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Kiwi Sizing Chart

Kiwi Sizing Chart

Developed by KiwiApps

27 reviews
Price: Free – $5.49 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • One-click-install - never touch any code
  • Flexible product matching rules and automatic unit conversion
  • Fully customize layout of the sizing chart to fit your business need

Are you…

  • ...doing dropshipping and want to show different sizing charts on different products?

  • ...spending too much time converting sizing units from centimeters to inches or vice versa?

  • ..scared of writing or looking at code and want an easy-to-use and customizable solution for managing your sizing charts?

  • ...want to display sizing charts based on multiple conditions (i.e. product type AND vendor)?

Well, Kiwi Sizing Chart is what you need. We offer the most customizable and most intuitive UI to create and manage sizing charts for your products. Our goal is to help you reclaim your precious time on more important businesses by leaving the sizing charts to us.

How does this app solve my problems?

  • It provides a central place to manage all your sizing charts.

  • It updates your Shopify theme to insert the sizing chart on the product page. You can also update this to place the sizing chart anywhere you like on the product page.

  • It offers many ways to customize the look and feel of your sizing charts, from showing them in a pop-up modal, to updating the look and feel of the charts itself

  • It provides an intuitive UI to create the sizing chart tables. You can also input the sizing in any unit systems (metric or US system) of your choice, and the app will automatically handle unit conversions for all the commonly used units for length, weight, and volme.

  • If you have different sizings for the same type of products and want to show a consistent content (i.e. same t-shirt measurement image after the sizing chart), the app makes it easy to keep them consistent.

  • Show multiple sizing tables for the same products!

What are all the features?

  • One-click install: no need to touch a single line of code,
    unless you want to customize where to show the sizing chart.

  • Powerful product matching: create size charts for products using different matching rules: matching specific individual product, product tags, product vendors, or collections. Match products based on ANY conditions or ALL conditions.

  • Display method on product page: customize whether you want to show the sizing charts inline or in a popup modal

  • Full Customizability: fully customize the look of your sizing chart without writing a line of code. From changing the color or size of the table to the pop-up modal style, to the sizing chart layout, we want to make sure our app fit your shop perfectly.

  • Automatic unit conversions: input sizing in any unit of your choice. The plugin will handle automatic unit conversion between metric and US system. We support all unit measurements, not just units for length. This is useful if you want to show measurements for non-apparel products.

  • Intuitive UI: extremely intuitive UI for creating the sizing chart, setting up units and previewing changes

  • Layout templates:: have different sizings for each products but show the same layout? With KiwiSizing, you can apply the same template for different sizing charts, makes it easy to keep everything consistent.

See Demo

If you are curious how the automatic unit conversions look like, check out the demo shop

How much does it cost?

Free plan: the app is FREE with the limit of 2 published sizing charts. The free version comes with all the customization features.

Premium plan: the app charges $5.49 a month with 7 days of free trial for the premium version which allows you to create unlimited number of sizing charts. The plan also comes with smart unit detection based on buyer location. If you are unhappy with the app, you can uninstall whenever before the end of the trial period, and you will not be charged.

We are proud to be a partner friendly app! We are free to test while the store is under development. Billing only starts once the store switches over to a paid Shopify plan.

How do I get started?

Simply install the app now and start creating sizing charts for your products! There are detailed help guide and if you have any questions, you can shoot us an email for support.

Can I speak to a live person?

Sure! We are dedicated to provide support. You can send us an email at kiwiSizing@kiwishopapps.com or click the chat icon on the bottom right of the app. We're here to help!

Recent updates

  • Auto unit detection from buyer location: the app can default the sizings in US (i.e. inches) to buyers in US and Metrics (i.e. cm) to the rest of the world. This helps reduce the buyers' friction and improve conversion rates.

Kiwi Sizing Chart reviews

27 reviews
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Amazing app for the cost. Easy to use, no coding required, lots of customizing options and great customer service - thanks Sam :)


I was using the free size chart app but it was tedious to input. Also involve some coding. What frustrated me most was the size charts could not load once in a while, and I can't imagine those times when a potential customer was visiting the site. So I have to search for something more stable.

Kiwi app is very customisable and I could make the look and feel consistent with my branding. I had a customised theme and the auto-install could not work on the onset. Support is superb... developer responded instantly and got the app working in 10 mins. Intuitive and simple to use. The auto conversion from cm to inches is amazing. Strongly recommend this size chart app!


Wow! What an awesome app!!!! And sooooo easy to use. I am not technically minded and I even found it super easy to use! No coding needed (thank goodness as I would have no doubt deleted my whole store!!!). Also, I needed some support and Sam C was on the case and sorted it out super quick. Would highly recommend to everyone


A really great size guide, and a even better customer support. Lots of great options for all your different product types, very well thought out. Thanks much for all your help with getting set up.


App give you so much ability to customize. The settings are very rich in terms of customization. I needed help with something at 10PM and customer support literally responded within 5 minutes of my message and really helped!! I've never left a Shopify review for any app, but this app/developer/developer team is/are awesome!


I really appreciate your customer service, very great! And will buy a premium plan soon. Thank you.


Amazing App!! Recommended on it!!!!
Easy to install, and the support is Great!!


Love the app! Makes my life much easier, the customer support is also very friendly and helpful. Would recommend!


No Doubt the greatest App ever for making the perfect size chart. Use this app for a minute and instantly fell in love with it. It's simple interface makes it so easy to use and also offers a nice template that will look good on your store. Great customer service that answers any questions rapidly and in a really nice way. Would definitely recommend this app to everyone!


Love, love, LOVE this app! Very professional looking and easy to use. I had one little question when I got started, and support was fast, friendly, and downright . . . well, supportive! That's not often the case, and I really appreciated it. I absolutely adore the cloning tool - such a time-saver! I am so very glad I found Kiwi! If you want to see it in action, click on our name below and come visit!

Free – $5.49 / month

Free Plan
- Full style customization
- Automatic unit conversion
- 2 published sizing charts

Premium Plan
- Full support
- Unlimited published sizing charts

7 days

Support & Sales

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