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Design and dropship your choice of 100+ high-quality products

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Genius Lab Gear

I've ordered samples of mugs, bandanas and a 5x7 canvas wrap print, and all have come out well. The mugs are high quality. I can see how t-shirts would be a nightmare to sell through Gooten given the mockup and variant challenges, but give it a chance if you're selling something with only one or two sizes and no other variations. The prices are lower than anything else I've found. Shipping costs are complex but again can be gotten around if your store and variants aren't complex.

Jurassic Robot

Here's a message I sent to their customer support a few moments ago:


I don't have a request. Just want to make a statement that hopefully someone in your company will see.

I have a new Shopify store and am considering which vendor to use for POD. I've connected Printful, Printify, and Teespring so far; am considering Custom Cat. I've gone back and forth about which vendor to use but then ran across you. Great products, excellent prices. I was worried about some of the negative reviews in the app store -- specifically difficulties getting the app to work, and in how it's set up as a workflow. I decided not to sell t-shirts through you because the thought of uploading a design for *every single variation* of a product made me want to scream.

So I was going to do some of my products with you -- ones without a bunch of variation per item. And... went to try to set up an account. First I get a security warning that won't let me proceed. So I figured I'd give it a minute and move forward. Then I returned a few minutes later, but because I'd entered my email address *but wasn't able to continue setting up* it said there was already an email address in use. Okayyyy, I'll pick a different email address. Then I try to set up my account and connect to my Shopify store. I enter the information and hit the button "connect my store," it connects for a few moments... then the screen returns, with the wrong information in the Company Name and Shopify URL fields. Try again. Same thing. After each time of trying to connect my Gooten account with Shopify, I return to the Shopify Apps page to see if it's there. Nope. I tried this a few times and I give up.

Guys: nothing on your site seems to work! I'm sorry but all those people complaining on the product reviews are trying to tell you something. I've connected now 3 POD apps and they took moments and were a breeze.

I really wish you'd get your act together. Because as it is, there's no way on this green earth I'd continue to press on *even if* I could eventually connect my store... there are just too many problems here, and I've only just gotten started. Who knows what would come up down the line when I actually had customers on the line getting frustrated.

Please get it together, Gooten!


So far this company has been a bit of a let down. They lost my order and can't seem to find it. I hope they can get better organized and have better customer service in the future!


Absolutely the WORST company to use for POD. I paid full price for a test print on a product. The resulting color print was COMPLETELY OFF. They refused to do a reprint and suggested another full price charge on a sample that was supposedly their own fault for not printing the correct color. I would give 0 stars if possible. They obviously are not interested in getting sales from my 500,000 customer base. Companies like this will be out of business soon.

Vintage Virgin Islands

They are always very responsive to my inquires and I appreciate that so much!. Thank you Gooten for showing that you care.

Paint the Country

Gooten is very responsive and really cares about what the end product looks like. I am very happy with them! I also think they have a better than average selection of products compared to others.


I've been using Gooten for the last couple of years and we have been completely satisfied. They go above and beyond for us and we don't see ourselves with anyone else. Looking forward to working with them years to come.

Yuri A Jones Fine Art Imagery

I'm a photographer and artist, and I use the Gooten app on my Shopify website. In fact, it's the only fulfillment app I'm using right now. I like their prices on Prints, Canvas (wraps and framed) and mugs. Customers like the quality and rave about it, so I'm good :-)

The website/app for creating products can be buggy at times, but I've never had a problem that I haven't been able to fix or work around.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience and would recommend this app to others.


Application super complète il faut du temps pour trouver son choix . trop de choix peut être :-) super !

The Canine Cardio Club Store

I recently placed my first sample order. There was a slight problem with one item, but Marta (kudos!) quickly addressed the issue. The other items were very nicely done with great detail and crisp print. There is a large selection of items to choose from and I will definitely be ordering again.

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