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Gooten - Print On Demand and Dropshipping

Gooten - Print On Demand and Dropshipping

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72 reviews
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  • Free to use -- no setup fees, monthly charges, hidden fees or inventory to manage -- All profit all the time
  • Choose from 100+ products we’ve carefully curated to suit your brand and help grow your business
  • Start scaling your store today by selling and dropshipping your custom designed T-Shirts, Mugs, Totes, Phone Cases, Pillows, and more

Your All-In-One Print Fulfillment Solution, With the Best Product Selection in Dropshipping

Your business is only as good as the quality of the products you offer.

Teaming with Gooten ensures you deliver products you love and trust, while cutting down your cost of doing business.

Our dedicated support team works in the background, processing your orders, ensuring quality of print and speed of delivery.

Your customers will come back time and again for your amazing custom designed quality products.

What It Is

The Gooten Shopify App is everything you need to design products, add them to your store, and dropship orders right to your customers on-demand.

By using Gooten you have the freedom to create, test, and try new products with zero risk and without having to manage inventory.

More products. Faster delivery time. We are the print on-demand dropshipping platform built FOR YOU.

How It Works

Begin by creating products in the Gooten Shopify App using your unique creative designs. When your customer places an order, that order is automatically sent through the Gooten system to one of our print fulfillment vendors who prints and ships the order.

1. Pick a Product

With 100+ high-quality products available, you’ll have plenty to choose from to find your next top-seller. After you install the Gooten Shopify App, browse through our products by category, or start with the ones we recommend most in our Best-Seller category. You can even choose to sync products to Gooten you already have created and existing in Shopify.

2. Next Comes Design

Upload your saved designs from your files and choose the SKUs you want to apply them to. If you have multiple variants to upload your image to, you can use our Bulk Image Add button which will upload your image to all your variants at once.

3. Publish and Start Selling

Set your pricing, write up your catchy product description, choose the categories you want your customers to see, Save and Publish and voila! You now have a new product ready to make you money.

Monitor Your Orders Easily

From your Gooten dashboard you can view which orders are in production, which are out for delivery, and which ones have been delivered.

100+ Trendy Products To Choose From

We offer a wide selection of high-quality products that can be customized with your designs:

  • T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Youth Apparel and Infant Clothing
  • Throw Pillows, Fleece Blankets, Mugs, Towels, and much more in Home Decor

  • Prints, Posters, Photobooks, Canvases, and other great Wall Art Decor

  • 3D Fully-Sublimated Phone cases for Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Blackberry phone cases

  • Tote Bags

  • Infant Products

  • Shower Curtains

  • Accessory Pouches

  • Backpacks, Cinch Sacks, Cosmetic Bags and other great Fashion Accessories

  • Pinback Buttons

  • Woodprints

  • Floor Mats

  • Die-cut Stickers

  • Sticker Sheets

  • Cards and Stationeries

  • Puzzles

  • Dog Beds, Pet Bowls, and Pet Bandanas

… and much, much, more!

Check out our product catalog to see our entire offering.

FULL CONTROL Over Your Profit Margins

Isn’t it annoying when you have a software service that gives you a limited free account, only to then automatically begin billing you after a short period of time? The Gooten platform is FREE. No hidden costs, no setup fees, no monthly charges, no BS.

It’s a simple formula: Your Price - Our Price = Your Profit

We offer low production costs, and let you mark-up your end price to customers, so you control your profit for each item sold.

You only pay when a product sells!

The success of our business is the success of yours. We believe in straightforward pricing because when you win, we all win.

UPDATE: Lower Apparel Costs + Flat Shipping

One of the benefits of being part of the Gooten partnership is our collective bargaining power. Our team has worked hard with our vendors to negotiate pricing to make sure your margins are better to grow your business. We recently decreased the product costs on our top 7 apparel items for you:

  • Hanes 5250 - down 11%

  • District 6000 - down 5%

  • Gildan 2000 - down 13%

  • Gildan 18000 - down 8%

  • Bella 3480 - down 5%

  • Bella 3001 - down 2%

  • Bella 3413 (Triblend) - down 5%

Also we believe our job is to take the complexity of shipping off of you, so we’ve instituted FLAT SHIPPING PRICING for our apparel (with more of our products to come).

  • US Standard (including AK, HI, PR): $3.59 first item; $1.65 per additional item

  • US Expedited (including AK, HI, PR): $8.49; $1.65 per additional item

  • Rest of world standard: $6.99; $4 per additional item

The Gooten Shopify App Is Built For You

Our mission is to provide a best-in-class e-commerce platform that automatically turns virtual products into physical goods out of thin air, on-demand, like magic, and drop ships orders anywhere in the world—so people, businesses, and brands can sell more, make more, with less time & money invested.

We continually make improvements to our platform based on your feedback. Please reach out to partnersupport@gooten.com if you have suggestions on how we can make your experience with us even better.

Choose a Dropshipping Partner With Expertise and Proven Experience

Since 2012 our platform has successfully printed + shipped over 2.5 million custom printed products worldwide.

Headquartered in NYC, our print-on-demand + dropshipping e-commerce platform empowers Shopify store-owners to customize, sell, and drop ship a variety of goods to almost anywhere in the world.

We handle the dirty work -- the stuff you don’t need or want to be doing -- the headaches. The hassles. The printing. The fulfillment. The quality assurance. The packing and shipping jobs -- so you have the freedom to do MORE of what YOU LOVE.

Help Is Always Here

If you need any assistance our Partner Support team (who also maintains a great FAQ page) can be reached directly via:

  • Email: partnersupport@gooten.com – Available Mon-Sun, 5am-4pm EST
  • Live Chat Support: Simply head to Gooten.com and click the round message icon located in the lower right-hand corner – Available Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm EST

Please let us know whatever help we can provide. We are dedicated to your success, and can’t wait to welcome you as our partner.

Be sure to check out our ecommerce guide to print on demand for comprehensive tips on how to launch your store without losing your shirt!

Gooten - Print On Demand and Dropshipping reviews

72 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (10 reviews)
  5. 1 star (7 reviews)

What I like :
- superb partner support
- products are reviewed by real people before getting printed (with default review request option as ON)
- production costs are low
- packaging : keeps products safe
- shipping tracking is UPS (pillow) and USPS (sticker) - trackable and if not, can contact partner support for follow-up
- edits in shopify show up in gooten products
- the only print of demand for stickers and folded cards that cater to non-bulk or single order items I have found!!

- folded card : print quality of image is fantastic (McCoy Silk double side)
- stickers : quality of material is good - really peels easy and can be restuck and the cut is smooth
- throw pillow : highly recommended (image print quality is awesome and materials feel high quality - tried cotton and poly twill 14x14 and 20x20)

What I don't like :
- shipping is too expensive for folded cards for international shipping
- guides are not easily accessible (product image dimensions in pixels and bleed margins but a partner support person gave me access to the document in our email convo)
- folded card : not reviewed even with review option on and the resulting image placement on card did not match the mockup (the image was centered in the mockup but the actual product had no margin on the right side on the front cover and not margin on the left side in the left inside page) - order was resent to me but I was billed without my consent.
***Update*** they replaced the card free of charge and shipped it to me at no cost too. So very kind of them. They took back the charge.
- sticker : image quality is a bit grainy
- sticker : option limited to vinyl and is kiss-cut not really die-cut (also no option to make margin between kisscut edge and image smaller)
- packaging : no branding options
- 2 or more pack image replacement/upload process is a bit confusing (sometimes I can only upload 1 image for all "pages" sometimes I can upload multiple images for each "page" in a pack)

I will definitely continue to use Gooten. I would love for more options to be available and the rough edges smoothened out.


I am artist new to ecommerce after 15 years in B2B sales. My expertise is in person and on canvas. Ecommerce/drop shipping and designing online is new to me but im good on a computer. Gooten has helped me avoid a couple of disasters and the store is not even done yet. Their system is simple and if i can get it anyone can. Also the couple of times i needed questions answered, they were answered, a lot faster than even expected. They even checked back with me to make sure i got it! They are making this transition less scary for me.
thank you !
brown dog art design


I love it! They have great selection! I found it easy to use and design with. Customer service (ie:Jovana!) is outstanding and she has gone out of her way to help me several times!


This has been a nightmare. Its been 3 days since trying to switch my store over from another very popular POD company. Gooten has better prices and variety but also much higher shipping.

When pushing a product to your store, you have NO control over the mockups. They are mandatory for ALL variants. Want 8 shirt colors in 5 sizes? Your store will have 40 images with no way to edit them that takes less than an hour or 2. PLUS the mockups are labeled incorrectly, so editing from a csv file is nearly impossible.

I REALLY wanted to like this service but its almost unusable. PLUS you need to orient your artwork for each individual variant! This can be done by editing your art for EVERY product by trial and error of uploading, checking if it fits, editing, repeat, because otherwise you would have to edit 80 variants for each T shirt! It's still a functional app but they need to make critical changes and realize many people start stores while working other fulltime jobs.

I hope to find work arounds to these very time consuming and frustrating issues but each step forward reveals another clumsy design of this app.

If shopify adds bulk delete (crazy that this doesnt exist yet!) a few of these issues would be solved but other sloppy design issues remain.

customer service is basically email/ticket only and respond about once or twice a day. they try to be helpful but no chat support = very long timeline to fix one problem.


Not user friendly, SO HARD TO USE compared to other POD apps, customer service is slow,


Gooten was a nightmare! The customer service issues over the holidays were the last straw for me. Just as in any line of work, you know the holiday is coming, so be prepared for it. Gooten’s prices are very competitive, but the amount of time I have to spend due to all of the issues and not being able to provide good customer service left me no choice but to switch fulfillment companies. I made the mistake of trying them again for an international order last month – which reminded me exactly why I won’t use them!!! And prompted me to finally submit this review. I don’t see them improving, especially with condescending reps.

I do hope they can work out these problems, but I’m not sure how I would ever know if or when they get so many and such large problems sorted out. I am happy with my current fulfillment company they just cost more, but it’s worth it for things to run smoothly, so I don’t see any turning back.

1.) Quality: Gooten products are outsourced and there is no quality control like with other companies. T-shirts are taken off the printer hot, crumpled into a ball & sent to the customers that way! Sometimes the graphics stick to themselves as a result and arrive damaged. If you do not choose a SKU with an underbase, they will go ahead and print it without one and send it to the customer even though the design does not even show up on the shirt. They have a good point that some people ‘want’ a vintage look. But in my cases it was obviously not wanted for the graphic to not show up at all - the point is there is no quality control, it is as if nobody even sees the finished product or cares how it looks. Sometimes the graphics are also crooked.
2.) Shipping: The t-shirt vendor for my products only ships DHL express, so it takes customers over a week to get their orders even after the week it takes to make the shirt(s). If you ship international the order just shows in limbo forever and there is no way to track anything about it. This past month my order just sat somewhere ‘unscanned’ for several weeks with no way to know there was a problem.
3.) Platform: I had a pretty good experience with the platform until they implemented their ‘hub’ and now it is a nightmare. This happened as I was taking my Etsy business to Shopify and building a Shopify store. I had to put off launching my Shopify store for months because I either can’t get my products to stay linked or the fact that it now takes hours to build a single product with multiple variants. You can no longer use a CSV with Shopify without it unlinking all the products on Gooten’s end and having to start over linking every single SKU and graphic. It is very error-prone since you have to completely reselect every SKU and graphic without even a heading at the top as to which shirt design you are working on! Product write-ups are overridden when syncing, so you have to copy and paste those every time you make a change or add a variant. I’ve tried working with them but there is no phone number just email and it’s just too much for me to spend hours, days, weeks and months helping them fix their whole business.
4.) Mockup errors: Many shirts are mocked up with the wrong image color. I have learned that since switching fulfillment companies. So I was using the wrong graphics colors at times the whole time because I thought the mockup was the actual color of the shirt. Also it makes the customer-facing mockups misleading, as people think they are purchasing the color shown.
5.) Customer service: Customer support was the reason I stuck it out and gave them such a long time to get things right; they were great up until I had some problems around the holidays, and then some got condescending. One of my customers received a defective product, and they could not do anything at all to expedite the shirt to her…I couldn’t even pay for anything to be done. The production is outsourced, and there was nothing they could do to get the vendor to prioritize the problems. Also the vendor doesn’t offer any shipping except DHL Express, so I was stuck providing a level of customer service that is not acceptable for my business. I made the mistake of trying Gooten again this past month for an international order, and when my customer made a mistake in the address I got another condescending response (the same lady, I believe!) in a very punishing reply. I get it, someone made a mistake, just help me move forward and take care of the customer!!
6.) ‘Expedited’ inconsistency: There is a huge confusion regarding expedited processing versus expedited shipping. I pay for expedited processing every single time I place an order…it isn’t much and is supposed to bump up the processing time from 12 days to 6 days. But expedited shipping has never been an option. I would use it every time if it were! Some people at Gooten use the two terms interchangeably and even tell me that expedited processing isn’t an option…even though I pay for exactly that every single time I place an order!

I'm exhausted; which is how I usually felt back when I was using Gooten!


I ordered a sample of many products from Gooten and am overall very happy with the wide range of products and high quality prints. There was a misprint on one item, but it was handled so smoothly and they offered a reprint free of charge. Support is always helpful and very nice to deal with. If you’re looking for custom printing, I’d recommend Gooten!


The app overall is great! What I strongly didn't like about it was that it left the "Gooten" option under the product's fulfillment section, despite uninstalling the app.

It always makes me feel cautious when a Shopify App is unable to fully remove their coding from your website.


I have been using Gooten for over a year now and recommend them to everyone interested in POD services. I've thoroughly tested several other services, and while there are definitely pros and cons, Gooten comes out victorious. I originally joined Gooten just for their great canvas options but quickly switched my entire store (8000+ products on 8 different product types) to Gooten. There was a bit of hurdle moving everything over to Gooten, but this is the case for any big switch.

What separates Gooten from the rest beside their huge product catalog is their support. Not just their excellent customer support, but their Partner support. If your store has an obstacle, even if it's unique to you, their partner support team will work extremely hard to find a solution.

This is definitely the best Print on Demand service for Shopify!


I've been using Gooten for the last 7 months and I really love the amazing quality of their products and very helpful support team. Everything connects so easily to my shopify store and the wide variety of unique products really makes Gooten stand out above the other print on demand services. All of my questions and concerns are always quickly answered by someone on their support team, which really makes me feel like they care about every shop owner. I would highly recommend Gooten to anyone looking to start using a Print on demand service for their brand.


Free to use -- Zero setup fees. Zero upfront costs. Zero minimum orders. Fully automated and virtualized (Zero need for inventory) -- Check out our product catalog to see our full offering.


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