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  • Sell products directly on Instagram
  • Get in front of millions of mobile shoppers
  • Followers can purchase tagged products globally, without leaving Instagram

Turn posts into purchases by tagging your products, creating a seamless shopping experience for your Instagram followers. Increase your brand’s reach when you connect with millions of trend-seeking users who love to discover and explore new products on Instagram.

By adding the Instagram sales channel your followers can purchase your products directly through the Instagram app.

The Instagram sales channel helps you:

  • Seamlessly onboard to the Instagram sales channel with Shopify
  • Connect your Instagram Business profile to your Facebook product catalog through Shopify
  • Add products to your Facebook product catalog on Shopify so that they are available for product tagging on Instagram
  • The Instagram shopping experience
    When you tag your product on Instagram, your shoppable posts will have a shopping bag icon to suggest to users that they can shop these products. Users can tap your post to see the tagged products, where they will be shown a product screen with additional details and pricing for the tagged product. If they wish to purchase the product, the checkout will happen via your Online Store which appears in a webview in the Instagram app!

    To see if you are eligible to start selling on Instagram please see the list of requirements.

    Available countries currently include: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands, Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Ireland, South Africa, Belgium, Austria, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Malta, Ecuador, Panama, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Czech Republic, Romania, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic, Belize, Japan and South Korea.

    Instagram reviews

    157 reviews
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    5. 1 star (133 reviews)

    FINALLY was able to fix the issue that everyone seems to be having. I'm still rating this app only 3 stars since it is not very user-friendly to get set up and the customer service from Instagram is nonexistent.

    If you are getting the alert that your Instagram doesn't qualify despite the fact that you're not breaking any of their rules, try this.

    1. Remove the Instagram sales channel
    2. Go to your business Facebook page (business manager page) and click on "Settings"
    3. Under the "General" settings tab, check your "Country Restrictions" and "Age restrictions". You want to make sure these say "Page is visible to everyone".
    - I had my page set to only be visible to certain countries, and when I changed this I was finally able to get my Instagram approved -

    4. Reinstall the Instagram sales channel (and make sure your Facebook sales channel is connected and approved)
    5. Reconnect Instagram

    Seriously such a simple and obvious answer once you know about it, I don't know why it would be so difficult for Instagram to let people know this is why their accounts aren't being validated.


    0 Stars! Same as everyone else here...C'mon Shopify, please go to bat for your clients...certainly there are high-level relationships between you and Instagram/FB. Obviously this is a consistent problem and NO ONE is taking any level of ownership to advocate for store owners who clearly comply with the rules & regs yet are locked out of selling while competitors continue without issue.

    Please be an asset to your shop owners!


    Not sure if all these ratings will help us as to get in touch with someone from Instagram for this issue. But as many merchants here, also our store has been suddenly declined this access. At first hand everything was working fine but not anymore. While on Facebook the shop is still showing. Same we are having issues with facebook messenger.


    Not sure what to think, I've been paying for Facebook Ads, then read more info about promoting my site through Instagram, no luck with that. now I'm going to try Click-funnels, no sales as of yet at this time


    BIG PROBLEM !! https://apps.shopify.com/instagram?utm_content=contextual&utm_medium=shopify&utm_source=admin (look at the comments section) Recently instagram allowed businesses to sell through instagram (with shopify). But Most of us are not eligible. Why ? What's the problem because We respect all of your rules ! That's aberrant !! awful and stupid...


    One star only because it cannot be lower. We comply in EVERY way and yet, just like EVERYONE else here, we have been deemed ineligible with no recourse or support. It is abhorrent to even pretend like this is an offering when it DOESN'T WORK!

    UPDATE: After removing the US only viewing restriction and verifying our Facebook business phone, our Instagram access was permitted and we are now able to use it. I will revise the rating once we are using it and find it worthwhile, but for everyone else out there, try those two things! :)


    lixo minha loja do shopify não consegui se vincular com instagran app lixo


    Although our store does comply, we are unable to be eligible. There is no one to escalate to and it causing unfair advantage to competitors. Taken up lots of time to try and understand why. Turns out its LUCK.


    Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! That's all I could say. My store complies with Instagram's commerce policy but the still won't accept it. Every single time I try contacting them they don't respond. It is so frustrating that they do not give an explanation. I don't even think that they look at it.

    The second I submitted to be eligible for product tagging they had already declined it. This app better get fixed or be taken out of the store. This is ridiculous!!!


    I am trying for over 2 month to sell through instagram but my profile is no eligible. I send several reports to instagram but have no answer with a solition.


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