want to offer a tank top? The company offers 6 types but due to color and size variations you have to scroll through 73 (yes!) pages of tank tops to choose the ones you're looking for. You can filter, which is nice, but what good is filtering by name of product if I have no idea what this product looks like.

The reason this app gets 2* instead of just 1 is that it looks very promising. They do have A LOT of options and the base prices for some of the products are decent. Sometimes I wish other POD apps had some of the customization options Gooten is offering. I will check it again in a few months and hopefully they'll improve it by then. Until then, I'm sticking with other services.


FANTASTIC program with great customer service! Very easy to use! and the products are top notch! Could not be happier!


I am very disappointed, I am ready to go to work and create designs for my business and for the life of me...cannot even figure out how and where to begin. There is NO information on how it all works for your own designs


I've been using this app for a couple months, and I can list the good and the bad:

The good:
1- Print quality on fleece blankets and home goods is outstanding.
2- Large product selection in their catalogue

The bad:
1- Print quality on the t-shirt sample I ordered wasn't great. The color of the shirt bled through the design, and the shirt had a STRONG vinegar odor. I know this (should) come out after a wash, but none of the samples from the other POD companies had this smell.
2- Interface is extremely slow and clunky. No templates provided, and you have to size every image yourself. Plus, the large images can take as long as five minutes to upload.

Still, the good far outweighs the bad, and I highly recommend them.


Would definitely recommend to a friend or use it on another website. This app is sleek, easy to set up and use and has hugely helped with my Shopify store.


The products looked promising. But I gave up trying to use it, because it is just too slow, and too difficult to use.

Too many details needed to be handled manually - using a terrible interface.

Would have appreciated it if it was presented in a step-by-step manner. Like

0. Upload a design.
1. Choose a Tee
2. Choose all sizes you want
3. Choose all colors you want
4. Choose underbase
5. Mock up options

Or something. Instead I see page after page of words that drive me nuts.
That's even before i see the damned mockup.



Gooten was an absolute game changer for my business. We were using a well known competitor for many months but product prices were too high and customer support was not nearly as good as we needed. That's when we luckily found Gooten and overnight we double our margins on our products (apparel and art). Since then Gooten has printed over 300 items for us WITHOUT 1 issue and customer service has been outstanding!

They also have tons of unique products which makes it really easy to try different products for your niche to see what sticks.

I highly encourage any entrepreneur that is looking to partner with a manufacturer for printing/fulfillment to take a serious look at Gooten because in my opinion they are the best player out there.


Commonly the weakest link in any offering is product support but not with the Gooten team. Extremely responsive with immediate results. I'm still new to this company, but we are definitely off to a great start. Product setup could not be easier, and as a one-person show, this is the answer that I desperately need so I can get my life back. Thank you, Gooten team! Great job!


Free to use -- Zero setup fees. Zero upfront costs. Zero minimum orders. Fully automated and virtualized (Zero need for inventory) -- Check out our product catalog to see our full offering.


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