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  • Sell products directly on Instagram
  • Get in front of millions of mobile shoppers
  • Followers can purchase tagged products globally, without leaving Instagram

Turn posts into purchases by tagging your products, creating a seamless shopping experience for your Instagram followers. Increase your brand’s reach when you connect with millions of trend-seeking users who love to discover and explore new products on Instagram.

By adding the Instagram sales channel your followers can purchase your products directly through the Instagram app.

The Instagram sales channel helps you:

  • Seamlessly onboard to the Instagram sales channel with Shopify
  • Connect your Instagram Business profile to your Facebook product catalog through Shopify
  • Add products to your Facebook product catalog on Shopify so that they are available for product tagging on Instagram
  • The Instagram shopping experience
    When you tag your product on Instagram, your shoppable posts will have a shopping bag icon to suggest to users that they can shop these products. Users can tap your post to see the tagged products, where they will be shown a product screen with additional details and pricing for the tagged product. If they wish to purchase the product, the checkout will happen via your Online Store which appears in a webview in the Instagram app!

    To see if you are eligible to start selling on Instagram please see the list of requirements.

    Available countries currently include: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

    Instagram reviews

    47 reviews
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    5. 1 star (33 reviews)

    It's great... BUT limited

    So it works perfectly for me, and great to link products pictured directly to my store... however, it doesn't work...

    **with videos
    **with 3rd party instagram app schedulers (I schedule all my stuff on tailwinds /later etc)
    **and obviously when I share that photo to facebook the data and linking doesnt' follow.
    **"shop my feed" - once your feed hits shopify, you still have to go into that app and plug in the data

    So... i'm not actually using that often.


    In the same boat as so many others; they rejected my products and give a link on "how to repeal," but it leads to a dead end and no way to contact them. Thanks for wasting my time, Instagram.


    The app works as described. We got it up and running without a hitch so I have to give it a five. The only disappointment is, we have seen little response (sales) for having installed it. Being a year-round Christmas shop I'll give it thru Christmas 18 to judge it more fairly.
    I need to add to my review.
    After posting, someone went to my Instagram account and commented that the app was not working and hinted I gave a false review. I welcome visitors but please note I do not tag products on every post. If you want to see the app in action you must look at posts with the shopping bag in the corner.


    Same as all the others here. Store was denied instantly without the ability to even appeal or contact instagram


    Worked flawlessly for me right off the bat. Instagram is one of my biggest promo tools, and being able to add it as a sales channel was huge. Up and running in minutes, approval was very fast, and it’s been working great for me. Actually had the first sale within about 15min of the first tag. I’m very impressed with this app. I see many others have had issues with Instagram approval, but for some reason, I had mine within minutes, and there hasn’t been a glitch. I can’t say enough about how great this has been for me.


    If I could give zero stars I would. Facebook and Pinterest have no problem connecting to my store, Instagram has denied me every time I try. And if you have ever tried to get in contact with anyone at IG you know it's impossible. There needs to at least be a way in this app to contact IG when your store has been denied and you are fully in compliance.



    FOr some reason my store was denied instagram shopping. No appeal process and no understanding why as the ecommerce policy shouldn't deny it and we don't break any rules!!

    Like everyone here there is nothing to be done and no reply from instagram.


    Denied like many others. App seems to be randomly picking people to deny and Instagram doesn't seem to care -- there's no appeal process or way to contact Instagram.


    I got disapproved with NO REASON and I can do nothing! No help from Shopify, no help from Instagram.


    Something needs to be fixed with this app. I also received a denial by instagram like many others here for violation of their TOS which is blatantly untrue. I scoured the TOS for any possible problems (I sell jewelry) and couldn't find one single thing that was even close to being a problem. This app was not ready for rollout. If you get denied neither shopify nor instagram will help you. It's been over 2 weeks and have not heard back from instagram after I requested help. Fix this issue or make this app unavailable.


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