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I can't recommend this app in good faith to other sellers.
Most of their items are supposed to ship within 4 business days however they often miss this deadline. This will result in your orders arriving late, which will result in upset customers and will negatively impact your business.

Gooten is not a company you should trust with your store's reputation as they will inevitably damage it. They have poor customer service that isn't proactive, doesn't take accountability and consistently makes excuses about late orders.

I've gone as far as to reach out directly to their CEO Brian Rainey and CTO/Co-founder Micah Smith about my problems but did not get any response.

Bossy Girl Designs

It takes forever for shipping. The items say 3-4 days and that's not the weekends. Its taken my item 7 days to ship. When I contact customer service I am told they ship out 3-5 days. The product is cool but they need to work on speeding up shipping. If you are selling on Amazon you will be scolded for this late shipping, if you only put 3 days as your process time.

Erin McGuire Photography

I ordered one sample of each item I plan on using and love all of them! The acrylic blocks are my favorite and I could not find them offered anywhere else. They are just gorgeous! There is fabulous detail in the prints and the color matching is really good and the thick acrylic makes from some fascinating effects.

I keep seeing comments about how Gooten doesn't do their own printing. I do not see how this can be considered a problem as many of the other POD don't do their own printing either, including some POD favorites used by thousands of people. I would not let that dissuade you if you are on the fence about Gooten like I was. Install the app and order some samples and see for yourself.

Their response time to my inquiries was very fast and they answered all of my questions satisfactorily. Production times are all listed for all products and while new partners like me might wait a little longer at the start for quality control, production times will speed up a bit. And in comparison to another POD service I use, their production times are understandable.


They take FOREVER to ship, and the product arrived damaged (Bent paper, was obviously no from shipping) and the print had red lines around the text. Very disappointed in not only the time frame but the product.

Thumbs Pets

Horrible experience! I have had them for a couple of years now. I put up with technical mock-up and platform issues, misunderstandings, language barrier, slow and robotic customer service, but now they went one step further after I got upset. They pushed my design to production without approval and without solving the image issue. On top of pushing faulty products into production without prior approval (I do the approval manually once the issue is solved), they overcharged me for shipping! Their new and supposedly improved technical platform is a failure. There is no way to see a mock-up because there is no proper mock-up. There is no way to see the newly uploaded image or move it, you have to do it from a different page- the whole thing is complex and doing it blindly does not help. Each time I explained this I received the same robotic reply. I was patient, but when they push unresolved images into production without approval and overcharge me, that is unacceptable. Not only I don't recommend them, but I would say AVOID, unless you want to lose your mind and waste your time and money. They are marketing everywhere and trying to acquire new people, but they do NOT care about their customers. I hope no one else has to go through this.

The Planet Patron

Tried to test one product. The wrong material was sent 3 times. They sent 2 replacement orders and a refund on the third, but are now still claiming the material was cotton. They all say 100% polyester fiber on the tag and I sent numerous images! It's either a scam or one heck of a delusion.

Mister Romper

3 out of 4 orders, didn't receive their destination. The shirts that I received contained printing errors. Please move on to another company if you want to save time and stress.

Acrylic Diva

Gooten has stellar customer service! Wow! Last week I had a shipment that came late from Gooten and it had all kinds of stickers on it and looked like it had been drug under a truck. I contacted Gooten and sent a picture of the package. They not only got back to me with details, they refunded the order for my trouble. Super customer service always. And if I have a question, I almost always get an email answer the very next day.

As an aside, the products are great too. I have created custom pillows, scarves, tote bags, journals and greeting cards. The quality is great and my designs look wonderful. And everything is made in the USA! That's a big selling point and I can highlight that on every product.

Thanks Gooten!

Monica Benavidez Home

If Gooten customer service were to actually respond to emails within the stated 24 hours they promise for merchants/partners, they would easily get 5 stars from me. As of now, they take AT LEAST FIVE DAYS to reply to my emails and they have no telephone customer service.

Once I did a chargeback for a sample order I placed, they actually emailed me back quickly...go figure.

Because of this, I only sell 2 Gooten items in my store that I know I will have low issues with because I know their customer service is lacking and very unresponsive. It makes me nervous that I would likely have to take a loss on a Gooten item to keep a customer happy because Gooten's team takes forever to reply.

Amazing selection, great prices, terrible customer service.

Folk N Funky

FolkNFunky fully recommends Gooten!
We have been with Gooten for four years. The customer service is outstanding. Gooten has helped us grow far bigger than we thought possible when starting. The product selection, quality, and turn around time are very good. The staff actually cares about their customers and are very personable. We plan on using Gooten for years to come, in our opinion, they are simply the best!

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