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Merchants highly recommend this app for enhancing customer communication and experience, leading to increased sales and engagement. It centralizes all customer interactions, offers a live chat feature, and provides automated responses for common queries. Merchants value the mobile app's convenience, order tracking, customer profiles, and order history features. Additional features like tagging, categorization, seamless integration with stores, and product link sharing are also appreciated. The app is praised for its affordability, reliability, and insightful customer analytics. Unique features include sending missed chat responses via email, immediate customer communication notifications, and visibility into the shopper's viewed product page during chat.

January 14, 2024

A very bad app beacause the messages are failed to be send regularly.
The last time I tried to send the message to answer to the client 30 times but the message is still failed to send. I'd like to send you the screen shot about it.

svetlana k Paris
About 2 months using the app
Shopify replied January 15, 2024

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to review Shopify Inbox. We understand that you have been experiencing some issues sending out responses to your customers. Please try sending the response on a different network or device. If you're still having issues, please reach out to us here: We'd be happy to take a closer look at this issue to find a solution! -Mac, Shopify Support

December 30, 2023

I have had two conversations in the past two days that lasted over an hour where I had to re-explain myself several times. I had one desired outcome yesterday, and a different one today. Neither one were resolved. Each time they offered solutions that were not at all related to my questions. I am left feeling confused and super frustrated.

United States
6 days using the app
Shopify replied January 3, 2024

Hi, there! Thank you for taking the time to review Shopify Inbox. I can appreciate it can be a frustrating experience when you do not get a resolution right away. For some context, sometimes issue may require additional troubleshooting with escalated teams, which might take a little longer for an update to come through. We strive to respond asap however sometimes depending on the complexity of the issue or queue times – this may take longer. Should you wish to have this looked into further, please email us at Thank you for your patience and for taking the time to leave your feedback here. -Maz, Shopify Support

February 2, 2024

L'équipe technique n'est pas réactive quant au problème de forcer le client à donner ses informations personnelles avant de pouvoir accéder au chat.

About 1 year using the app
October 11, 2023

i am getting issue for speedtest for this plugin is there any solution ?
if it causing the trouble why should we use this plugin ?
For users on slow connections, external scripts dynamically injected via document.write() can delay page load by tens of seconds. Learn how to avoid document.write().
Shopify Hosting

3 months using the app
Shopify replied October 13, 2023

Hi, there. Thank you for your review of Inbox. We have no additional reports of wide spread store slowdowns due to using the official Shopify Inbox App. If you believe that your store is being slowed down due to the app, please reach out to our Support Team using this link: -Imogen, Shopify Support

October 5, 2023

less useful now that facebook and instagram not in the same box too few automated responses

Almost 2 years using the app
Shopify replied October 6, 2023

Thank you for your review! -Emily, Shopify Support

October 9, 2023

not good it blocks my menu and blocks online store on mobile

Livelite Athletica
About 1 year using the app
Shopify replied October 11, 2023

Hi there, thank you for your review and feedback. You do have the ability to move the Inbox app chat icon to the left or right side of the store as well has adjust it's position vertically. If you need assistance with that, please don't hesitate to contact our authenticated support team: Thank you! -Shay, Shopify Support

October 30, 2023

not working for out company, app won't let you exit on mobile or go back to the main page with the insane questions

Abode Jungle
United Kingdom
About 2 hours using the app
February 13, 2024

Not very happy with it. There's always a "delay". By the time a customer's message comes through to me, and I try to respond, they have left the store. Yesterday a customer kept messaging wanting a product. I answered her 3 times, with the direct link!! She kept asking, as if she wasn't getting my reply!!! This happens CONSTANTLY! I'm so frustrated an annoyed with this app! I can respond to a customer, and they never see it!!! I KNOW it says it will go to their email, however at least 90% of the time they either never see the email, or have lost interest!

Rene's Creations Boutique
United States
Shopify replied February 21, 2024

Hi there, Rene's Creations Boutique.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience.

We're sorry to hear you haven't had an ideal time navigating the app. I understand there's been a delay between messages sent and received.

I'd like our team to take a more detailed look into the issue and troubleshoot with you. If you'd like, you can contact our team via the Shopify Help Center: -Victoria, Shopify Support.

Edited April 5, 2023

I recently tried using Shopify Inbox, but unfortunately, my experience with the app was terrible. The app has potential to be useful for managing customer messages, but the frequent spam messages from Nigeria made it nearly impossible to use effectively.

I reached out to tech support multiple times for a resolution, but was disappointed to learn that there was no solution available. The only options I was given were to uninstall the app, block the spam messages, or go to another website that's not on Shopify.

In addition to the spam messages, I also noticed that the app significantly slowed down my website, which further impacted my customer experience.

Overall, I cannot recommend using Shopify Inbox due to these issues. Until these problems are addressed, I would advise anyone to steer clear of this app.

Expressive DeZien
United States
About 1 year using the app
Shopify replied April 2, 2023

Hi, there. Thanks for leaving us a review for Shopify Inbox. We appreciate that you took the time to provide us with some feedback. At this time, there is no way to block folk from sending you a message, but you can block a user once they've contacted you by clicking the ! in the top right corner. This will prevent this person from reaching out to you any further. While not a complete solution, we hope you take advantage of this feature. I'm happy to share your feedback regarding a better method to prevent this sort of spam with the Team. -Imogen, Shopify Support

August 24, 2023

chat icon is directly over Checkout button for some themes and diasables function of it. not recommended...

5 months using the app
Shopify replied August 29, 2023

Hi, thanks for taking the time to share your review with us. Our developers are aware of the issue with the chat icon in obstructing the cart pop-up or drawer, and have since pushed a fix for this.

If the issue still occurs on your store, please uninstall the Shopify Inbox app, then reinstall it again as this should help fix the issue. If it doesn't however, you can get in touch with our support team via the Help Center: so that we can conduct a more in-depth investigation on your account. Thanks! -Kimi, Shopify Support